Photo Tour: On the Set of Food Network Star

by in Behind the Scenes, June 22, 2013

The Food Network Star Set, Season 9 Episode 3 brought the contestants back to the set of Star, but this time they were tasked to cook in Food Star Kitchen. Cooking in a kitchen that isn't your own can be a tough mission. Where are the gadgets? What's in the pantry? Take a tour of the Food Network Star set below, set in sunny California at The Culver Studios in Culver City.

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Food Star Kitchen, Season 9Changed Perspective: Complete with working double ovens, a six-burner stove, a miniature grill top and an expansive workspace, the cooking station in the Food Star Kitchen had everything the competitors needed to prepare and present their meals to camera.

Backstage Food Network Star Set, Season 9Sideline Snapshot: Taken from the wings of the set, this photo captures portions of the kitchen that are seen on TV, plus the lights and staging in the background that complete the look.

Food Network Star Season 9 PantryPans Aplenty: No fewer than 128 pots and pans lined the shelves of the pantry.

Food Network Star Prop RoomSetting the Scene: The prop room had everything needed to complete the transformation of a particular scene, including faux flowers, decorative vessels, serving pieces and even the Chopped baskets.

Backstage, Food Network Star Season 9Mood Lighting: Various bright-colored lights beamed through crisscross panels to give the illusion of blue and purple hues through the windows at the back of the kitchen.

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  3. Jim JImbob says:

    Bring back Paula now!

  4. Joan Waite says:

    you have no right to asks what people do or say after the show, she is your money maker you will now suffer from this decision, shame on all of you, to be born is to err, so i will follow Paula wherever she moves too and i hope you people feel the lost SHAME ON YOU, but is is understandable and NBC owns this show who is controled by Liberals sweetdreams

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  5. Carn says:

    I have committed $1MM to spread the word that Food Network hates honest people. Like you did to Paula, there will be NO forgiveness for you. I will NEVER buy another Food Network product or watch your hypocritical channel again.

    • Faye B. Blackmon says:

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    • Frances says:

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  6. Suzie Yates says:

    Who on the Board of Directors hasn't said something stupid that they regret? Hello-ALL OF YOU! You built this network around Paula, we followed. Paula, I hate bigotry/racisim-you know better and said so, we all make mistakes. PBS has FABULOUS cooking shows all thoughtout the day and night, also the Chew on ABC-wonderful-you can get a job about the Hallmark channel. See ya FN. Please refund my balance of my magazine subscription (you have my address)-no longer interest. I don't care about the Food Network Kitchen, for the first time, I won't be watching!

    • Fran says:

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  7. Dave says:

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  8. Julie says:

    I will no longer watch your show after this. Paula Deen was the best on your network. I have taken you out of my favorites list and have been encouraging my friends on Facebook to do the same. You should be ashamed! Pull over speech police!

  9. norma says:

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