QUIZ: Are You a Food Network Star Superfan?

by in Food Network Star, May 7, 2013

Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby FlayNot an ordinary competition, Food Network Star gives everyday home cooks and professional restaurant chefs alike the chance to put their culinary chops on the line and their most camera-ready faces forward in a multi-month job interview for the chance to score their own Food Network show. This summer marks the tenth season of contest, and during the past decade, the challenges have evolved to become more grueling, the expectations more demanding and the eliminations more dramatic. From Guy to Melissa to Damaris and all of the finalists and competition in between, have you, Star fans, been keeping up with the best moments and most-shocking turns of events?

As you gear up for an unprecedented season with finalists' hopes on the line, test your knowledge of Star history, past competitors and guest-judge appearances, plus top recipes, seasons' highlights and winners' crowning moments. Take the quiz below to find out if you're the ultimate Star superfan, then browse Food Network's Star headquarters for insider interviews, exclusive videos, behind-the-scenes photos and more from the show.

Are You a Food Network Star Superfan?

Think you're up to speed on what's gone down on Star? Answer these questions to learn how well you know the show and relive some of the most-unforgettable moments from the first eight seasons.
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Comments (120)

  1. Suzie says:

    Used to be I could come home from work at 5 and settle in and learn a thing or two from Paula or Rachel that I could actually cook the next night. I agree - too much of the same shows or they mix them up every night - Restaurant Impossible, no - not at 5pm - who has time to sit for an hour! Or, they repeat the shows I was able to catch on Saturday - too many repeats and man I do not like the repeat contestants on this year's FNS! I think they should drop 2 people each week early on and then really let the others compete with real meals - things we would fix at home after working all day. Also, they fix these meals and we never know how much the ingredients would cost us to duplicate - a show that explained that - "Winner, winner, chicken dinner" - that would be fantastic!

    • Guy Rules says:

      I miss Rachel's 30 minute meals. I enjoy her talk show because she also cooks the same meals she did on the her FN show. Plus she's a fun host! Try Paula's scallop and shrimp lasagna--I made this once and it floored me how good it was.

  2. Fresco Gatto says:

    I really did not care which answer I selected. I just want to say that the show I really dislike is Iron Chef because I cannot tolerate a frantic kitchen. When I cook, the kitchen has to be serene in order for me to enjoy what I'm doing.

    • ICE in NJ says:

      I too like a "calm" kitchen! Cooking on a regular base for 22 (or more!) I NEED the calm before the storm.

  3. rocki says:

    That's it!!! you lost another viewer for FNS. Very disappointed you did not get rid of Danushka yesterday. To me she is conceited, arrogant and does not come across as a good cook – she only got 2 chips! Why do you bother doing the chips if they are not going to count for anything? Well, I’m done with the show.

    • H2OforLIFE says:

      "Chips" do not measure the true ability of a cook in my opinion. The contestants should not be allowed to be on more than one time. If they are, then what does that tell the viewers? The selection of the contestants is flawed--too predictable--all for ratings. Why have Danushksa on again? FN knows that she stirred controversy last year so let's keep her on as far as possible! The winner will be the one who can withstand snarky judges, unreal cooking situations, cheesy situations with other special judges, and basing quality food preparation on who gets the most tokens. Not for me.

  4. Cathy says:

    When are the cooking shows on, all I see is "diners drive ins and dives", I like that show but what happened to the real cooking shows? I miss Ina Garten, Pioneer Woman, and all the other cooks....and the new Food Network star show, not sure I can watch the Danuska person for another show!!!! ugh....

    • Guy Rules says:

      Ina is still on usually in the am on weekdays around Sandra and Anne. Pioneer is on the weekends around Trisha and Paula plus Paula's sons. For some reason all the southerners are on Sundays---go figure.

  5. Cookie says:

    This show has just too many sessions.......can't it be condensed? You're losing my attention with too many of these shows.

    • Lisa says:

      Twelve people and one each week is good. I like it. It was fifteen last time. Suck it up.

  6. Cookie says:

    I agree with some of the other folks posting their comments. I am so burned out with Diners Drive-ins and Dives - evening viewing. We need some 30 minute cooking shows in the evenings, and some NEW shows too......I have been looking at too many 're-runs'. Reality cooking shows are 'not my cup of tea'.

    • H2OforLIFE says:

      Yeah, triple D is rerun so many times it is sickening. I do not like seeing Guy's flip flops when they do a shot from top down. I do not like him shoving food in his mouth. It has become a show about Guy, not the diner. It is all about me, me, me--guy, guy, guy.

  7. Aaron says:

    I have been a certified executive Chef for about 30 years,...I used to sit back and watch all the Food shows and the people on them, often times I would comment to whomever was in the room "does this Host or Guest or Challenger even know how to cut an onion"??? after some years, faces and even channels -
    saturation became the biggest issue, that and then People thinking every Chef had a magic wand in his or her pants and would just wave the thing and POOF entire multi course spreads would just appear.
    I ask myself this question who is actually worthy of watching and spending my time on. For me its a brilliant Cook, a master of technique, well spoken and traveled. Alton is one example,. Mario is another, there are greats you will never see in this cable station makes millions off of every day people day and age. I am with those guys even more so. but on this season a couple stand outs are the obvious "Sleepers" in the cast, its ViET and RUSSELL, The bar is much higher than just 5 years ago, and I think if these guys can find their stride in confidents on screen they will Rocket past the "lessor Cooks". I would personally like to see Russell take the audience each week to the back of the Kitchens of the worlds greatest Chefs {de-classifying) every last detail that makes these Stand out top %ers motivate and create.

    • Aaron says:

      I should add,. Stacie is full of presence and very sexy.

    • Michael says:

      Its true that some on here cant cook and shouldn't be here but this isn't the same show as Iron Chef, either. You're using your title to say who the winner should be.

  8. Deb says:

    Let's face - I haven't watched or like any new star since GUY - nobody since has his charisma - This season you can get rid of Miss Babusca or what ever her name is (the model). She is a class A - B***** she someone I WOULD NEVER WATCH - NO MATTER HOW WELL SHE COOKS - She is a major turn off.

  9. Annette Aben says:

    I am catching the shows on the internet as I do not have a television and I have to say they are amusinc... I know I could not do what these folks are doing and I consider myself a good cook. Yet I have to think that there doesn't seem to be as much mentoring in this year's FNS as there as last year. I miss the 'teams' and while I DO believe it is interesting to hear what each of the selection committee has to say about everyone's performances, I am just not feeling the connection between said committee and the contestants. Who do I wish would win? Based on where I feel they COULD take their show.... the gal who made the Baha Betty burger!

  10. jolsonsun says:

    I agree with most comments here-- it's hard to find a cooking show on this network, even on a Saturday afternoon! I miss the Neeley's, Sandra Dee, in face, where the heck is Rachael Ray even??!! I guess we are supposed to turn to the Cooking Channel, but i'm not fond of all the asian flair that seems to be on everytime i turn to that channel. I want to learn new things, new recipes, things I can cook at home (not things I might as well order in a restaurant because it's cheaper and easier to just get it there)... PLEASE BOB and SUZIE--pay attention to this thread, and find the cooking shows again. :)