WATCH: Food Network Stars Dish on Their Favorite Dinner-and-a-Movie Combos

by in Videos, June 27, 2013

This past Sunday, the remaining contestants took a break from Food Star Kitchen and traveled to Cinépolis Theaters in California for a dinner-and-a-movie combo challenge that Bobby, Giada and Alton will never forget (relive the contestants trailers by watching them here). The episode got Star Talk editors thinking: What would be the ultimate combo using an existing movie? Elf and a big plate of spaghetti? Christmas Vacation and not-so-dry turkey?

Star Talk caught up with Food Network stars, including judge Bobby Flay, Star Salvation's Robert Irvine, Geoffrey Zakarian, Marc Murphy, Amanda Freitag, Guy Fieri, Jeff Mauro and Anne Burrell, as well as other famous faces, to ask that very question: “What’s your favorite dinner-and-a-movie combo?” Click the play button above to hear what each had to say.

Now tell us: What's your favorite dinner-and-a-movie combo? Share with Star Talk editors in the comments below.

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Comments (12)

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  2. kim smith says:

    I think your net work is terriable for what it has done to Paula Deen. You must be perfect!

  3. falliks says:

    I will not watch Food Network until you issue a public statement apologizing to Paula Deen for the way you have treated her.... I can not believe you are going to hold something that happened so long ago against her. At least she was honest about it. You should be ashamed.

  4. guest says:

    The whole thing with Paula Deen was blown WAY out of proportion. We've turned into a lynch-mob society with all of this PC garbage. The media is guilty of character assassination.

    That being said, however, I never cared for her show and never watched it. So I won't miss her show, but I do think that she was unfairly made into a pariah.

  5. Guest says:

    I hope your audience leaves you like you left Paula Deen. It’s probably a lawsuit filed to have Paula settle to keep it quiet and your network has the same poor character as the filer.
    I will not support your advertisers and I suggest everyone else follow suit.

    Everyone, let the Food Network's
    advertisers know as long as they advertise with the Food Network you will be boycotting their products. Hit them in the pocket where it hurts.

  6. Ronda says:

    Until Paula Deen is back on her Food Network I am not watching and will not buy your dishes.

  7. Liz says:

    Shame on you Food Network. I agree with David you are self righteous! It happened 30 years ago are you kidding me. I will not watch your shows are log onto your website anymore. You owe that woman an apology. How dare you. Maybe you should start digging into the pasts of all your chefs!

  8. Mary says:

    What you do for one employee you have to do for all. So, are we going to fire all the other employees who have used racial slurs? This includes comments about persons of all races. Is this going to be a question on Food Network employment applications? If this did happen would there be anyone left to run Food Network?

  9. guest says:

    No one has answered the question for this Post.

  10. Jerry Wiley says:

    You have lost another faithful Food Network viewer. Your dismissal of Paula Deen is a slap in the face of all her viewers. She grew up in a different era but only used the word when she was being robbed at gun point. I don't think many people would be politically correct in the same circumstances. If we have to pay or things we did years ago, we are a very poor model to the younger generations. The President said he smoke pot, but he hasn't been outcast for it. Everyone has done or said something they wouldn't do again, so get over it and bring Paula back.