WATCH: Star Salvation Episode 1, a Second Chance at Stardom

by in Videos, June 23, 2013

For the first time in Star history, one eliminated contestant will have a chance to re-enter the competition in a four-week Web series called Star Salvation, presented by Buitoni. Each Sunday night after every Star episode, Robert Irvine, host of Restaurant: Impossible, will test the finalists in a series of culinary skill challenges that will determine whether they stay or go.

In the first episode, fans will see the infamous Danushka, Andres, Daniela and newly eliminated Lovely return to Food Star Kitchen for a rigorous challenge testing their basic culinary skills that they'll have to complete in just 15 minutes. Who will be one step closer to returning to the competition?

Click the play button above to watch the first episode and find out who will advance to next week's episode of Star Salvation.

From Justin's Perspective

This is the best twist in Food Network Star history. Every viewer who has ever watched this show has thought that his or her favorite eliminated contestant deserves another shot. Now it's happening, and I think that when the contestants' backs are to the door, they will push with all their might. Trust me, when there were 15 contestants last year, I was pretty cocky and sure of my odds. When there were six, I was crying in Alton's arms.

Danushka and Robert IrvineDoes Danushka deserve to come back? Danushka deserves to be around as long as she's rolling her eyes and sighing. Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I can't look away when she is on the screen. It has absolutely nothing to do with her former model career — she's just so drastically different from every other sunshine and rainbow cupcake-making wannabe. Her food seems good, too (except for her raw shrimp, see video above). I think she would be a less zany, but equally edgy, counterpart to Nadia G.

Robert Irvine is perfect for this. He's the master mender of broken culinary dreams. He tough-loves people into success, and that's the kick in the pants I think the hopefuls need.

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Comments (130)

  1. jalp says:

    THOUGHT-EXPERIMENT: Imagine you're a contestant this year, and you know there's a chance of "Star Salvation". Would you work as hard to stay in the main competition if you know that there's an alternative path back in at a later date -- and the alternative path goes through other losing contestants? Does it make a difference how long that other path is, and where (at what stage) it rejoins the main competition?

    Could this be a partial explanation for the seeming indifference of Danushka before?

    (Also -- what do you all think of the Salvation competitions so far? Is it focusing more on actual cooking chops? If so, is that a good thing and is the additional focus strong enough?)

    • Shannon says:

      Cooking chops, I would say not ! Raw shrimp? Should have been gone. I would eat an overcooked egg over raw shrimp any day. Is it based on personality and an eagerness for a 2nd chance? Again I would have to say not ...Would you roll your eyes at a task given to you if you knew it would the one thing that could enable you to achieve your dream? Nope, I think one would attack the task with gusto and a sense of eagerness. It's silly and not even a competition. Danushka was kept, because they wanted Danushka kept. End of story.

    • jalp says:

      (Then again, the newest contestant on tonight's new "Salvation" episode seemed to be surprised that there was any such second-chance opportunity. So maybe my thought-experiment turns out to be more of an *after*-thought-experiment. . . .)

  2. Kat says:

    why is the video not working?????????????

  3. Bwhiz says:

    They're gone. Please don't bring them back. And, this isn't exactly the first time you've supported a contestant that lost. Remember this:
    "Finley was the winner of the third season of The Next Food Network Star. She originally attempted to remove herself from the competition following a disastrous five-minute cooking demonstration in Week 5, but was rebuffed by the judges. She was eliminated in Week 7, but after Josh "JAG" Garcia withdrew from the competition for lying about his culinary and military background, Amy was reinstated for the finale in his place, and she was voted the winner over runner-up Rory Schepisi making her the first female contestant to win in this show." Except, she turned out to be a bad bet which is exactly what the judges originally thought! Just let them goooooooo.

  4. Bwhiz says:

    Oh. Okay. I get it. According to WSJ, shows doing best are reality based (as in competitions) because chefs-cooking-and-talking shows are not as popular. So, if that is true, why are we even having a competition for the next Food Network star? It's all about the ratings. Harrumph.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I don't like the idea of them coming back. There is always such RELIEF when some of them are gone, that I shudder at the thought that they will return again. PLEASE don't resurrect the fallen. Or at least if you must, at least wait until you get to the top 5 or something. Good riddance to the bottom knock outs. They are out because they deserve to be out.

  6. MoHub says:

    And you came to this conclusion because? Gay people are part of the population, just like other men, women, and children, so you need to accept that or go live far, far away from the civilized world.

  7. amateur chef says:

    bringing back cooks who can't cut it is stupid & I will not be watching. none of them deserve to be brought back they are horrible on camera and have already shown they are not star material - makes you think anyone would choose them as a star? none of them has the personality needed, specially Danushka - she needs to stick with modeling where she does not have to talk to the camera.

  8. Glenna says:

    How come no one ever mentions that Danushka was on Chopped? At least Irvine isn't shrieking and screaming. And why keep using the same hosts on all of these shows? Try Jeff or Justin. Tired of the Flay/Burrell/Brown/Irvine crowd.

    • Samuel says:

      Mauro is a joke. If everything is a sandwich, nothing takes much talent. Justin has a monotone voice and blank stare alot like Danushka.

  9. guest says:

    danuska needs to go for one will ever watch her at all!!!! her voice is as horrible as her attitude!

  10. Moo says:

    Guys on Comcast on Demand it (accidentally?) shows the 2nd episode of Star Salvation and shows that Viet is eliminated Episode 5 and is in Star salvation. Also Irvine eliminates Viet and Danushka in Episode 2 of star salvation, so lovely moves on to Ep. 3 of star salvation