Cheers to the Rebel: New Star Justin Chats With Fans

by in Food Network Star, July 24, 2012

Justin Warner's Winning Moment Season 8Just one day after being crowned the next Food Network Star, Justin Warner was already on the job.

He stopped by Food Network’s offices on Monday to join a Facebook chat with some of his biggest fans. Offering a rarely seen glimpse of what makes him tick, Justin answered fans’ questions about everything — his hopes for his new show, the craziest meal he’s ever made, his favorite movies, hair product of choice and more. Read on for some of the best moments from our Q&A session with Justin and get to know this Rebel With a Culinary Cause.

Debbie Smith: Congratulations, Justin! Has the shock worn off yet? My question is: In five years, what other projects would you like to do for FN? I ask this because many of the stars branch out after their first show settles in. For example, Guy with his Big Bites, DDD and hosting cook-offs.

Justin Warner (JW): No, the shock has not worn off. I'm still stupefied. I think there is an array of applications for someone like myself.

Regina Petrucci: What's your favorite moment from being on the show?

JW: My favorite moment was when Martie got to make a pilot too.

Maria Eivers Medley: What was the one experience on the show that you wish you could have done differently or do over again?

JW: I rarely live with regrets, but I could have come out of the box a little stronger and been a better leader. Probably could have tried to defend my team a little better.

Alicia Kaity Audette: So excited for you! Any ideas on the format of your upcoming show? And will Martie be a guest?

JW: I'm open-minded and excited to meet professionals as this is my first time doing a TV show. If Martie Duncan can make an appearance, I would be honored!

Jessica Ng: Justin! Congratulations on becoming the next Food Network Star!! Since Alton Brown was your mentor and main "cheerleader," what is the number one lesson he has taught you that you will teach America in your new series?

JW: Everybody has something to teach. You just have to find out what you're here to teach. I'm here to teach people not to be scared of being wacky, because we're all a little bit wacky.

Katy Franks: What do you think will be your biggest challenge being a Food Network star?

JW: Waking up early will be my biggest challenge!

Carol Gardener Pike: Hi, Justin ... CONGRATULATIONS from Alabama! When you wake up hungry for a snack in the middle of the night, what do you reach for??

JW: Good question. I reach for dried squid (love that stuff!).

Rebekah Anne Faulk: What 3 ingredients couldn't you live without?

JW: The three ingredients I can't live without (aside from salt) are yuzu, vanilla and 350-degree oil. I love frying stuff!

Nicole Leigh Morris: I know you like foods that stretch boundaries, but what is your favorite "normal" food?

JW: Pizza, corn on the cob and strawberry-rhubarb pie are my favorite "normal" foods.

Jorden Helton: What is the most outrageous thing you have ever cooked?

JW: The most outrageous thing I have ever cooked ... that's tough! I made a pig filled with chicken filled with eggs — that's the most outrageous one in recent memory. I also made waffle stuffing that was AMAZING.

Kelsey Nguyen: What is your favorite film?

JW: The Muppets (new). Or Star Wars (old).

Kristel LaFreniere: What hair products do you use? Love the pouf.

JW: I prefer Bumble & Bumble hair products.

Visit Food Network for more scoop on the Star finale and flip through Justin’s behind-the-scenes scrapbook to get an insider’s look at this brand-new star.

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Comments (131)

  1. Gayle says:

    I'm personally glad that Justin won. I wasn't pulling for him so much in the beginning, but he won me over with his inventive ideas--especially the Caesar Salad--who in the world would ever think of that (Alton Brown maybe)? I liked Martie, but it seems like the Food Network has so many country-style shows right now, and frankly I have no interest in this type of programming. I love Bobby Flay, but none of his people wowed me--I swear if I had to hear Nikki say she was the "Girl on Grill" one more time, I was going to scream! And although I thought Yvan was charming and totally likeable, I don't think I would have watched his show. I do like the new format of having the decision decided by the viewers--makes it less political and hopefully reflects what everyone wants to see. Perhaps in the future there should be input from the viewers on the elimination process from week to week?

  2. Cindy says:

    Do invite Marty to your show early!

  3. Michael says:


    I wonder if anyone else has thought what I've been thinking: that Justin might inherit the crown as the next "Good Eats" kinda guy. Alton can't stay forever, and FN without an intelligent, zany, witty character like Alton would be like mac 'n cheese without the cheese. Geeks are fun and entertaining :)

  4. Ash says:

    I was very happy to hear that Justin won! I cant wait to watch his show and see what kind of crazy dishes he will be serving up.
    I think in a way he cooks like I do. I love mixing everything together to create new and different foods. I have experience in "culinary of crazy" lol I have made quite a
    bit of very delicious food by experimenting with whatever I had in the kitchen at the time. I am very excited to watch his show and try out some of his wacky recipes! ^_^

  5. Lori says:

    Congrats! When is your new show starting and what will the name of it be?

  6. Noreen says:

    I really enjoyed it and am glad they changed the format this season. I hope they continue to try different things to keep us tuned in. Justin is different from any other Food star. I can't wait to see his some info on when it's running........Justin will bring a new group of viewers.

  7. sal28 says:

    I like the format of this season, will they be doing it this way for awhile? Congrats Justin and Alton I look forward to the new show.

  8. sandy says:

    I have been waiting for the show. They always started a week or two after they won. Why not this year. Again when is the show going to start. I know the put them on Sundays around 9 or 10 in the morning but I haven't see it yet. Also what is the name of his Show. The last thing i heard what Justin the Rebel with a cause or some thing like that. I watch every week and have watch all the other seasons and they start after they won is there a problem with the show. I really like him, I also like 2 others but what is going on. I want to see the show why the hold up????


  9. Leigh says:

    Does anyone else feel like the Food Network is abusing the fans here? No information at all about the new show. The Food Network hyped up the new format of The Next Food Network Star and let the fans choose the next winner. Millions of people voted for Justin selecting him as a winner .... then since? Nothing. No word of when his show will air. Now Justin is not even listed as a chef on the site. It has gone way past discourtious to the fans.

  10. Nancy says:

    When does your show begin?