Star Exclusive: The Winner’s First Interview

by in Food Network Star, July 22, 2012

Justin Warner and Alton BrownJustin Warner, Team Alton's rebel with a culinary cause, is our new Food Network Star! Just moments after the curtain fell to reveal his face beside Alton's, Bobby's and Giada's on the wall of esteemed Food Network talent, we caught up with Justin to hear his reaction to this life-changing win.

Justin, if you had to describe in one word the feeling you had right before they announced the winner, what would it be?

JW: Nuts.

What's something you took away from this experience?

JW: I realized I have a strong desire to teach people. I never knew that until I saw the reaction of fans in the audience and on Twitter. I say to myself, "Wow! They trust me with that?" Because a year and a half ago, I didn't even know how to cook. To now be an authority on these things, at least in some people's eyes, it's amazing and I'll never forget that.

You and Alton have a very special relationship. It seems as if you're his protégé — you even used a clip from Good Eats in your pilot. How does that make you feel?

JW: First and foremost, it's an incredible weight put on me. Alton said, "You have the ability to represent a brand I created and take it further." To have that blessing was a paternal push I'd never felt before. Like, here, baby bird, go. It's an incredible honor, truthfully.

When you first started this competition, did you set out to create a show like that or was that something you two decided at the end of your process?

JW: Well, I'm a big fan of Good Eats because he tells you how to practically cook things. But as you can see, I'm not a very practical person. The idea though is that I've used a lot of those concepts to create the foundations of the things at my restaurant and in my life. For example, I'll take something that is normal and I'll go wild with it. To have the definite answer for normal in a decidedly abnormal, but revolutionary show, which is Good Eats — to have that as a starting point is nuts.

After the curtain fell to the ground and you saw your portrait on the wall with other Food Network stars like Guy and Rachael, how did you feel?

JW: I felt like the new software was being installed. It's not just a new chapter; it's like a new book. It's like a series you thought would never be picked up — I have no idea what I felt like! This is something I believe in, but I didn't know other people believed in it as strongly as I did. When you're a rebel, you never expect anyone to go with you on a cause, but I think this was the right time and the right place.

What do you have to say to all your fans out there who voted for you?

JW: Thanks for the support. I have the best fans, especially on Twitter. They're so funny, cool and so creative — one even made a rap video about me. There are Tumblrs out there about me cooking. I never would have thought this was possible.

Check out the the full exclusive video of our interview with Justin and conversations with runners-up Martie, Yvan and Michele. Plus, check out the final four Star Scrapbooks and flip through the best moments of the finale.

Questions for Justin? Chat with the winner himself in a live Facebook chat TODAY at 3pm EST.

What did you think about Justin's big win? Share your thoughts on the finale in the comments.

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Comments (1,358)

  1. Justin says:

    I'm happy to see that Mr. Warner won. It was a great finale. I feel like there's a big ol' empty spot in me now that the show is over.

    • Bonnie R. says:

      Congratulations Justin! I'm thrilled that Justin is the Next Food Network Star. He'll bring excitement back to the Network, with a new and innovative show. Hope to see Martie as his guest, and maybe even Emily! I know that next week, at 9PM I'll also be feeling somewhat empty, now that Next Food Network Star is over for this season. Can't wait to watch Justin's show, and Congratulations again!

      • chuchu says:

        This is B.S it was all Altons ideas not justin he isnt capable of doing it on his own his food isnt "rebellious" people change up foods with their own unique style everyday in any culture he doesnt deserve to be the winner i enjoy food network it is one of the channels i watch everyday and i am very disappointed they put him in the network. Also i dont know why the network left it to America to vote on the person , people dont know how their food tastes i think the decision should have been left to the food network judges.

        • guest says:

          Now that Alton 2.0 has won, what will the network want next year?

        • JustinRocks says:

          then you are stupid and mentelly ill is you think Justin shouldnt have won. Alton was his MENTOR stupid! Alton was SUPPOSED to give Justin ideas.

          • hipster says:

            Good Eats was like a boring history and science show. Now it gets amped up. Over the edge, dude.

    • RAS says:

      I'm glad the freak show is finally over.
      Now the Food Network will have another hole in the lineup (Big Daddy, Sandwich King, etc) they have lost their way with the two network owners as judges - they are losers too.

