Share Your Early Season Rivalry Predictions

by in Food Network Star, June 8, 2013

Share Your Early Season Rivalry PredictionsThe first episode of Star encompasses so much information: fans meet the finalists, they're introduced to the finalists' POVs, which may or may not change throughout the season, and, most-intriguing, fans get a good grip on individual personalities. Which Star contestant will have the most spirit? Which one will act as the mom of the group? And which will cause the most trouble?

With a lineup of finalists who have competed on Chopped, Iron Chef America and Extreme Chef, just to name a few, the competition is more cutthroat than ever, and with that brings natural rivalries. In the first episode, two pairs of rivalries were quickly established: Danushka vs. Lovely and Russell vs. Viet.

Viewers spoke their minds about the 12 new hopefuls on Twitter by using hashtag #FoodNetworkStar throughout the premiere, as well as the Fan Feed.

Now Star Talk wants to know: What are your early season rivalry predictions? Do you think they'll be game-changers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to Star Talk later in the season to see if you were right.

Get a sneak peek at Episode 2 (click the play button below):

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Comments (114)

  1. joyce says:

    Danushka has not learned any manners. Also she needs to know that you can disagree without being disagreeable!

  2. ICE in NJ says:

    Liked the show better when the participants were "regular" people or home cooks! Remember Melissa and Artie? Why are all the contestants restaurant owners or already "connected" to the food business?
    For likeability there seems to be only 2 contestants that fit the bill: Viet and Chad. Most of the others come off as being " over the top "! Liked Andres too, whished to hear more about his struggle to lose all that weight! Should prove more interesting than hear Danuska's babble, the "southern" woman's girlish attempt to "flirt" her way through , Connie's "over the top" charm , or the pieman's attempts to be funny.
    Whew! Do I sound too catty or critical?

    • diva614 says:

      I agree with you completely regarding "regular" people. This is such a disappointing season.

    • Crouton40 says:

      I miss that. Too many restaurant owners. Not that that should-dis-qualify anyone either but I did like finding an "undiscovered gem" amongst just regular neighborhood folks.
      Over the top can be -over the top, but keep in mind that FN has really hammered an emphasis about being "larger than life" for years. It's no wonder some candidates may try too hard thinking it's what the network wants. I like some perkiness but not too extreme.

  3. A. Martel says:

    Unfortunately FNS has become a scripted "contest" with a predetermined winner (Viet) who fits a slot that the network feels it needs. It's TV folks, Survivor without the starvation. That being said, if Danushka and her nasal whine is on much longer I won't watch till she's gone. BUT! Please a little class, calling her ugly names won't make her disappear any faster.

  4. ImaUzer says:

    I really, really, really, really hope that they don't go into the "personal story" crap this year...I can really do without that! I know a lot of people LOVE it, and eat it up, but frankly, I can do without it.

    You can be engaging, grab the viewer, and get them to care without personal stories. AB did it throughout the entire run of Good Eats.

    Anybody else agree?

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      I do. Did any of the pre-NFNS-era hosts talk about their personal issues or give us their life history during their shows? Mario? Emeril? Pierre Franey? Ming Tsai? Madeline Kamman? Earl Peyroux? Marianne Esposito? Either of the Two Hot Tamales? How about Alex G., Anne Burrell, MIchael Chiarello, Tyler Florence, The Neelys? While Paula Deen, Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee pretty much blabber about anything and everything throughout their shows I don't remember them giving up any deep dark "heart wrenching" struggles or secrets of their past (Sandra has spoken out about being poor growing up in conjunction with her support of the Share Our Strength program, but not during her show). Does Bobby? No, no, no, and no. So why is it MANDATORY for these people? Last year it seemed like it was Next Food Network SobStory.

      • ImaUzer says:

        "So why is it MANDATORY for these people?"

        Funny you should ask...the Mrs. and I had this very conversation last year (she's not big on the "personal story" thing, either). Her conclusion is that it helps people "connect" in some way with the host, and therefore allows FN to use said host to hock whatever wares FN might be trying to make money off of (think Rachael Ray and the "Garbage Bowl").

        But as a guy, I really don't care. Take the Alton Brown approach. Make it fun, educational, drop the "personal stories" and I'll dig it.

        I don't really care that your grandma showed you how to peel a potato when you were 5 years old and standing on a step stool. Just show me how to make some awesome mashed potatoes...

    • Crouton40 says:

      Yes! Absolutely agree.
      It's soooo tiring. I only hope FN really reads these online discussions because plenty of people posted they were sick of "stories" last year.

