Caption It: A Look Back at the Season’s Best Moments

by in Food Network Star, July 20, 2012

Think back to this season’s Food Network Star premiere. For the first time, we were introduced to Team Alton’s quirky cast of characters, Team’s Giada’s little family unit and Team Bobby’s batch of no-nonsense cooks. Robert Irvine stopped by to present the first challenge, a Restaurant: Impossible-style mission that tasked the teams with opening their own restaurants on a limited budget. There were even on-stage acrobatics in that episode, thanks to Team Giada’s Josh, who began his presentation with an over-the-top somersault. It wasn't even long ago, but a whole lot has happened to those initial 15 finalists since then.

As you get ready to watch this Sunday’s finale episode and find out who you, the fans, picked to be our next Food Network Star, take a look back at where it all started. Find out more about Team Alton, Team Giada and Team Bobby and re-watch past full episodes or catch up on any that you missed. Hear from eliminated finalists, get exclusive interviews with guest judges, the mentors and more and flip through our photo gallery of the season’s most memorable moments.

Don't forget to check out the final four contenders’ pilot videos — on Sunday one of them will become Food Network’s newest show.

Before you tune in to the finale this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this retrospective moment in the comments below.


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Comments (84)

  1. Rickie says:

    This is why I am not going to be a finalist!

  2. Tim says:

    Josh: "This is my last somersault goodbye!" Ippy: (Trips on carpet.) " Whoa Aloha!!"

  3. Deb Fournier says:

    I think this season is the worst, so boring, watching them give their talks. This is a cooking network, there was no cooking, just them giving their promos. Can these people even cook? Not a happy viewer. I won't watch next season if it has this format.

  4. lagold says:

    Are they going to replay episodes from earlier in the season? I know they replay last week's repeat before the new episode, but in the past they have done a marathon of all the episodes on the day of the finale, but I don't see that in the schedule this time? I had missed a couple early on and was hoping to catch up, and also was dvring the whole season for a friend who doesn't have cable, and didn't start until about halfway thru and was counting on getting the earlier epis during the marathon. :(

  5. UjustLostAstar says:

    Aww, Josh can't get up. Let's all go help the poor dear. Team Giada, UNITE!

    (Martita is the cheerleader and Ippy the team captain :) )

  6. Guest 2012 says:

    " I 've fallen and I can't get up " !

  7. Beth says:

    Josh : "With all the money FN has , you think they'd fix this stupid carpet !! "

  8. food fan says:

    Really thought this year's NFNS was very manipulated. I think the "network" has to realize that the viewers are not as naive as they think we are , we can see it a mile away.

    FN, give the fans more credit than that and make this competition fair next year , or else you have a lot of unhappy NFNS fans.

    • Meleana says:

      Agreed -- totally manipulated -- resulting in unhappy fans. Won't bother to watch next year if they keep the same format. Really upset over how Ippy was treated.

      • Sumay says:

        I have to agree about Ippy. Of all of the contestants - I think he was given waaaaay more flack about being "who he is". It's a shame - because I really enjoyed seeing him cook each week and I liked his personality.

        Don't know if he was as "unlively" as they liked to claim - I didn't have any complaints - but I preferred his style to other people who think they always have to be "over the top" to be interesting.

        How many shows do you have to see the same loud talking and brisk hand movements - pointing into the camera? When he did try to imitate their style (at least a little) he was berated too. Let's not always apply the same formula to everyone who works at food network - case in point: Alton Brown - he breaks the mold. Look what good it did them to add him to their team.

    • tristinsgram says:

      Here is another agreement. Fair and more cooking competions.

  9. cjcal says:

    Josh: "A little more rotation and I would have been a contender in the Olympics!"

  10. S.J. says:

    Amen, brother! (or sister!) That is precisely how I feel about TNFNS. Thanks.