Hometown Pride: Chris Reps Cleveland with Themed T-Shirts

by in Behind the Scenes, June 25, 2013

Chris HodgsonJust like their culinary points of view, Food Network Star finalists' wardrobes are unique to their individual tastes and styles. You've likely noticed Lovely, the ever-glam personal chef, rocking a red leopard-print blouse and silver-sequined sweater, and "Pie Man" Rodney is always sporting his signature fedora. But have you seen the printed t-shirts Chris has been donning? He's worn several in the last four weeks of the competition, and while they look like everyday graphic tees, they indeed hold meaning to him.

As a chef and restaurant owner in Cleveland, Chris is a figure of his local community, and he's largely responsible for bringing the mobile food culture to Cleveland, having founded Dim and Den Sum, the city's first food truck. He's now the owner of a second food truck, plus a brick-and-mortar hot spot in Cleveland, so it's no surprise that his themed shirts showcase his hometown pride. In episode 2's Burger Bash, he wore a shirt screened with "216," the city's area code. Later in the episode, he modeled a white pull-over with the phrase "Cleveland: It's 'One More' Louder." For the following week's mystery ingredient challenge, he opted for a black-and-white number that read "Clvlnd," a shorthand take on the city.

Want to see Chris' shirts up close? Take a peek at the photos below the jump, then get the first look at what's ahead for Chris next week by viewing the episode 5 preview.

Chris HodgsonChris Hodgson

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Comments (27)

  1. msjs0315 says:

    I'd rather read about the contestants' ideas about food and their culinary aptitudes than t-shirts if it's all the same to FN.

    Thank you.

  2. Gina says:

    If you're from Cleveland, like me, this is pretty cool. Cleveland needs some hometown pride.

  3. maddog says:

    I'd rather have pride in their cooking. Next thing you know they'll all have bumper stickers.

  4. msjs0315 says:

    Paula-mania hasn't gotten here yet but just in case it does...

    The Wall Street Journal reports that her shows' ratings have dropped a lot in the last year while the cost to produce them has increased. That's probably why Deen's agent and the network had yet to work out a deal so close to the contract expiration date of June 30. Bottom line, people haven't been watching her like they used to. That's the oldest and most common reason for cancelling a show.

    So it may well be that if more of her supposed fans had actually WATCHED her shows she'd still be with FN.

    • MoHub says:

      I think there's been a steady snowballing of problems with Paula, from the diabetes foofaraw to the employee lawsuit to the N-word and the Plantation wedding. Couple that with dwindling ratings and rising costs, and FN's decision becomes the logical course of action.

      The only question to me at this point is whether FN will continue to air reruns of her programs, and what will happen to Bobby and Jamie's shows.

      • Shannon says:

        They have pulled all her re-runs from programming, they have also not shown the new already filmed episodes and they have also removed her (at least in my area) from their on-demand line up. All of that does not add up to a course of action based on a ongoing snowball effect. It is a decision based on the current accusations. They have not just "non renewed" her they have blackballed her. I am sure Bobby and Jamies shows will run their current contract ..then we will see. FN would not dare attempt to drop them during their existing contracts, they would be so open to major lawsuits that they truly would have no chance of winning.

      • Don says:

        What do we know about Lisa Jackson?

    • msjs0315 says:

      And now Caesars Entertainment is dropping their Paula-themed restaurants.

      • MoHub says:

        Fortunately for the employees, Caesars is rebranding rather than closing them, so it doesn't look as if the staff will be losing their jobs.

        • John says:

          Branding. Good Gawd. And mission statements. All PC garbage. Why did it ever become needed to begin with? Whatever happened to just doing a 1st rate job and standing behind your work with a 90-day money back guarantee? The whole world has become 1 giant pile of frantically trying to convince everyone that you "care" more than everyone else. What a crock.

    • Tucker says:

      Y'all might be right but y'all should consider other reasons. Have y'all ever watched her show. Y'all have to sit through 20 something minutes and all y'all hear when she's talking to y'all is the same dang word. Can y'all guess what that is? Y'all only get one guess. Y'all give up? That's reason enough for y'all to turn the channel. Y'all hear?

      • Wayne says:

        Tucker....that was priceless!!! I want to copy it and paste it in my email so I can go back and look at it and laugh over and over! vToo funny!

  5. cricket says:

    Even if a show isn't at it's absolute peak, it can still do far better for the network than watching a new 25yr.old with green hair and tattoos.

  6. Lindamelinda says:

    I find it hard to nelieve there is a possibility of Danushka returning on 2nd chance kitchen...come on FN, didnt you torture us enough with keeping her as long as you did. Taking Top Chefs format...really??? You guys are going down the tubes!

  7. Lauren says:

    Considering how FN dropped a big money maker like Paula Deen, would Chris even have a chance if he won. Who knows what he might have said when he was addicted to drugs and alcohol? All these future FN stars better have spotless pasts. Just saying.

    • msjs0315 says:

      Deen is not a big money maker for FN, not anymore. Ratings for her shows are way down from a year ago and costs to produce them are up. Turns out a lot of people got turned off by a woman hiding her Type II diabetes while introducing us to nutritionally suspect recipes that can contribute to it.

      This isn't about having a spotless record, BTW. The complaint against Deen and her brother describes a pattern of behavior that supposedly lasted for years. And a few others are now coming forward with similar stories and talking to Rainbow/PUSH Coalition.

      • Shannon says:

        Impartial statement here....in response to what you had to say. Of course people are going to come out of the wood work now "claiming" all kinds of fouls perpetrated against them. Sadly it is the nature of our society, if people think they have a chance of getting cash out of someone they will jump on the "I was wronged too" bandwagon. I knew it would happen (just as I am sure as an intelligent person you did as well). I give absolutely no credence to any additional claims being made now, if it is not money they wan,t it's their 15 minutes of fame.

  8. Connie says:

    Either grow the beard like Andre or shave it off. This inbetween look is too scruffy.

  9. mielegirl says:

    Go Chris! What a great way to show hometown pride! Oh, and by the way, his food rocks!

  10. JazCooks says:

    Speaking of clothes - does anyone have any idea how I can find out about that black and white dress that Giada was wearing the other night? It looked horrible on her scrawny frame, but I want it! i have a normal body, and that optical illusion would be great!