VOTE: Who’s Your Favorite Star Judge?

by in Judges, June 20, 2013

Alton, Giada and Bobby - Food Network Star, Season 9This season, Alton, Bobby and Giada are playing two roles: mentors and judges. When they're not sharing their expert advice with the remaining contestants during challenges, they're making the tough decisions — who stays and who goes each week. While they work together as a team to make these verdicts, each judge has his and her own personality and point of view that will help shape these decisions.

During Season 8 of Star, viewers saw even more of their characters come out as Alton, Giada and Bobby had to compete against each other for the first time. Both Bobby and Alton have admitted that while Giada is sweet, she loves to win and is a serious competitor. Bobby certainly has the cooking chops, and as Chad said earlier this season, "Alton knows just a little bit more about everything than you do." So that leads Star Talk to ask fans this question: Who's your favorite Star judge? Vote in the poll.

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Comments (65)

  1. Jillian James says:

    Paula Deen is 66. What part of retire is not a good idea. Let some young blood into the Food Network.

  2. JazCooks says:

    First place: Alton. Second place: Bobby. 6th place; Giada. She is awful. Anorexic looking, with a fake smile, and a huge bobble-head. Not to mention an attitude that screams "I'm better than you", even though there is no evidence that she can even cook. Most of her recipes I have tried were taste-less and unpleasant. Ick. Why not swap her out with Anne Burrell? Alton, Bobby and Anne would be an amazing tag team!

  3. Lizzy says:

    How many years have viewers been forced to look at Giada's shirt line...I am not interested. And yet she humiliated Damaris over a shimmy??? She loved hurting her and that makes me sick. I will NEVER watch Giada again, last year was bad enough but this year her arrogance has gone too far. ALSO shame on you for Paula Deens :Witch Hunt."

  4. jango80 says:

    Love the judges and the show but why is Rodney's filthy mouth still on the show. I get so tired of him speaking in circles and not very professional. good show but I am really tired of listening to him.

  5. Susan says:

    Alton and Bobby are both good judges who balance one another. I am not a fan of Giada for all the reasons previously stated by others. I turn the channel when her show comes on and can't imagine why anyone would watch her. She is pretentious and off-putting. I continue to watch the Food Network Star even though she is a judge but cringe whenever she is offering comments. Hope you will decide on some other worthy female judge next time - one who is genuine and is not condescending and who is confident enough to dress appropriately.

  6. doris campbell says:

    don't ever have these judges back!

  7. jen says:

    I found it hard to watch this years finals. Sad that Giada has allowed herself to become somewhat of a sex SYMBOL chef...instead of the chef she has proven herself to be. You APPEAR TO HAVE sold yourself out to low-cut dresses and heels...instead of standing up to the professional you have PROVEN yourself to be. Young girls are are hurting the dreams for girls/ future chefs with less physical attributes. SO DISAPPOINTED IN YOU.