VOTE: Who’s Your Favorite Star Judge?

by in Judges, June 20, 2013

Alton, Giada and Bobby - Food Network Star, Season 9This season, Alton, Bobby and Giada are playing two roles: mentors and judges. When they're not sharing their expert advice with the remaining contestants during challenges, they're making the tough decisions — who stays and who goes each week. While they work together as a team to make these verdicts, each judge has his and her own personality and point of view that will help shape these decisions.

During Season 8 of Star, viewers saw even more of their characters come out as Alton, Giada and Bobby had to compete against each other for the first time. Both Bobby and Alton have admitted that while Giada is sweet, she loves to win and is a serious competitor. Bobby certainly has the cooking chops, and as Chad said earlier this season, "Alton knows just a little bit more about everything than you do." So that leads Star Talk to ask fans this question: Who's your favorite Star judge? Vote in the poll.

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Comments (65)

  1. Kate says:

    Bobby has the most personality and is a fun guy. Alton is good but he tends to be too serious and critical. Giada is just annoying and she thinks she is perfect. I swear she never actually tastes anything. If you watch she is never on camera putting food into her mouth. She looks anorexic and fake and that is not appealing for anyone, let alone someone on the Food Network.

    • Nola says:

      Agree. Alton is becoming too impatient and more easily irritated than Giada or Bobby. I felt like he was calling the shots and they were just along for the ride.

    • Alloise says:

      Wow I thought I was the only one who thinks Giada is FAKE. Even on her show she's to HAPPY that FAKE smile that never goes away. I swear I get tired of looking at teeth spreaded across her face the whole time she's on air. Actually I've stopped looking at her show, she's miss perfect with the never ending smile :-(

  2. Halley says:

    Why would they have another competition and bring back a contestant who was already eliminated? It doesn't make sense. And really do we have to be subjected again to the sour-faced model who can't cook ???

    • valerei says:

      it's a set up. They purposely want that daneshka on so she can ruffle our feathers. It is obvious from the elimination episode she should have clearly been out. I would rather eat rubbery food then take the risk of eating raw shrimp. Even Robert won't eat raw food on his Restaurant Impossible episodes so why did he allow it on this show. IT"S a set up. to get her back on.

  3. Elaine says:

    Bob and Susie took a lot of heat last year. I did not like Susie at all. I guess it was smart of her to bow out before public opinion lost her, her job. Celebrity chefs better mind their p's and q's or they my find themselves no longer living the rock star life. I thought cooking was a service occupation. It's funny how some celebrity cooks can bounce back, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten, Robert Irvine, etc., etc. and some just fall from grace. Where is Emeril? We will have to see what Paula does next. Don't these people just ever want to retire and enjoy their millions? I think the spotlight must be a pretty strong drug.

    • guest says:

      Both Susie Fogelson and Bob Tuschman have had many viewers frustrated and annoyed with them in recent years. No wonder they want to step back and let the judges face the viewers instead. Bobby Flay once said something in a commercial like if you can cook we can teach you the camera part. With Fogelson and Tuschman at times I think it may be the opposite.

  4. becky says:

    As much as Iike and admire Bobby (dropped out of high school and then pulled himself up) I gotta say Alton is my favorite. Alton is quirky, confident, great with his on spot crticisims and seems to be very fair.

  5. Deb says:

    I am not liking the show at all this year. Not competitive enough for me. Of the judges Alton is the best. Last year was much better.

    • Elaine says:

      I agree. Last year was much better. We got to see Bobby, Alton and unfortunately Giada's personalities more. It was just more fun to watch. But run it more like "The Voice", so when you have all your horses out of the race, you are done. The judges just become fans like everybody else.

  6. Barbara says:

    So FN drops Paula Deen for a remark she made quite some time ago. How sad it is that FN is so holier than thou that none of them ever made a mistake. They ask me to believe that they're so perfect, their staff is perfect and all of their other chefs are perfect and never said or did anything inappropriate. If you could go back and dissect each of their lives I'm sure you'd find enough "dirt" to get them all the axe. I find FN's unforgiving attitude deplorable and I will not watch it anymore. I have deleted FN from my computer and this is the last post I shall ever leave here.

  7. Nita says:

    I hope a lot of people leave food network because they dropped Paula Deen.

  8. Whats up says:

    I love Giada! She is one of my favorite people on Food Network. She is beautiful and skinny. She reminds me of my mom because she is so nice. Just saying Alton is mean and Bobby I don't know he just isn't my favorite guy. But you know who I do NOT like........... That Justin guy who won last year. Ewwwww he is gross and I would never eat that ugly guy's food. EVER!

  9. Lini says:

    I did not see what Paula was up to in her latest interview but suspect she slipped and didn't mean what people think it was supposed to mean. She shouldn't have slipped but it is definitely forgivable. Others have done much worse and still air on the Grammy's, etc.
    As far at this year's show, if you don't have great judges who are fair, consistent and likable, you have no show. Bob and Susi were both wonderful, fair and knowlegable in what it takes to be a tv star. You were always right on with whom you allowed to represent your network on that air. As far as Alton, Bobby and Giada are concerned, they are all capable of the same and the show is made by them. The contestants are not yet there as personalities anyone would want to view week after week. I have no opinion on who would win but do have opinions on who should go and fast!
    Great job, Food network and keep these contest coming!
    Still love you!

  10. alloise says:

    I really loved watching Paula and I'm not mad about something that was said so long ago. Look at where she grew up at and that word was used a lot during that time. Not saying it was right, but I'm black and can understand it happened. So she must be fired for it? That's really going to far in my opinion. Paula you will always have your fans. And what happened to the Neely"s and Sunny? Why does Ree have to cook at the lodge and then haul food all the way back home.(sounds stupid as hell to me) Why would you want to bring someone back who was eliminated. If you ask me all four should be sent home especially Ms No Personality.