      • Monte says:

        Bob and Susie don't own the network. They are "higher ups" in the network, but they don't own it.

      • HowMarieard says:

        Alton is a good mentor but I like Tyler Florence or Bobby Flay for recipes. There's a reason Good Eats got cancelled. He's too technical for me.

        • Guest says:

          Funny you say they was a reason Good Eats got cancelled... it was because Alton decided to end it. It was on for 13 years. Much longer than most shows on Food Network :)

        • Henly5 says:

          Good Eats is one of my favorites and I still watch it on the Cooking Channel. I actually like the technical aspect more than the "silly" factor.

          Oh well, to each their own.

        • chitarra10 says:

          I dunno, I personally liked the technical and science-like information in the show... that was a major part of why I liked it so much better than all the shows where it's just a person cooking and talking. I was quite disappointed to hear that Alton decided to end the show... I'll bet it probably would've went on for 20 years or more if he let it. :-) But even though I was a fan of Ippy throughout this season, of the finalists that did make it to the end, I'm glad it was Justin who won... I rather enjoyed his pilot just because it was in the style of Good Eats. :-) It looks to me like it has promise, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. :-)

      • 1Dishy says:

        RAS, so why did you even bother to watch the show if you thought it was such a "freak show?"

    • Guest says:

      I agree! I hope that they release the voting breakdown somewhere. I'm really curious to see how it played out for the other three.

    • Pat says:

      Yaaaaaaay Justin! Unlike other Food Network Stars, I'd watch him any time.

      • chitarra10 says:

        To be perfectly honest, although it was fun to watch the competition and see who won, I have actually never watched any of the winners' shows... X-) However this one is a show I'm actually looking forward to seeing. :-)

    • Janie629 says:

      All the finalists got where they were because each one of them had talent...unfortunately there is only one food network star...there are other shows and ways they can incorporate the other finalists in either Food Network or Food Channel...let's hope that the Network doesn't let these finalists get away from them

    • ToniKaye says:

      I have always gone to Alton's "Good Eats" to get my recipes. His informative style helps to not only put a good dish together, but to understand how and why it works. Everything Justin has done on the contest was exciting, and I can't wait to watch his show.....

    • im happy for Justin, he and i share the same name , I would have been happy also if Ivan would have won he seemed so real and humble and i like the idea of him being focused on family, he will get his shot sometime again

    • sherrell johanssson says:

      I voted for Justin many times, he was the best, deserved the Win.
      Thanks food network for the series, it was the best EVER, yet.
      Enjoyable, entertaining viewing, as is all your programming

    • LISN says:

      Was there any doubt that Justin would win? The other cooktestants paled by comparison. It's interesting how Alton inserts himself into the win by claiming Justin will take HIS (Alton's) brand forward.

    • Donna says:

      Justin is going to similar to Guy and bring people into a new world of food. We need to have that excitement, something different. I think Justin will be able to do that, and will have a great career with the Food Network. I know that I will be watching, just like I did when Guy started his career. Great job Justin and Food Network to finally go "out of the box"!

    • Walt Moores says:

      From show 1, I had picked him. He may be better than Guy!

    • pasha2k says:

      i wish him all the luck. he's got a ton of talent.

  2. carolyn says:

    Justin is the best, hands down! I can't wait to watch his show!

    • nancymp313 says:

      Totally agree - I liked him the minute I saw him - I was so delirious when they announced him as winner - He truly is a Winner! Eager to see the show. Alton Brown is my favorite Food network star, now Justin is the very close second!

  3. Christina says:

    Congratulations Justin! I love your cooking style, it is so outside the box!!! I'll be watching your show for sure!!!

    • N.Y. Critic says:

      I live in N.Y. and have been to his restuarant He should have been an actor because what you saw on T.V. is a far cry from what he is like in real life! I'll be surprised if he lasts more than a season or even finishes one season. In person he is gruff, cocky and his food is 2nd class and that's being kind!

      • Lydia says:

        Thank you for your comments. I got the impression from the entire series that he is head strong and doesn't take criticism or challenge well if it doesn't go his way. Apparently we are now on a learning curve to get used to his unusual ideas and incorporate them into out life and think that they are good. I won't be watching his show.

