One-on-One With the Latest Star Contestant to Go Home

by in Interviews, June 9, 2013

Food Network Star Episode 2 EliminationEvery Sunday, Bobby, Giada and Alton take on the difficult task of eliminating one finalist in the quest to help guide fans to vote for Food Network's next sensation. And this is no easy task. Check back here every week to read Star Talk's exclusive exit interview with the latest Star hopeful to leave Star Kitchen.

If you missed the show and recorded it, don’t read any further — Star Talk is about to chat with the latest finalist to go home.

Andres GuillamaA childhood obesity prevention coach, Andres Guillama, was the second finalist sent home from the competition. His inability to commit to what could have been a successful culinary viewpoint prevented his growth on camera and in front of the focus groups. His "bland food," according to Bobby, didn't help his case. Week one's potato omelet with chorizo lacked seasoning, and last night's burger wasn't much different. Despite being eliminated, he left the competition confident in his future.

Do you think he deserved to go home? Tell Star Talk in the comments below.

You really had two POVs: teaching men how to cook and then you had a weight-loss/healthy angle. Why did you seem to put more focus on teaching men how to cook?
AG: I fully embrace my weight loss and am dedicated to helping other people understand that they are more than capable of making the same changes I made for themselves, but I feel as though young guys have an uphill battle getting to know their way around the kitchen. They could really use someone to be there to answer the simple questions — or the questions that seem simple to someone who knows how to cook. My dad was always there for me, and I can be there for them.

The dial of doom really does show the group how each finalist is faring with fans. Do you think you used this to your advantage? How did you feel about the dial in general?
AG: It seems like a good idea at face value, but the fact of the matter is that the focus group was just a small sample of a huge audience. Additionally, I was going against the grain and hoping to draw a new audience to the network, so I didn’t feel like the audience I was trying to reach was there.

Danushka, Andres and NikkiFor fans who were inspired by your story, what's the one piece of advice you'd share with them?
AG: Don't underestimate small changes. Something as small as to say you're going to drink diet cola instead of regular cola is the first step in the right direction. The road to your goal is a long one. I've been losing weight for a few years and still haven't reached my goal. As you reach your goals, you'll create new ones for yourself. If it takes you one baby step at a time, do it. Don't ever let anyone stand in your way or make you think it’s impossible. Anyone who says you can't do it is just jealous of your success.

How did you feel about the structure of the show this season, as in, no more teams?
AG: I was really hoping for the teams because it helps bring a sense of security, and I believe that brings about the best results in people. The solo act was kind of a thrown-to-the-wolves and fend-for-yourselves situation, which doesn't bring about the best results for me.

What were some of the biggest surprises you encountered?
AG: The biggest surprise I experienced was definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, the negative feedback on the meals I prepared. I was prepared for criticism, but it felt so overtly harsh. That said, I never argued with any of the criticism. When someone doesn't enjoy a meal I prepare, I take it back to the drawing board and work it out all over again because I refuse to make the same mistakes twice.

Who was the most-intimidating mentor: Bobby, Giada or Alton?
AG: Bobby was great and on point with everything he said. Alton was interesting, but Giada has the “I'm super-sweet, but I'll stare right through you" thing down. The Intimidation 2013 Award goes to Giada, in my opinion.

What's next for you?
AG: I'm going to keep doing what I do. I'll keep working on my personal goals, telling everyone my story so they ask questions, and I can help them answer their questions. I will never stop working towards a chance to be back in a position where I can make my voice heard to an audience larger than the one in my kitchen. I'm a pretty positive dude. I know something awesome will come my way.

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  1. Crouton40 says:

    I had a great time "sparring" with PlainWayne, above.
    A lil' friendly banter is good for the soul..... :)

    • PlainWayne says:

      Back at ya. Keep up the good work

    • PlainWayne says:

      back, at Ya, Keep up the good work. Shannon, too

      • Shannon says:

        Always fun to toss about opinions with interesting folks. It can open your mind to new avenues of consideration. I like variety in opinions as much as I like variety in my tv personalities.

