Photo Tour: On the Set of Food Network Star

by in Behind the Scenes, June 22, 2013

The Food Network Star Set, Season 9 Episode 3 brought the contestants back to the set of Star, but this time they were tasked to cook in Food Star Kitchen. Cooking in a kitchen that isn't your own can be a tough mission. Where are the gadgets? What's in the pantry? Take a tour of the Food Network Star set below, set in sunny California at The Culver Studios in Culver City.

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Food Star Kitchen, Season 9Changed Perspective: Complete with working double ovens, a six-burner stove, a miniature grill top and an expansive workspace, the cooking station in the Food Star Kitchen had everything the competitors needed to prepare and present their meals to camera.

Backstage Food Network Star Set, Season 9Sideline Snapshot: Taken from the wings of the set, this photo captures portions of the kitchen that are seen on TV, plus the lights and staging in the background that complete the look.

Food Network Star Season 9 PantryPans Aplenty: No fewer than 128 pots and pans lined the shelves of the pantry.

Food Network Star Prop RoomSetting the Scene: The prop room had everything needed to complete the transformation of a particular scene, including faux flowers, decorative vessels, serving pieces and even the Chopped baskets.

Backstage, Food Network Star Season 9Mood Lighting: Various bright-colored lights beamed through crisscross panels to give the illusion of blue and purple hues through the windows at the back of the kitchen.

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Comments (49)

  1. belleshell says:

    We won't miss all you haters not watching, good ridance!

    • Guest says:

      I agree. All the complaining about Food Network's decision to fire Paula Deen is getting pretty annoying. It was their decision-deal with it and move on.

  2. Connie S says:

    Paula said that word not yesterday, not a year ago, but 30 years ago when she was held up at gun point in a bank by a man of african desent. For heavens sake people, this was 30 years ago! Food Network is soooo wrong! If you were held up at gun point, wouldnt you have said things you might later regret? I know i would have. I hold Food Network responsible for this horror, not paula Deen!

    • Fran says:

      She says it still she even said so. She is nasty to her son s girlfriend calls her names too. She is regretful I'm sure she will be back they let Robert irvine back after he lied to them. It's a time out I'm sure. She is tough.

  3. Eileen says:

    While Paula made a bad decision in her choices of words, I feel that the Food Network also has made a mistake by not accepting her apology and moving on. Paula has been one of the backbones of your network from the beginning of your existance and by simply dismissing her, you have chosen to ignore the contributions she has made to the success of your network. You are saying that people don't deserve a second chance to correct their mistakes and improve in your community. Paula is a victim of her culture. It may not be right, but she grew up in the backwoods area of a racist area of this county. She has worked very hard to move beyond her beginnings and improve her life and the lives of her children. She, as all of us, has backslided on occassion. Get over it! Forgive and move on. I have been an advid fan of the Food Network from your beginnings but there are other networks offering great chefs and good cooking shows that are worthy of my viewership.

  4. M McMullen says:

    Paula Dean is the Food Network. What I can't believe is the piety of the executives who run this channel. Paula Dean is no more a racist than Martin Luther King was a preacher of violence. The lady grew up in the South at a time when the Civil Rights movement was just taking shape. The N word was probably part of everyday verbiage. Not at all to condone it, but I give her credit for admitting it, even though I'm sure it was a long time ago and not in a mean or nasty context. I'm sure these executives have never ever said something demeaning or derogatory. What a joke. Without Paula Dean you are left with a collection of reality TV rejects. Arabian, Fieri, Delaurentis, "The Sandwich King" (probably the worst segment you have in your programming). None of these people could carry Paula Dean's bag. I definitely will stop watching and buying the monthly magazine. I hope Paula comes back on another venue and blows the ratings away.

    • Cindi says:

      I grew up in So Cal...with a Southern Father! Did I hear that word? Yes, several times! Did I use that word? Probably.....children repeat what they hear! Does using that word 30+ years ago change who I am now? NO!

  5. mary says:

    I have truly enjoyed the Food Network shows and magazine for many years. No more. Because of your "oh gee let's be so PC" and utterly moronic firing of Paula, I am done. I will miss Trisha ( a good Southern gal, by the way) and Guy. The rest, not so much. Your talent pool is rapidly looking like "Create." Have fun with that.

  6. Frances says:

    People make mistakes. I have to say though the food network isn't really about anything but food, being politically correct isn't what the show is about. Paulas bad behavior is her problem that she needs to correct. They let Robert Irving back on the network after he lied about his education in the culinary world. Maybe Paula needs a time out.nand the one who said the food network hate hearing the truth should be ashamed of the comment because Paula did not speak a truth she insulated a race. Forgiveness and time then I'm sure Paula will be back. She was getting a little full of herself just as Elton has gotten in the last few years. I love watching food network but some of thes so called celebrities have to be reigned in with a little reality of their own. It a damn cooking show foe peets sake. By the way if the next food network show cared about the net chief they should let the people watching help with the decision after all we are the ones who are watching. Let 50 percent be the shows pick and 50 percent the viewers pick. The only two that made it at all were guy and sandwich king just sayin. I'm watching and hoping a few change will be made. pS Elton bring it down a notch will ya I like the Elton of good eats and assault .

  7. frances says:

    People make mistakes. Love the set

  8. Donna says:

    The door swung wide for Paula to shine after Martha Stewart's scandal. You would think that she would have learned from her predecessor's mistake. Some people cannot handle so much fame and wealth. They begin to think they are above it all....til we see the smoke rise above their crash site in the distance.

    • Shannon says:

      Martha Stewart broke the law and went to jail on federal charges. Wow are so uninformed Donna. Martha Stewart went to jail NOT for insider trading but for failing to tell the TRUTH when questioned about it. She LIED to official when questioned..her actual charges were conspiracy, obstruction of an agency and making false statements to Federal investigators. Sorry to tell you Paula Deen, did exactly the opposite. So, YES she did in fact learn from a predecessor's mistake.

      • Shannon says:

        It is truly amazing to see how people are so quick to judgement , without even doing their homework . This is the problem with society today. People hear a snippet of what the media says ..and by the way most of it is sensationalized and created to cause a frenzy ..because that is what sells. When people hear the snippet..they run with it..before checking the accuracy or looking for the complete story.

  9. Patty Brown says:

    I believe in forgiveness. I need it every day. I believe people say and do things that offend or hurt others. It's our nature. The remedy is to seek forgiveness and then to work on that problem area of our lives. I believe this is what Paula Dean did. She should be forgiven and allowed to resume her life with the opportunity to forsake the offensive behavior.

  10. Sanita Riker says:

    First things first. Paula did not lie and made a public apology. I am half Irish and half Italian, but because of my name. most people think I am Spanish. When we moved to Florida, I heard every name in the book. From White and African-American people. I grew up in New Jersey, and I heard it there too. Not just as much. So in no way, shape or form do I condone racism, and not just because it was done to me. Food Network where do you draw the line? What about Robert Irvine when he stretched the truth? Or Ida Garten when she welcomed some new neighbors into the "hood"? Or Giada when she was doing NFNS, two women made lasagna for the Army and she said " this is just like any other lasagna I've tasted" The Army voted it the best dish of the night! How about Racheal Ray when she did a spot for Dunkin Donuts? What is this s*&^%, where's my coffee? I could go on but you get my point. Fire them all. Who are we to judge? This is a cooking show for heaven sakes! What about forgiveness and to pray for Paula? Sanita