    • Judy says:

      I was ALL for Michelle, but I greatly admire Justin, and I WILL watch his show! Congrats!

  4. pat says:

    Too bad, Marty should have won it. I wasn't really impressed with Alton's 'pet' at all, and for that matter, not with Alton. How does he keep taking over everything? Really? Sorry, but my opinion is that he is the biggest 'goof' on Food Network, just saying....

    • Priya says:

      I agree. Justin should have been eliminated. Too goofy

    • geewzz says:

      Marty may be talented and a very nice person but she is just too cliche. Justin offers something new and unique and the Food Network needs that . As far as Alton goes, he's a genious and has made being "nerdy" a good thing to be. I've learned more from him than anyone else on the network. Between the two of them, I think they will take Food Network to a new and better level.

      • JM61 says:

        Oh, man I hope so. The good old days...Sara Moulton, Molto Mario, Ming Tsai, Rocco, Cat, the Soul Sisters, Gale Gand, Alton. Such a great variety. Something for everyone. Now, it's all down home. Nobody but Ina and Anne even approach anything upscale. So sue me if I make money and want to cook with good ingredients. Where's MY show?

    • Dale Slusher says:

      I agree Marty was so sweet and warm, I hope they see her potential, This is one more show that I don't have to watch. I think FN is really going to crap, All the BF shows and I'm so sick of GF. Do these people realize that they should have us the public vote every week? POV how stupid. Also loved Yvon and the only other show I watch are Nigella and Ina. Time to get real and not have a person that just is kitchy (pun intended) But good luck to Jason just won't watch sorry...

      • Deanna says:

        And did you mean Kitschy?

      • ticalinda says:

        couldn't have said it better my friend!!!! SOOOOOOOO TRUE...HATE HER AM GLAD SOMEONE ELSE WON!

        • vally says:

          Hate her? really? So tired of people spending time spreading such harsh words around...I watch food network because it shows the better side of humanity spreading warmth, affection and encouragement. Everyone on the show deserved their place in the competition and all of them will go on to inspire those that connect to their personalities and culinary style.

          • Stephen says:

            Thank you vally. So many mean spirited and demeaning comments. I hope people read the reaction to their comments and think twice about what they said, gain some perspective and appreciate other opinions.

      • Mary says:

        Amen to that. If she would have won, I'd swear off FN except for Ina and Giada. Martie never should have gotten as far as she did. Pass barf bag.

      • my perspective says:

        Dale, we love Martie also! She's wonderful, would watch her show!

      • PAYBACK! says:

        You're just plain old mean. No reason to tear this woman apart like this. If you didn't want her to win, FINE! Say so. You will have to answer one day for these very same nasty words.

      • 1Dishy says:

        Who is Jason?

    • Yana says:

      I sure didn't want him to win his food is to hard to make unless your a true chef not a home chef like me I wantes Marti to win :-(

      • Jerilee says:

        What is so hard about disolving gelatin and grilling Romaine lettuce?

        • iris45 says:

          Jerilee, I agree not hard at all!

          • kimera says:

            I'm sure you would have cleverly come up with that idea on your own :)

          • Jerilee says:

            No, I wouldn't have. And that's the point. He gave an inventive recipe for that salad and made it so simple any one could do it. I have made plenty Caesar salads before, but this is certainly a different twist that I would be willing to put out at our block party. That is what FN needs, something different for the younger aspiring cooks. I'll admit I may not try all of Justin's dishes, but if they are simple, different, and out of the box, I'll give it a good try, and thank him for offering. I may be 58 years old, but I'm not dead, and with a couple degrees in science, I'm at least willing to give it a try. How 'bout you??

          • Guest says:

            Couldn't have said it better myself! Justin brings the perfect mix interesting food and easy way of making it to FN. Just as I was getting bored with the same types of shows coming on over and over again, he came along and got me excited about food again. And obvoiusly, it wasn't just me! Congrats Justin!