  2. Jill says:

    She is a piece of work, she was just as bad on Chopped. Food Network, please don't disapoint us.

  3. jonathan says:

    i am right with A Critical Viewer, you guys are not just loosing me on this show. you may be losing me for all time. Danushka is a insult to the show on a quantum level. Andres gone before Danushka? FYI guys not just the network! Alton-Bobby are you guys really tools on this level? Giada ok but you guys were my bro's. not sure if i am gonna be watching your channel much longer. to quote Danushka "what are you kidding me?"
    gross. take your top off Danushka maybe you can take your career a new direction because you , re so wrong for tv, if you agree this is TV.....

    • MaryJane says:

      I have a sinking feeling that Danushka won't be eliminated this sunday. Who will do worse than her?

  4. jonathan says:

    i am right with A Critical Viewer, you guys are not just loosing me on this show. you may be losing me for all time. Danushka is a insult to the show on a quantum level. Andres gone before Danushka? FYI guys not just the network! Alton-Bobby are you guys really tools on this level? Giada ok but you guys were my bro's. not sure if i am gonna be watching your channel much longer. to quote Danushka "what are you kidding me?"

  5. gris says:

    I missed first show, but watched it this week. Watched Danushka in a chopped episode and she was bad, and she continues to be bad. NO PERSONALITY AT ALL, WHY SHOULD SHE HAVE A SHOW, she needs to do something else and yes no talking. Hope she goes home next week because I will stop watching. She was annoying then and she continues to be.

  6. FlyOnTheWall says:

    What must all of the chefs be thinking when they read what all of us write? Are they contractually obligated not to write in here? Do you think they want to?

  7. Vicki says:

    I am wondering who Danushka is paying also. First she failed in Chopped and now she shows up here. I, too, am disappointed that FN has turned this program into an obnoxious reality show. I guess the reigning foodnetwork stars want to keep their jobs and so get rid of people who could challenge them as stars.

  8. Bill says:

    Enough is enough. The wife and I are switching over to the cooking channel. It's more about food and we like the people. We used to like diners drive-ins and dives but its on too often.

  9. PlainWayne says:

    Just watched Danushka's audition video. Pure talent. Only one that can touch her...Nadia G.
    IF she can cook.

    • Shannon says:

      I have not seen enough of any competitors as of yet to make my final pick. I need to see more, to see who can continue to hold my attention, who can cook and teach me something new. I can say that after watching just the audition videos I had negative feelings about Chad. His ensuing performances have swayed my initial opinion. I am viewing this competition with an open mind to see who appeals to me the most in the end. It's any ones ballgame.

      • PlainWayne says:

        Agree, completely. Chad hasn't shown me anything. When someone tells me they're the "anything" king, my gut response is , eat my shorts. I, too, watch with an open mind. It may be in the can, but we havn't seen it yet. Anything can happen. Besides, what fun would this be without audacious statements? All the negativity caught my attention. I'm not being a contrarian just to be, The one who stands out the most to me is Danushka. I do believe she's a pure talent. IF she can cook.
        Your friend,

        • Crouton40 says:

          Good that you're keeping an open mind. So am I. There are already some things that i like about some people. There are always 1st impressions. Some good, some bad. But whether they -persist- (good or bad) is another story. As I asked very early-on this season: "but will i *still* like you after episode 5?" Or even later. Will anyone grow on me? Some people are up one week, down the next. I have a hunch we may see different winners on top this next time around. Who can do it all and who will be most consistent? Good work is good work, but I wanna see it repeated. Looking forward to the Chopped challenge. This one oughtta throw everyone for a loop.

          • PlainWayne says:

            Agreed. I'll be pulling for Danushka, Stacey, Niki, and Damaris...after that, what's the point. The highest level achievable by any of the guys is "Inept"

  10. guest says:

    Finale. Danushka and Penny Davidi challenge each other to see who's nastier.
    Hosted by Jerry Springer.