      Last year we heard about Yvan and his dumpster-diving as a kid. and,
      They harped on Emily Ellyn about whatever so-called demons in her past they *thought* she needed to deal with. Gaawwwwd, I could care less! Watch their video if it's than dang important. I want the winner to win because of TALENT, not a sob-story.

      Can they COOK?
      Are they fun to listen to?
      Can I learn from them?
      Yes? Then I probably luv 'em!!
      (As long as they're not conceited or freaky.)

  5. Annia says:

    I cringed when Danushka talks & I pressed "mute" button after her first sentence. She is so stuck on herself, and though her food was good, according to the mentors, it's her personality that I find hard to swallow. Stacy is what you see is what you get. I've seen her on RI, and she is still the same stacy. She seems nice & likeable. Damaris reminds me of my friend Kelly, you know, cute & quirky, but she's better get it together. Viet, though accomplished some of his goals so far, and I'm sure he's capable to do more, needs to stop being so "polished" and "robotic," and just be more relax. I know many vietnamese people, and none of them are robot-like. Lovely came off as phony... all talks, no actions. The BBQ guy seems pleasant. The food truck guy, at first I thought he was the same guy from Chopped, that didn't know what to do with the canned chicken, seems fun, but he needs to calm down a bit. The pie guy is intriqing. The mohawk guy scares me, but I'm sure he's a good cook. The Peruvien girl...Oy!

  6. Lindamelinda says:

    I am sad to see FN stoop to the level of other reality shows by keeping Danushka, who by the way, was in the bottom 3 for 2 weeks. You will never admit you are keeping her for the drama affect. But judging by comments elsewhere you have insulted your fan bases' integrity by thinking we would want to watch a show hosted by the likes of her. She has no personality whatsoever and is as boring as a rock! I have been a fan on FN for 20+ years, but have lost alot of respect....very disappointed!! As a footnote, I saw her the first time when she was on chopped and couldnt stand her narcissistic, stuck up demeanor then either!

    • guest says:

      very well said, lindamelinda

      • Lindamelinda says:

        FN removed 1of the threads which was here on the blog yesterday and you can be sure it was because of all the negative feedback on Danushka, which in turn makes the judges look like morons for keeping her yet another week. Can all of us be wrong and them right? I think not!

        • Crouton40 says:

          Well said.
          They're likely doing it for ratings. But--it does appear to be already backfiring on them. Look at all the posts people are making about how they've had-it and that FN has just lost another viewer. This ratings schtick can be too much of a short-term gain for long-term loss. What good is getting some people riled-up if they end losing even alot more in the longer haul?

          The comeback to all this is: "Oh well, it is, after all, a reality show."
          But three-quarters of the viewers clearly remember when it wasn't and they are leaving because they dont want it. Meanwhile, new folks come along, see it, and switch back to Survivor or voting people off the island (on another channel). So we're not getting too many of them, either. (my opinion). But just look at all the posts of people saying they're giving up on it.
          I miss Rachel Ray and her 40 Dollars a Day. Some of the earlier days. It was more about Cooking--and a bit of playful humor.

          • Lindamelinda says:

            So true Crouton...I am very disappointed as I have been a fan of FN for so long...the reason being I would much rather watch it than the other channels with all the drama and garbage. FN really didnt need to go that route in order to attract and keep viewers...but obviously they didnt get the memo!

  7. MollyMac says:

    Dear Food Network:

    The varying quality of the food and the outcome of the challenges is enough excitement. It's a big turn off when you leave people like Danushaka n for weeks on end just to up the drama quotient because it takes away from the fun of the competition.

    We're not 14 year old girls.

    Your Loyal Audience

  8. Sheila says:

    I don't know about rivalries but I personally hope that self named "Lovely" gets eliminated real soon. She is so pompous and full of herself. Tonight on the burger bash, she showed her total lack of concern for other people when one of the contestants cried. Sure it was quite silly, the contestant cried but it really showed "Lovely"'s true colors. I can't imagine any audience would want to watch such an egotistical person.

  9. Kat says:

    My husband and I have been watching the model has to go..If she is on much longer your show has lost to viewers for good..She is awful.. You should have sent her home the first week.. if its not done well were out...

  10. T.F. says:


    OK, here's my early season 2 cents, for what it's worth. I find myself rooting for Danushka to be removed from the show. They claim she's a model, but I can't see that. her attitude and condescending ways match her missing personality and seemingly average cooking skills. She's been in the bottom 3 for the first 2 weeks and they sent home the transformed "fat" guy instead of her in episode 2. Boooo!!!!

    Please eliminate her so the real competition can proceed.