          • Dylan Moran says:

            I can not agree more

        • my perspective says:

          Saw someone post that that particular dish looked like "snot on lettuce". Sorry, but I'm just not that much of a rebel! :)

        • LHSSC says:

          It's not hard at all.
          In my opinion, it's just a lot of time and work to make dressing for scorched lettuce. I don't happen to find scorched lettuce appealing.. I accidentally did that to some romaine I had waiting for plating a dish that was coming off the grill, and I can tell you it tastes nasty. Or at least it seemed so to me.

          • 1Dishy says:

            Grilled lettuce is one thing; scorched lettuce means that you left it on the grill too long.So of course it's going to taste nasty if you leave the lettuce (or anything else for that matter) on the grill too long.

      • @JennGrace says:

        Just because you aren't up to the challenge of dissolving gelatin doesn't mean a lot of us wouldn't like to try. The channel needs variety. Triple D and home cooks are taking over. It's fine for them to be on the channel but there is certainly room for someone with a different POV.

        • Rickie says:

          Many of us just won't be watching Justin's show, but I do say congratulations to the winner. I would have much preferred Martie or Michele won.

        • ABG 4 ME says:

          U r totally right @JennGrace. I feel its a matter of opinion, Almost everything is.
          My opinion is the channel needed some show outside of the box. All of the shows so far were home cooking, classic recipies and comfort food, and some cooking competitions. There is hardly a show that does what Justin is doing,[I don't think there's ANY show] If you want to see a seafood show, there are about 1,000,000. You wanna go see shows with party food, I've found Ina Garten, Giada Di Larentis and Paula Deen are frequently having parties on thier shows. As for Yvan, his style was unique, and you may think, Oh, Yvan should've won. His Idea was unique and HE dosn't look like he wears lipstick. But here's your correction. What does almost every food network star do after cooking all thier food for the show? Share it with thier friends and family. Yvan was great, but Justin is fine too. once again, @JennGrace is right.

      • winnie says:

        All of Justin's dishes are actually simple to create. He is a genius (as is Alton).

    • It sounds like someone is just being contrary for the sake of being contrary.

    • Stephanie says:

      I would guess that if Alton had someone on his team that said "" as many times as he does he would criticize and hate him. I don't like watching Alton on anything.

      • winnie says:

        Alton is the most intelligent of all the chefs on FN. If you need to know something Alton has the answer.

        • QueenChef says:

          Totally agree. I have learned so much from Alton. He is brilliant! I did not have a favorite this year until I saw Justin Promo . The clip was brilliant all because of Alton and that is what sold me on Justin.

    • Agnes says:

      100% agree with you.

    • kimera says:

      I think he's intriguing. And Alton is a genius. I'm pretty happy about it. But I think I would have been happy about the majority of them.

    • chris says:

      dude. marty was too annoying. there is nothing new about what she did. she didnt turn people's heads, her personality is dull at best. kind of a ranter in my opinion. justin took things and spun them into something insane. i was wowed almost everytime justin cooked something. he deserved to win. everyone who agrees that hes too goofy is most likely uptight, and closed mind to change. very rarely was i not impressed with justin. he won for a reason.

    • UMADBRO? says:

      Those 141 downvotes sure agree with you, pat.

    • MaLinDa says:

      I think Martin should have won also, and I too think Alton favored Justin a bit more because he thought he was a little like himself. I do however like most if not all of Altons shows, but anyway this too is just my opinion.......... =)

    • winnie says:

      Food Network NEEDS Justin! He is fresh, exciting and "out of the box"! I believe he will bring what FN has been lacking for many, many years; a new outlook on food (which is not hard to make) and a new personality. I absolutely LOVE Justin!

    • CastIron18 says:

      I am sure that Marty is a nice person. But the network already has the Queen of the South! And let's face it...Marty is no Paula Deen!
      I personally love Justin because he is bringing something new to the table. The salad he prepared in his pilot was genius. It was inspiring and also something I would definitely make. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

      • my perspective says:

        Martie never claimed to be Paula Dean! And, yes, she's nicer than you can imagine, and so genuine! She's not just about the South, she's very diversified and I would love to see her get her own show too! Would watch it in a heartbeat!

        • Mona says:

          Diversified?? She didn't know anything about Pennsylvania or what great foods they have there. Diversified?? HARDLY!!!

