QUIZ: Are You a Food Network Star Superfan?

by in Food Network Star, May 7, 2013

Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby FlayNot an ordinary competition, Food Network Star gives everyday home cooks and professional restaurant chefs alike the chance to put their culinary chops on the line and their most camera-ready faces forward in a multi-month job interview for the chance to score their own Food Network show. This summer marks the tenth season of contest, and during the past decade, the challenges have evolved to become more grueling, the expectations more demanding and the eliminations more dramatic. From Guy to Melissa to Damaris and all of the finalists and competition in between, have you, Star fans, been keeping up with the best moments and most-shocking turns of events?

As you gear up for an unprecedented season with finalists' hopes on the line, test your knowledge of Star history, past competitors and guest-judge appearances, plus top recipes, seasons' highlights and winners' crowning moments. Take the quiz below to find out if you're the ultimate Star superfan, then browse Food Network's Star headquarters for insider interviews, exclusive videos, behind-the-scenes photos and more from the show.

Are You a Food Network Star Superfan?

Think you're up to speed on what's gone down on Star? Answer these questions to learn how well you know the show and relive some of the most-unforgettable moments from the first eight seasons.
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Comments (120)

  1. Ray Park says:

    Household Goddess! I hope she's being facetious.

  2. Kelly says:

    I have enjoyed watching FNS although not as much since they changed the format (teams). But here's the thing... How can Foodnetwork choose a new star when they never debuted the last one? I don't know what happened with Justin Werner, but whatever it was that put the kabosh on his show, why not give one of the runners up a chance? Or even one of the runners up from one of the previous seasons?

  3. Sue says:

    Why are you picking a "new" star when we barely have seen anything of Justin Warner? He's hip, intriguing, creative, and smart. And one special is all we get to see? Even the boring Amy Finley got a season. I love his recipes - not just the ones I can re-create, but also the more unusual dishes that I look to for inspiration. I wouldn't object to seeing more of Marti Duncan, either. Ippy too. I'd love to see him cooking in Hawaii;.

    • Guy Rules says:

      I miss Ippy too! We could sure use a little Hawaii with the weather we are having.

    • love the stars says:

      Justin Warner is a total weirdo who feeds peppers to children even if it's in soup?peanut butter and tuna sandwich Justin Warner style anyone?

    • doll says:

      That's a reason I've gone to Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen...Those shows are exciting and the judges are NOT biased. I've gotten to the point where I now think that Food Network Star is a big set up. That Sandwich King guy shouldn;t have won when he did...the dark headed guy last year should have his own show..I'm so mixed up now...it's just too much

  4. JustMe says:

    I got not bad, wonder how that ranks? Last season was the first season I watched "live". I did watch whichever season Aarti won yesterday, and it was okay. Wish I could see some of the older season, and would LOVE to see the year Guy won. I am trying to understand the cast for votes for this new season. I see here on FN. com , and can only assume that some contestants have all their family, friends, neighbors and anyone they may know in the future using all 9 votes just for them. I am from the South, and liked (forgot her name) from Texas okay, but have NO CLUE why she got top votes. I HOPE DANUSHKA gets dropped next week. Saw her on chopped and hated her then, and still have the same feeling.. She is pretty, but she is NOT LIKEABLE at all, and she sure as heck can't cook.. My pov of course.

    • Rita says:

      Can't agree about Danushka being pretty.....she has NO expression and a crappy personality.

    • Hilda Turner says:

      Guy should not have won. He can't cook. But since the winner was chosen by text vote, at a time when most people did not have that capability, he was voted in. Food Network has since gone COMPLETELY away from food to personalities. I don't watch much anymore because them seem to think that I want a steady, non-stop diet of Guy Fieri. I don't.

    • Mare says:

      Danushka is very different from the rest of the contestants. In my humble opinion she is greatly misunderstood. Her attitude, demeanor, sense of humor is very Eastern European.
      So far, the judges and probably the audience seem to prefer the TX Crybaby. God, she cries at the drop of the hat. It's an act, folks. When she gets any power over other people, the real Damaris comes out--MEAN, HAUGHTY, UNLIKEABLE as hell. Can she cook anything but Southern? Her cooking is NOT Southern cooking!! I have lived in the south (born in TX!) almost all my life, and the southern cooks I know CAN cook unlike Lil Miss Crybaby!

