Sunday’s Star Menu: Patriotic Eats and Drinks

by in Community, June 26, 2013

Fruit-Tart FlagAs Sunday afternoons turn to evenings and the hours until the next episode of Food Network Star tick away, how do you settle in to watch the latest premiere? No matter who you're with or where you're watching from, you surely have on hand a spread of eats and drinks to last you through the episode, right? Here at Star Talk, we want to see what you're munching on. Every Wednesday, check back for a themed menu to get you ready for the episode ahead, and on Sunday nights, snap photos of your spread and share them with @FoodNetwork via Twitter and Instagram using #FoodNetworkStar.

Food Network Star will pay tribute to the most American of holidays on Sunday night with a 4th of July Live Star Challenge that tests the finalists' abilities to think — and cook — quickly on live television. With no stops, restarts or scripts allowed, this will indeed be a test of the contestants' star powers, and what better way to showcase your own stars and stripes than with a menu of patriotic eats and drinks to enjoy during the show?

Red and White Double Dippers with Blue Corn ChipsFood Network Kitchens puts a July 4th spin on traditional chips and dip in its recipe for Red and White Double Dippers with Blue Corn Chips (pictured right). Easy to prepare in only 20 minutes, this simple spread features a hot sauce-spiked tomato-pepper salsa served alongside a cool, creamy mixture of sour cream, garlic and lime juice. Round out the duo of dips with crunchy blue tortilla chips for a go-to TV-watching munchy.

Looking for something sweet? Food Network Magazine's Fruit-Tart Flag (pictured above) delivers deliciously impressive results without hassle or a lot of time. The trick to this fuss-free dessert is using store-bought tart shells and filling them with a simple mixture of mascarpone cheese and whipped cream. Arrange fresh fruit atop each bite-size cup for a sweet eat-with-your-hands treat.
For a frozen adults-only sipper, stick with Food Network Kitchens' Fireworks Red, White and Blue Cocktail. This big-batch blend features three layers of frosty fruit-flavored purees: coconut with rum, blue passion fruit liqueur and strawberry-watermelon.

What does your Sunday Star menu look like? Snap photos of what you're eating, and share them with us @FoodNetwork via Twitter and Instagram using #FoodNetworkStar.

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Comments (53)

  1. BillO says:

    I'm gonna break the 8 finalists into 3 groups. Most Vulnerable- Chris, Russell. Can't afford any mistakes- Viet, Rodney. Middle of the Road- Stacey, Best bets- Nikki, Chad, Damaris. I don't think Chris or Russell have been outstanding in any aspect. Viet is obviously a talented chef, but his cooking may be inaccessible and you can't learn personality. Rodney has plenty of personality but has yet to cook outstanding stuff. I think Stacey comes across well on camera and has cooked pretty well. Maybe I put Damaris in this group because I like her. She might belong with Stacey. Chad and Nikki seem to have put everything together the best so far. JMHO. So barring a MAJOR gaffe by the top groups or an exceptional night by the bottom, I'd look for Chris or Russell to go tonight

    • BillO says:

      Sorry, that should have been 4 groups. Is there any way to edit and comment?

    • Marsha says:

      Damaris can outcook Stacey and isn't as nervous.

      • BillO says:

        Of the 10 recipes that they put on the blog entry here, 3 are Stacey's, only 1 is Damaris's. Stacey may be more nervous, but Demaris has had negative comments about her on- camera presence on at least 2 shows. Maybe she turned the corner on that last week.

        • Betty says:

          Where have you been? That was earlier. the judges talked to her about it and she got with it. She was impressive as a judge and no one said anything bad about her on camera last week. She is growing. She may yet make a mistake but several folks are further behind.

          • BillO says:

            I hope she has turned the corner. But when the pressure is on, most people revert to what comes naturally to them. She doesn't have to worry about the people behind her, she has to worry about the people ahead of her.

          • Drew says:

            Who do you think is ahead? Nikki? Hire a radio announcer. Viet is too quiet. Chad is limited.

          • BillO says:

            I said that I think Nikki, Chad and Damaris are ahead. Those are not necessarily by personal preferences to win. The fan poll for this had Rodney way ahead and Viet second. So who do you like?

          • Drew says:

            Damaris. I could get behind Viet if he would show some personality. Damaris has had the fewest misses on her cooking and is outgoing. They've all made mistakes but Damaris made hers early and has improved. Aside from some grits needing more salt she is most consistent with flavorful dishes and growing on camera.

          • BillO says:

            Thanks. I'd be happy with Damaris

        • Paul says:

          The recipes don't decide. Some that are featured are NOT 5 stars.

          • BillO says:

            According to whom? You or the people on the network who will be making the decisions?

          • Drew says:

            You don't know what you're talking about. We all know the network decides but just because they put up someone's recipes doesn't mean the game is over.

    • Ronnie says:

      Russell and Stacey have already failed more so than Chris. Why the pie man is still is here is anybody's guess.

      • BillO says:

        I would like a pie show. I'm not sure that Rodney has what it takes at this point, though. I really enjoy Jeff's sandwich show. Without looking back, I can't think, off the top of my head, what Chris is known for, other than owning food trucks.

  2. Zoey says:

    What's up with the veggie girl? I don't get what people see in her. She made a good chili but how much skill does it take to make chili? She speaks well but when she does good on her cooking its basic things. A star should move beyond the basics. A hamburger is an everyday item and hers was called rubbery. Stacey may have had as many hits as Nikki but she is more kinda subdued.

  3. BillO says:

    Anyone can make chili. Not everyone can make a great chili. Anyone can make soup, cakes, stews, barbeque. So why are there great chefs and ordinary home cooks?

  4. BillO says:

    So who do you like and what has he/she cooked well?

  5. Peggy says:

    A chef who does better than raw shrimp or a bad chicken pot pie.

  6. Melody says:

    Chad is best. He is golden.

  7. BillO says:

    I'm going to defer to Crouton40 and hold my comments until after his recap