QUIZ: Are You a Food Network Star Superfan?

by in Food Network Star, May 7, 2013

Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby FlayNot an ordinary competition, Food Network Star gives everyday home cooks and professional restaurant chefs alike the chance to put their culinary chops on the line and their most camera-ready faces forward in a multi-month job interview for the chance to score their own Food Network show. This summer marks the tenth season of contest, and during the past decade, the challenges have evolved to become more grueling, the expectations more demanding and the eliminations more dramatic. From Guy to Melissa to Damaris and all of the finalists and competition in between, have you, Star fans, been keeping up with the best moments and most-shocking turns of events?

As you gear up for an unprecedented season with finalists' hopes on the line, test your knowledge of Star history, past competitors and guest-judge appearances, plus top recipes, seasons' highlights and winners' crowning moments. Take the quiz below to find out if you're the ultimate Star superfan, then browse Food Network's Star headquarters for insider interviews, exclusive videos, behind-the-scenes photos and more from the show.

Are You a Food Network Star Superfan?

Think you're up to speed on what's gone down on Star? Answer these questions to learn how well you know the show and relive some of the most-unforgettable moments from the first eight seasons.
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Comments (120)

  1. m1h2 says:

    watched Star last eve, can't tell you how wonderful it is to NOT have to listen to whats'her'name any more thought you would never get the hint she is not someone people would not watch - her inflections, her voice, her attitude

  2. Hilda Turner says:

    I am highly insulted by Alton Brown and Bobby Flay calling Lovely "slick". Not that they thought her inauthentic or that she was not presenting her personality, but "slick" This conveys a sense of dishonesty on her part and it highlights, for me, a bias against African-Americans that I see on Food Network. A Black woman, especially, will not win on Food Network. I saw it also last year on Network Star, with Jamal, who was clearly a good cook, but because he had dreads they cut him off the show for a non-existent reason. I will not watch anymore and I believe that Bobby and especially Alton owe Lovely an onscreen apology for the blatant disrespect that they showed her.

  3. Angela says:

    I watch Melissa's show when it's on in the evening or I happen to catch it on the weekend. Rare since I think it airs duirng the weekday when I am at work. Guy has BIG personality but his shows are ALWAYS on and super annoying. I have gravitated to Cooking Channel. Saw a couple of foodnetwork star finalists on there with their own shows. Jeff "the sandwich king" is boring and a complete dissappointment. I like Aartie and McCargo Jr. Season one "Hardy boys" and what's her bame the gourmet next door didn't even last past one season. That is not a food network star to me. That's a one hit wonder. While Guy has star power can he cook? all we ever see his is red car and him eating other peoiple's food. BORING! This show is a huge inspiration to me. I ama home cook with a passio for food and teaching others to be better cooks at home.

  4. Angela says:

    I dream of having my own show on the food network but feel that someone like me who actually watns to cook and teacjh someone something will get overlooked for someone who has been on the networks other shows. Iron CHef, Chopped, Restaurant Impossible etc. Seems the real cooking happens on the sister channel Cooking Channel! Not interest in mystery shows or seeing how crappy restaurants aound the counrty are through hidden cameras. Wishing food nwetwork was about cooking and teaching instead of competitions!

  5. donna says:

    arti parti is sad. an the guy comeing in justin is also sad! you should judge people on your own instead of a concest! more shows like real people like paula deen. and more low calorie shows.

  6. Ruth Edwards says:

    You are making a huge mistake letting Paula Dean go. When is making a mistake, asking for forgiveness and showing remorse not forgivable to a network? We are All human and make mistakes! Whoever is without sin cast the first stone!

  7. Donna says:

    I'm hoping FN will make better use of their stars, if you ask me, Justin got cheated. Also, though I'd REALLY love to make a Food and Wine Fest, but it would be hard to face FN after what they did to Paula Deen. A HUGE DISGRACE to destroy your own! She's done so much for the network. SHAME ON THEM! How many of the stars, or staff haven't had a less than positive thought about ANYONE?! If we took down everyone that said, or "harbored" a negative thing about any ethnic group, our world would come to a stand still! If they dump Paula, than the public can dump FN.

    • Guest says:

      Didn't watch the season where Justin won, so I can neither agree nor disagree with you, but everything you said about the way they treated Paula Deen is 100% correct. FN has become more about political correctness and displaying their favorite uppity SNOB chefs like Alton Brown, ALL of the snotty, uppity Chopped judges, Giada display-her-boobs-in-low-cut-blouses, ALL the Iron Chefs, to name a few. I used to like Rachael Ray, but even she has become too full of herself and uppity, unlike the simple, unpretentious young lady chef she was when she first did 30 Minute Meals. The above named chefs, except maybe for Rachael, who isn't quite as much a snob as the others, have a disgusting air of superiority and look down their noses on anyone who thinks or cooks differently than they do. Not everything is about pleasing THEIR la-de-da palates. Most home cooks and their families care more about REAL people (Jeff Mauro, Aarti, Demeris, etc) who behave like peers to them rather than those snotty "I'm better than you lowly creatures who don't have MY title" chefs.

  8. animal lover says:

    I got "Good Work" as my "grade" on the test.

  9. not complaining says:

    ... so get off the couch and do something NOT in front of the TV!

  10. Sahana says:

    Rodney shouldn't be a chef, he should just go back to being a musician or comedian. He does so much better in these areas.