Share Your Early Season Rivalry Predictions

by in Food Network Star, June 8, 2013

Share Your Early Season Rivalry PredictionsThe first episode of Star encompasses so much information: fans meet the finalists, they're introduced to the finalists' POVs, which may or may not change throughout the season, and, most-intriguing, fans get a good grip on individual personalities. Which Star contestant will have the most spirit? Which one will act as the mom of the group? And which will cause the most trouble?

With a lineup of finalists who have competed on Chopped, Iron Chef America and Extreme Chef, just to name a few, the competition is more cutthroat than ever, and with that brings natural rivalries. In the first episode, two pairs of rivalries were quickly established: Danushka vs. Lovely and Russell vs. Viet.

Viewers spoke their minds about the 12 new hopefuls on Twitter by using hashtag #FoodNetworkStar throughout the premiere, as well as the Fan Feed.

Now Star Talk wants to know: What are your early season rivalry predictions? Do you think they'll be game-changers? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to Star Talk later in the season to see if you were right.

Get a sneak peek at Episode 2 (click the play button below):

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Comments (114)

  1. Kathy says:

    I realize they want to give a second chance to some one..But it Danushka comes back they have lost two viewers. I am I have watch food network star for years. But this one makes me never want towatch. I thought finally there was a hope she was gone... I do know this my husband says she comes back not worth watching. And we will find something else to move

  2. Judy impellizeri says:

    Wow Food Network, you really got it wrong tonight! Sending home Nikki was a huge mistake. She has been consistently solid in both her food preparation skills as well as her presentation skills. Yes, she struggled a bit this week, but not significantly. I'm not even a vegan and I found her to be compelling and knowledgeable. She was criticized for not being an authority and Rodney is? Or Russell? I find it very frustrating that the judges don't seem to apply the same expectations to each contestant. Rodney is not entertaining and his food does not look the least bit appetizing. The judges keep saying that he's entertaining, but they are so wrong. He is annoying and clownish and does not exude any kind of food authority. If he had his own show, I couldn't change the channel fast enough. i feel the same about Russell. His food has been mediocre, and he has poor camera skills. A mohawk does not make him interesting! Stacey's food always looks good but she comes across as bland and uninspiring. That leaves Damaris, who is entertaining, fun and whose food looks good. With Nikki gone, she is the best choice. And since the network will be looking to replace their now vacant southern cook position, my guess is she'll be the winner. At least I hope so because the other choices would be awful!

    • Diana says:

      I didn't like Nikki at all. Of course I don't like Rodney either. I am so not getting his appeal to them at all, but they seem determined to have him on the network, just as they were that guy from last season, whose show I have never watched. Rodney will be one of those who gets a show whether he wins or not. He cannot even speak coherently, that hat looks ridiculous, he cannot sing and he insists on doing so and apparently his cooking is inconsistent, yet for some reason, they want to keep him. Not a huge fan of Russell either, but he's better than Rodney. I like Stacy. I don't understand all he criticism. People criticize her for giving salmon to Nikki, but were the positions reversed, Nikki would have totally tried to find the dish that Stacy would struggle at the most. It's a competition. And it wasn't the salmon that got her booted, it was her lack of knowledge. duh. Damaris I am unsure about. She does the whole girl next door thing, she's an educator, but I wonder about the whole drinking thing. I'd be ok with either Stacy or Damaris, not at all ok with either of the boys, but like I said, I bet they give Rodney a show anyway.

  3. kat says:

    Well i can tell you this Stacey seems so fake.. As for Rodney not a show I would watch.. The sin guy really leaves me nothing to watch so that leaves one i would watch.

  4. S. Chappell says:

    Despite my vow to not watch Food Network Star any more following Nikki and Stacey being ousted, I will be somewhat interested to find out the results of what America is wanting to see in a cooking show in this most disappointing season. Nikki had by far the most interesting show “Meat on the Side”, numerous episode wins, and was camera savvy. Stacey was another strong contender with cooking and camera talents as well. After years of being an avid fan, I have just realized that this is simply another reality t.v. show. Even my teenager pointed out that they kept Danushka on for a bit of droll drama before getting rid of the woman who appeared to not be able to cook.

    Demaris’ food looks pretty good, but I could care less about a matching game. Russell seemed to have a genuineness to him and his pilot looked pretty good, but I really don’t care who wins. Obviously the Food Network is not putting cooking first in this show, nor are they weighing camera talent in the top attributes. The main focus seems to be on big personality “cool dude” types like Rodney, “the pie guy”, reminiscent of Guy Fieri. Not only can Rodney not make an even, flaky pie crust that is baked properly, he can’t speak properly either. Cooking should be the first priority and that screening should be done (before personality or camera talent is taken into consideration) before the show begins. I have no interest in watching a cooking show if I don’t have confidence in the cook.

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