        • jance says:

          I agree. Martie is a real lady that real folks can relate to. She is not rude, arrogant, or hateful as some of (several) of the others were. It is a loss that she didn't win.

    • Amy says:

      You like Alton if you are a'thinking' cook.....I find both he and Justin interesting.

    • sweenpta08 says:

      Marty's pilot was terrible, she did not tell how her marinade was made, gave no measurements for anything, and Paula Deen already gives us enough "Southern accent" that there is not room for another "Southern Belle." Alton does teach us the how and why behind the foods we are cooking and eating. I think that Justin will pick up where he left off. Before the pilot I was leaning toward Yvan because I liked his style, smile, and story. I voted for Justin twice because I was actually laughing at his pillot because he made fun of Alton and that was entertaining. Another thing he did was give measurements of ingredients and he demonstrated how the dish was made from beginning to end. Finally, he did take a very traditional dish and put a different spin on it--that is interesting!

      • jance says:

        Do you honestly think Justin's "pilot show" was his idea? FN plays obvious favorites and edits out what really goes on during the tapings. Paula and Alton have taught you more because they have had 30 minutes to do it. Give Martie a break.

        • Joe says:

          I have no problems with Martie, and she seems like she'd be okay to hang out with or have host a party, but she was painful to watch at times. She rambles too much and has difficulty getting out what she wants or needs to say. I'm tired of all this "FN plays favorites" crap. The final was voted on by the fans, and the fans voted for Justin. I personally like him. I like his quirkiness and his inventiveness. He's entertaining, and ultimately, isn't that what this is about? The next Food Network Star? I wouldn't be surprised to see Yvan get a show at some point as well. All I can say is that I'm really glad that Nikki didn't win. I couldn't stand her fake smile and her attitude.

      • FoodFAN2 says:

        For the record, I think it should be stated that Alton Brown "produced" the pilots for Martie and Justin. It is pretty obvious from the fact AB not only put his own clip in Justin's pilot and the fact he helped Justin by tweeting for him for weeks before the vote who he wanted to win. He did a pretty lame job of producing Martie's pilot. I found her to be engaging and would probably have liked her show but the choppy editing was frustrating. I blame that on Alton Brown, not on Martie. I am sure she had nothing to do with that part of it.

    • Julie says:

      I didn't really care who won, I mean, everyone was talented. However the thing that gets me with this comment is your insult towards Alton. Ummm hello, he is a genius. Have you ever even watched his show? He knows things about food that I'm sure only you could dream of knowing. He is a goof, yes. But he has so much fun and he laughs and enjoys his life. A friend of mine met him and said he was an incredible person too. Have more of an open mind.

    • Guest says:

      Alton's pet! don't be stupid just accept that Justin is the best!

      • GOTTA READ THIS!! says:

        Alton inspires me because he is just ddifferent then all the others until Justin came along but i still love Alton becasue he is just a loving person..did you see the way he cried on the other episode for Justin and Martie...that broke my heart...

    • STEVE says:

      nooooo way Marty should have won....JUST like my ex: made mediocre food and NEVER knew when to shut her mouth!! Way to go Justin!!

    • Johnny says:

      Marty should have been eliminated in one of the first weeks. She failed at cooking the challenges, and she went over on time almost every single time. The only reason she stayed this long is because they felt sorry for her. Justin was a fan favorite from the beginning, was never on the bottom, and followed the directions of the challenges while executing them perfectly! Justin will go far in this world.

      • jance says:

        Do you remember when Justin tried to melt chocolate in the wrappers and had to throw it all away. He did not use all the required ingredients and the judges looked right over that. Just like when Martita stopped with 30 sec to spare. She should have been gone. Had Martie done either of these things, she would have been raked over the coals. Shameful bias by FN.

        • JM61 says:

          Um, but he DID use all of the required ingredients. he tried a couple of differerent ways to make it work, but he did make it work.

          • Joe says:

            Gotta love revisionist history. Big difference between messing up an ingredient and trying it over than not using the ingredient.

          • FoodFAN2 says:

            Using a different ingredient- not the required one. He was not called out on it but that is what I saw.

