PHOTOS: Behind the Scenes Moments From Episode One

by in Behind the Scenes, June 5, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Food Network StarEach episode of Star takes hours to tape, so it's no surprise that not every moment and reaction is captured in the 60 minutes fans get to see on air. Every week, Star Talk will give readers an insider's look at what goes down on the set of Food Network Star — from the judges to the contestants to the environments in which they cook and present.

Click here to browse the entire gallery of photos from Episode 1 now

Behind the Scenes of Food Network StarCan't Watch: For Giada, some of the finalists' first attempts at camera presentations are simply too much to bear, and she's forced to look away during the particularly difficult pitch-tape moments.

Behind the Scenes of Food Network StarJudges' Huddle: Giada, Alton and Bobby grab a few minutes to themselves in the Star Kitchen during the Mentor Challenge. Are they chatting about the hits and misses they've seen on camera so far, or are they planning their next challenge for the finalists?

Behind the Scenes of Food Network StarPlugged In: When the cameras stop rolling for even just a minute, the Selection Committee members are quick to catch up on correspondences by checking in with their cell phones and tablets.

WATCH: Week 2 Sneak Peek (press play below)

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Comments (6)

  1. Crouton40 says:

    To anyone who may not have seen it yet (or if yer just joining the party)...
    If you click below the1st picture above, where it says: Click here to browse the entire gallery of photos from Episode 1 now....and then when that comes up:
    click VIDEOS (middle of page), then when that comes up, scroll down on left side and click: meet the finalists season 9. This will let you see and hear all the chefs audition Videos that they submitted. Everyone gets to speak for themself. Good to watch, if you haven't already seen it. :)

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  3. Janet Balsbaugh says:

    Can't hardly wait for Sunday night to see where this takes us...Thanks for the pictures Food Network. I still have last weeks episode on tape, will watch it again before the next episode. :)

  4. Crouton40 says:

    Me too. Looking forward to it. Saw the commercial on tv. Gonna be 100 people there. That oughta test their organization, time management and ability to put out quality-under-pressure. I'm sure other challenges will be different, too. No one will be perfect in all of them. Should be a fun time.

  5. Nana says:

    Where can I find a time for the episodes to "re-run"? I don't know why they have so much DDD, and not any of these episodes running. Don't get me wrong, I love Guy.

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