Vote: Who’s the Most-Fashionable Finalist?

by in Community, June 6, 2013

Food Network Star Season 9If this season's Food Network Star contestants want to take home the ultimate title in a few months, they'll need more than just fancy knife skills and a winning smile; hopefuls must dress the part of a star as well, showing off their individuality and signature style with clothes and accessories both on camera and off.

Last week, fans met the finalists for the first time, and even after just one episode, it's clear that each of the competitors lets his or her personality shine through their wardrobe in the form of bold prints, bright colors, soft fabrics and flirty footwear. Former rock 'n' roller Rodney sported a feathered top hat, while Viet donned dark-rimmed specs and a sleek sport coat and Russell embraced a casual, comfortable collection of T-shirts and sweaters. The ladies, too, modeled an array of pieces, including a red-and-black leopard-print blouse worn by Lovely, a fringed vest on Daniela and sky-high ankle boots on Stacey.

Now that you're familiar with the contestants and have a better sense of their styles, we're challenging you, Star fans, to choose this season's most-fashionable finalist. Who do you think is dressed to impress? Cast your vote in this Fan Poll up to 10 times per day until June 10. Need a reminder of the looks you saw on Sunday night? Browse these top photo moments of the premiere.

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Comments (84)

  1. pastry_pal says:

    Viet: He is in a different universe all his own. He should be competing, judging, bringing some specials from his restaurant, etc. He is a bit boring, but his food is just too high end and pro to fit into this bunch of wannabes.

    He's so nice:)

    PS Please no more barbeque/bacon shows!!!!! Waaaaa!!!!!!!! You compete with other networks on that count. Way too many on TV in general.

  2. Tree says:

    So episode 2 tonite! I loved it. What a shame Andres couldn't embrace his former fatitude and turn it to his advantage. Hes really a nice looking guy. Russell and Chad did very well....but what is it with the grunge? Those 2 look so dirty and greasy, I want to plunge them into a hot shower and scrub the hell out of them from nose to toes! Then get a stylist onto them locks! Ok, moving on .....Viet smiled, my heart melted. GORGE!! And ya know what I realized? Danush is the new Penny of this season...but she's growing on me. Lovely was looking lovely, but a little forced and fake tonite...Damaris changed her matronly dress for a sleeveless look that STILL managed to look outdated. Rodney better watch it, he's on a slippery slope, and his outfit did nothing to help him tonite...that jaunty cap is only gonna take him so far.....Stacey wore nothing worth remembering ---but that smile, that earnestness! She's on the radar ....Cant believe Nikki did so bad...her outfit reflected that tho, so ho-hum. As boring as her burger. Maybe she really is better on the (very) small screen....and then there was the previews to next week.......I am officially salivating to see it....I definitely connected a lot more this week...and I want more! More! Danushka, bring on the nasty! And lets not forget our fashion, guys!

  3. Louis Sandone says:

    Love Rodney...he is a no-nonsense dude, love his approach, his view and the for Denushka...get rid of the bitch!

  4. mommom says:

    I'm thinking they're going to keep Danushka rolling until the very end, when we can all have the inordinate pleasure of seeing "the-ultimate-snobby-know-it-all-conceited-narcissist" foisted into outer darkness. It will be great. Hopefully, the real Danushka will have a happy life!

  5. Notsnarkyreally says:

    There are so many contestants vying for "Most Annoying" that I don't think I'll be able to watch without throwing things at the TV. Pick one: Demaris, Danushka, Lovely, Hat Boy...

  6. GailRaye says:

    My vote for Most Fashionable is Stacey.
    I like Nikki's point of view - meat on the side. I hope she can pull it together and stay in the competition.
    I'm not fond of Lovely or Damaris, and Chris is just uninspiring. I downright do not like Danushka - get rid of her and her snotty attitude and unfriendly personality.

  7. whaysamatteryou says:

    Stacey looks so familiar, seems like this is her second time around.lovely, just isn't too phoney and forced. Yuk. Ever since Guy, they haven't had a deserving winner.Some of the food these people prepare, looks just disgusting.Use a chopped Type of show and let them compete.How did that Viet guy ever beat BobbyFlay on iron chef?The judges had to be in two different zip codes.Stacey looks the most polished of the bunch.Iwould say the next one to go is, Danushka, she may be a model, but she has no stage pressence. maybe if they brought in a brass pole she might be more at home.

  8. Lily says:

    Hate Rodney's hideous hat, hate Stacey's hideous shoes. Dadushka is hidden behind someone, but her clothes are as boring as her whiny voice. Damaris always looks like she rolled out of bed and grabbed a few things that fit her but might not go together.

  9. Donna says:

    FN should put up another photo besides the one above so we can see what else they wear.

  10. Lemur says:

    Seriously? You're asking who's the most fashionable?

    Right. Because high heels and a sexy dress = good food. Uh huh.

    One of my favorite chefs on FN is Alton Brown. And I've seen the dude wear a plaid bow tie (granted he's one of the few who can pull it off). The man is brilliant! Love his knowledge. His show is like a physics and chemistry course taught by the Muppets and rolled up in...Good Eats.

    Mario is another fav. Receding hairline, overweight, flaming orange clogs that the wackiest drag queen friend of mine wouldn't be caught dead in? Fashionable? Oh no, Miss Thing! But extensive knowledge, delicious food, and just know he's the kind of guy I'd love to have over for dinner and conversation.

    So what the heck is with fashionable? Why even ask? Is this really what some of the FN bigwigs think matters? Seriously, get a clue. This isn't BRAVO and this isn't the vapid Kardashians. This is about food. Food is my passion. Clothes? Sure, clothes are fun, but I'm not watching the Fashion Network.

    But if you must insist on fashion from FN stars, then I vote for Morimoto in traditional Japanese garb, Nadia G. and season 8's Emily.

    Can we go back to focusing on the food now?

    • Tree says:

      Becuz its not all about YOU, sweetie! Lots of others care about the whole package! as hell....Mario, yes, very sexy....Robert geek...huge muscles. And (oh Gawd) Scott not get me started....yeaahh, clothes can make the man....or lady....before we can partake of the feast of food we need to partake of what's behind it...and don't kid yourself, sex is the driver of this lusty car....

      • Terrence says:

        Does that mean that whoever is hottest wins? I wouldn't touch Anne Burrell with a 10 ft. pole but she can cook. Scott Conant looks like he works for the Godfather or is a wannabe Robert DeNiro.

    • Terry says:

      You actually make convincing comments but I think you lost people by the length of your post. Does the Cooking Channel care this much about fashion? Maybe they do and we just know about it cuz they don't have a blog like this one. Or do they? It should be more about cooking, I agree. I think Susie wants someone she can market or put on food network magazine and sell cookware.