VIDEO: Danushka’s Not Impressed

by in Videos, June 17, 2013

One of Food Network Star's most-contentious finalists ever, Danushka Lysek provided plenty of camera-worthy drama in her brief three-week run in the competition. She sparked rivalries among finalists, delivered unapologetic smirks, stares and eye rolls, and she even stupefied the Selection Committee with her seeming indifference to the challenges at hand. "My goal with doing this competition was knowing I'm not like anyone that's on the Food Network," Danushka said after being eliminated, and indeed she proved to be one of a kind.

Click the play button on the video above to watch Danushka's best, most-hilarious reactions during her time on Star and see a mashup of some of her now-notorious faces. Do you think Danushka deserved more time to prove her commitment to the competition, or were the mentors justified in sending her home? Tell Star Talk what you think in the comments section below.

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Comments (204)

  1. Linda says:

    I really enjoy all of your programs I just wish there were a few or even ONE upscale vegetarian show giving us vegetarians a new look at food. Now, that is what I would love to watch on this network!

    • Leann says:

      Every time we have a morale building pizza lunch at work, there's always one of you guys in the group and everyone is forced to cave in and order something else. It sucks.

      • jalp says:

        Gee -- I'd think at least one person in that workplace would have heard of the possibility of ordering pizzas half with X, half without X. Or ordering more than one pizza. Or finding the enjoyment (and "motivation") in someone else's cuisine -- just once in a while. One meal in a quarter, say . . . or one show a week. (It wouldn't even have to be upscale for me.)

  2. Mee says:

    I also found her to be arrogant and condescending, but I actually found myself to be disappointed when she eliminated. She was always interesting to watch.

  3. Amy says:

    How will this year's chefs be received by those who already have a show?

  4. rsmason says:

    Her attitude was not endearing. I hope the next person to go is the culinary instructor - she is arrogant and over sure of herself.
    It is a cooking show !

    • Alison says:

      If you feel that the culinary instructor should go then obviously missed the last challenge. Damaris was professional and polite. She never brags about herself and was on the judging panel because bobby said the flavor of her dish just goes on and on. They all like her cooking. Did you even watch the show?

      • MoHub says:

        Agreed. As far as we've seen, Damaris pretty much has the most potential to helm a program. She just needs to control her nerves so she doesn't ever shimmy again and not overdo the "new Paula Deen" Southern perspective. A little drawl goes a long way.

        • John says:

          Well said. She has a great energy. Humor can be wonderful as long as it doesn't have the wrong overtones. I hope she doesn't say Y'all every 4th word like Paula Deen but she's cookin' her buns off and I like her outgoing warmth. It doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous, either.

  5. pseudonym15 says:

    Thankfully Doucheka is gone, I can start watching again.

  6. ESF says:

    Unlike everybody else here, I actually liked Danushka on there for a few weeks. The network has to pick people who are instantly likeable and a good contestant and those who are not. I'm sure most of you all like Chad. I love the guy. He is a great contender, Danushka is not. They needed some conflicting personalities and some people who were better than others. You see, Food Network is trying to balance ratings- to get out to a larger crowd- and food- to stay true to their network. Now, this all is not to say that Danushka should have stayed. God, I hated her. She needed to go. But the network, by adding different types of people, good and bad, can create different stories for everybody and has made everybody important. Not picking variability among contestants would have been the wrong choice for the Food Network.

  7. Sandy says:

    Seen Danushka on Chopped. Wasn't impressed then with her and hot impressed with here now.

  8. Regina says:

    I saw Danushka on a Chopped episode, she was TERRIBLE, and the persona that comes from her is like she is on drugs, she did have a crappy attitude on Star, and there is no way I would have even considered watching her show if she had won, I am a Food Network Addict but I do have some control over myself and know when not to watch something, She would have made me crazy with her slow no motivation/enthusiasm personality. I am so GLAD she was booted, should have happened sooner. At this point I am not sure yet who I am rooting for, but at least the others can smile., Just a added note, I wasn't able to get into the last winner, Justin either, but that's ok..

  9. Maria Ross says:

    My favorite network is The Food Network. If people like Danushka will be hosting cooking shows i will not be watching!

    • kelsey says:

      Without a doubt. I just want someone nice who knows what they are doing. Why do the men have to have those big tattoos? Gross.

  10. Linda Smithey says:

    This girl has a lot of problems and I would not like to listen to her whine about her personality.