      • FoodFAN2 says:

        Marti never failed at any cooking challenge that I saw. They loved her dishes and Bob said they were always like warm cocoa and flannel pajamas. When she was sent to the producer's challenge, they said her dish was too simple but Justin did a no cook dish AND left off an ingredient. I doubt they kept her bc they felt sorry for her- they kept her because she had a lovely way about her that most of us liked and she knows how to entertain on a budget. I'd watch that show over fried fish bones any day. I do like Justin but only for his quirkiness, not for his food.

    • Mamaline says:

      I am glad Justin won and I wish they had a spot for Marty, but I think we will see a lot of her with Justin acting as his Sous Chef. Plus I love Alton. I think they should have more things or shows to do. He really could replace the old man with the bleached spike hair and Tatoos.

    • jgansch says:

      I thought Justin was the right choice but I liked Marty, too, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of her as Paula Deen gets phased out. Absolutely agree about Alton. Yikes. Tough love is one thing, but he seemed like an arrogant, know-it-all who didn't want to be there. Maybe he was going for fuzzy warm curmudgeon, but if so, he missed the mark. Scary guy.

    • SusieSez says:

      I thought Martie should have won, too. I really loved her. I definitely would have watched "Martie's Parties."

    • LHSSC says:

      I didn't think either of them was a winner. If you really look at it, Justin's pilot recipe was so 'out there' as to be useless. All that work and time to make a dressing for a half head of scorched lettuce!! If that is going to be typical of what he presents then his show will be a waste. I'll look a few times and judge then. But truthfully, I'm not expecting much.
      Alton wasn't the problem. He obviously did a pretty good job if 40% of his team survived to make pilots. Despite the fact that I didn't think a party show would be my choice, Marty did a lot of growing and I came to respect her. Thanks to Alton.

    • Hey says:

      You are wrong

    • Jamie says:

      I think Alton will support her too. She was mentored by Alton so you should appreciate what he saw. Obviously bobby and giada didn't see anything in her. Martie was my next favorite after Justin but she sort of is a combo of Paula deen and Sandra lee.

    • Ozzyrules says:

      I disagree with Pat. Martie is certainly talented and I hope that she will show up on Food network. However, Justin deserves his chance. By the way, Alton was a great mentor as evidenced by two of his teammates given the chance to film pilots.

    • Charlie says:

      Marty sucked! She should have been eliminated in the 3rd or 4th round, tops!

      • FoodFAN2 says:

        She is very talented-I've been following her career for years after seeing her at a show where she presented a fun and useful holiday entertaining workshop. I used lots of her ideas and have been going to her website for recipes since then. She's the real deal. Go look for yourself. I did not think this show ever did her justice having seen her show live. She has a lot to offer America. Hope FN will find a place for her.

    • Melissa says:

      Alton's "pet" That's so funny. Everyone else i've talked to about this show agrees! There's some weird, disturbing attraction. Now who's running the Food Network?

      • JM61 says:

        But have you read the comments here? "Everyone else" you talked to. Probably a much smaller sample. The weird disturbing attraction was Bobby and Nikki. Oh! Wait! Maybe it was Giada and Martita. Send me your addy, so I can send you a quarter. Maybe then you can buy a clue.

    • Patti says:

      I agree. I don't like Justin's style and will not be watching his show. I hope that they crete a show for Marti as they have for past runners-up.

    • JudyK says:

      Oh, please NO...NOT another Paul Deen. UGH.

      • JudyK says:

        Make that Paula Deen. I turn her off everytime I see her face or hear her overly-exaggerated Southern accent. She nauseates me...couldn't take another one of her. As someone else said, one of Paula is more than enough.

    • Georgie says:

      The problem with Martie's dish was how are you supposed to eat it. Dig your hands in and pull out a shrimp like the one guest did? How do you eat the onions? Didn't look that appetizing to me.

      Yvon was just way too young. He still lives at home. His little brother was cute and everything but thought I was watching "Cooking For Kids."

      Michelle's pilot was the best produced, I thought. The clam dish looked yummy and I'm from New England myself. But the piercings and tattoos are a bit off-putting (was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt), and mainly she's too much like Anne Burrell. She may be better than Burrell, but Burrell is entrenched.