      • Damaris says:

        O_O Dang.......... kind of weird reading this and having the same name but I don't see where her fakeness is coming from besides the crying

  5. smebles says:

    I agree that Food Network has changed from a cooking channel to a restaurant channel. I hardly watch any more and I LOVED it before. Don't get me wrong Guy Fieri is nice but hour after hour is over kill. I wouldn't mind a few of these shows but it seems that is all that is being aired. I want real cooking shows with recipes, "how to," entertaining suggestions with some friendly get to know us thrown in. I like Chopped and Iron Chef but seriously can't we have more instructional cooking? Take us places, yes but then show us how with opportunity to have the recipe.

    • Sweetpie says:

      Guy is the best they have ever had..I could watch him 24/7 if he was on that much...All the show are great..Nothing is over kill..Thanks

  6. CookinSista says:

    I am so dissappointed in FN! The hours of reruns, marathons, or whatever they're called is terrible. The old format that presented a different show every hour or half-hour kept the audience intrigued. Why is every other show a competition? The celebrity chefs have bored us to death. It's more about their persona than the food. I just want to see real people, with great techniques, cooking great food.

    • Brad says:

      Amen, Sista!
      All Guy does is a little commentary. You or I could let someone else cook, bump fists, and tell them its off-the-hook. What an easy job. We need more chefs doing more shows.

  7. Guy Rules says:

    Yeah Guy doesn't do much cooking on Triple D though the dishes he is eating are not his, it's all about the cook, er, chef in the diner. He does, Guy that is, have a great cooking show were he started cooking solo then adding guests and his family. Good show, don't see much of it. I've seen him many times on talk shows doing cooking demos or hosting competitions--I think he's in his true element when he cooks on his own, he looks very content. Just me.

  8. Meilin says:

    I don't watch FN on Monday, because I can't bear to just watch Guy Fieri eat.. .. he used to be able to cook...but I guess he's forgotten how.

    I like chopped, but maybe 2 episodes at a time is all I can reasonably watch without being bored to death

    It is the same every night, the same shows over and over.... repeat after repeat... All the how to cook shows are on during the day when everyone is working.... why can't they be interspersed in prime time too?

    Also what happened to challenge and sugar dome... if I have to watch 4 more people making cup cakes ( only useful for kids birthday parties and no kid would eat the ones they make ) I just might scream.

    • janet pallavicini says:

      I loved challenge and sugar dome - cupcakes-1 season was enough.
      even sweet genius was better than cupcakes.

      • Ken says:

        After a cupcake challenge, I would like the to see the losing contestants use all the cupcakes in a food fight. The cupcakes would be directed at the judges and that insufferable twit of a host.

  9. John says:

    These "reality competition" shows have become a real turn off. I will never watch another "Network Star" again ever. Whoever s idea this is to keep doing these should be fired because you are losing viewers by the minute. Does anyone watch any of the previous stars' shows after they win? The original stars of the network were not discovered by some dumb drama filled reality show.

  10. Eviek says:

    I agree.....where in the world is Justin Warner?? The contestants this season aren't very good in my opinion and I can't say I would watch any of them. Danushka, Nikki, the Southern Belle.....Yuck!! Rock and Roll man, Underground man, ANOTHER Mexican cook.....they aren't much better. I saw Viet on Extreme Cooking and did not like him at all. CONCEITED.

    • Crouton40 says:

      I hear ya.
      And so once again, for me, I ask myself: from the ones we have to pick from this year--
      Who's cooking is good?
      Who is likeable & friendly?
      Who can teach me something and explain it well?
      I need to see more challenges.

    • Ken says:

      100% agree. If he (Viet) beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef, it had to be a fluke. He shows me nothing about food or personality. Or he is chosen one and holding back. Either way, he needs to shut up about living up to that win.