      So that left Jason. I gotta say I'm a HUGE Good Eats fan. Almost ordered the $500 complete set (no longer available). So when Jason said, "it looks like an early episode, because Alton has hair," that about sold me right there. The way it was filmed, with the closeups, etc. reminded me of a GE episode. But the dish looked lame. Frozen chicken stock & burnt lettuce? I hope he is up to the task of following in Alton's footsteps. Remember Alton was a filmmaker & wrote all the episodes. This kid owns/runs a restaurant. I look forward to seeing what the show will be like (if they put it in a time slot when I can watch - great to see Melissa & Mauro on FNS and Chopped, because I've never seen their shows).

    • Carina says:

      Just saying how many Paula Dean's do we really need? Looking forward to someone different. More butter is not always the answer.

    • Michelle says:

      I will not be watching Justin's show. Very disappointed.

    • Lyon says:

      Wow! I've never seen that many thumbs down before. I think you may have set a record here.

    • ROBYN says:

      I agree I thought Marty should have won it hands down

  5. Janice says:

    I'm so happy for Justin and Alton. This show is going to bring a fresh outlook for Food Network and I can't wait!!!

    • LOve JUSTIN says:

      right on the mark

    • Crazy Chef says:

      No offense, but I doubt he'll last more than 6 shows.

      • Melissa says:

        Your right. I'm surprised Arti is still on. I've tried watching her show but her ingredients are too hard to find. So I gave up. Not everyone in America lives in a big city with fancy grocery stores.

  6. Michelle says:

    YAY!! I am very happy for him and look forward to watching his show this fall!! Great job Justin!!

  7. sharon says:

    Justin was the best - I was even considering venturing out to his Brooklyn restaurant. When will his new show begin?? Congrats!!

    • Sarah says:

      Me too!!! Went to his restaurant once, friends were so disgusted when they first saw it, and I had to order for them, but once they actually put the food in there mouth they were woved and now they go there almost once every two weeks! ( they live in brooklyn, I live in Florida... ahhh)

      • Pat says:

        What's the name of Justin's restaurant? Thanks!

        • Byrd says:

          Justin is co-owner/general manger/host/culinary director/line-cook of "Do or Dine." I imagine some of those titles will be different very soon, since winning NFNS.

  8. Leslie Yap says:

    Justin is absolutely and undoubtedly so creative and just so awesome to watch! I love his quirky-ness and I CAN'T wait to watch his show! So happy for him!

    • Joshua Vandiver says:

      I think that Marite Should Have won I do not like Justin's POV i think that the foodnetwork channel need something besides Culinary Rebel i just think they were unfair with the voting process and i think they should retape the show and let Marite win.

  9. Tracy says:

    Justin, I loved Good Eats! and am glad there is someone to follow in Alton's very big footsteps! Congrats, I voted for every one once, but you got 5 more of my votes!

  10. @kade6767 says:

    I couldn't be happier! But I do see Martie showing up on the network soon too!

    • guest45 says:

      No Martie on our TV–ever. We'd rather have Chinese water torture.

    • Mary says:

      I certainly hope HOT. Between her and Paula cackling Deen, is enough to give anyone indegestion.

    • winnie says:

      Oh, please, no Martie! I liked Yvan but his food would have been something everyone has made at sometime or other. Justin is the best; I will watch him and make his recipes (even the deep fried fish bones sound good and easy to make).

    • ann says:

      Maybe one day when Paula's smoking and diabetes reach the point she can no longer work, then Martie will get a show and do what.. the same kind of cooking that did that to Paula? My problem with this, are the people who blindly follow along making those recipes for their families, doing the same to them. Most of us are smart enough to know what that kind of food does, but not everyone is the same, some are mentally challenged, etc.
      I am from the south and did not like Martie. Her accent is too over the top and fits more with the stereotype of a loud Texas broad, than a southern lady.
      Maybe if she took a voice diction class or twenty, combed her hair, and didn't raise her voice with every sentence, then I'd watch just to see her do to herself what Paula is doing now. heh

      • Katie says:

        I am offended, as I am Texan. Se sound nothing like a Texan, thank you very much.

        Paula Deen dips everything in sugar. Margie doesn't. BIG DIFFERENCES HEALTH WISE. Notice Martie is not fat like Deen.