The Most Intense Episode. Ever. — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, July 18, 2012

Well, you can’t say that Food Network doesn’t know how to shake things up, right? This year, the network is leaving the decision of this year’s winner in your hands, fans. And while the opportunity to vote for your next Star ended last night at 5pm, you can relive the emotional and surprising episode that sent four hopefuls instead of three to the finale.

In an unprecedented moment during last Sunday’s elimination, both of Team Alton’s final two contenders, Justin and Martie, were given green lights to create show pilots and advanced to the finale to compete against Team Bobby’s Michele and Team Giada’s Yvan. Understandably, tension filled the air in Miami’s outdoor pitch room, as Alton, Justin and Martie waited to find out who would be sent home. And of course, that same angst found its way into many fans’ living rooms on Sunday, as they endured a doozy of a cliffhanger.

Sunny Anderson was among those watching the drama unfold from home. Though she sat on the guest panel that judged the six contestants’ promo videos, she and the other judges didn’t see the elimination, so this week’s shocking turn of events was just as stunning to her as it was to fans. Sunny Tweeted a spot-on reaction to the commercial break before the announcement. “IF YOU JUST YELLED AT YOUR TV RT!!!! I hate a cliffhanger!!! #star,” she wrote, earning our Fan Post of the Week. Many fellow Star fans echoed her feelings.

Once Bob and Susie revealed that Team Alton wouldn’t suffer an elimination, the situation on set and at many fans’ homes quickly turned from emotionally draining to downright emotional. Just as Alton couldn’t help but tear up when he learned the good news, so too did fans, who were relieved that both finalists had survived.

Join the #Star conversation on Twitter and Facebook during Sunday night’s finale and your comments may be featured in our weekly roundup of Fan Chatter.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to see who from #TeamAlton, #TeamBobby or #TeamGiada you voted to be our next Food Network Star. Hosting a Star viewing party? Check out these party-ready snack recipes that Justin, Martie, Michele and Yvan created especially for fans.

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Comments (259)

  1. Elyse says:

    LOVE Justin. LOVE Ippy. LOVE Yvan. LOVE Michelle and Emily and Martita.

  2. Jan says:

    Why should only people with Facebook accounts be allowed to vote online? That's a huge barrier for many people, and it could skew the outcome.

    In fact, the entire process -- having the audience choose the winner -- is odd, especially when people are allowed to vote multiple times.

    My two cents.

  3. John says:

    I absolutely loved this season. I loved the ups and downs with the teams. I was very curious if each mentor would end up with one person. It appears that was the intention but it was not stated that I recall. I love watching Bob and Susie as well as all the contestants. All in all, I could not be happier. A friend of mine says he cannot watch this show because it is too emotional. I call that a major coup for a show about auditioning people. Good Job!!!

  4. WillHess says:

    I really did not like Justin in the beginning, but he is, by far, the most creative, talented, and interesting person left in the competition. No offense to the other worthy finalists, but Justin is in another league. If (when) he wins I hope he doesn't become content with his success and continues to grow.

    P.s. Food Net: the teams idea is terrible.. It takes away from where the attention should be, on the contestants, not three accomplished personalities battling for supremacy. And I really hope the viewer vote doesn't turn out with corrupted results like American Idol, to where the winner is because of a few persistent fans rather than a true representation of the public's opinion.

    P.p.s. congrats to the execs at Food Net for getting it right with the finalists in letting four make pilots instead of three... Both of Alton's people deserved to make a pilot.. Kudos

    • Lois says:

      I agree that both of Altons people deserved to make a pilot. But Ippy deserved a pilot also. Why weren't two people from Giada's team allowed this luxury? Both Ippy & Yvan should both have been chosen to make a pilot. Wouldn't you consider this favoritism on the judges part? I would!

      • WillHess says:

        I wouldn't consider it favoritism in any way. They were just keen on the fact that the two front runners were both on Alton's team.

  5. left coastie says:

    Kudos to FN for the new format, although the implementation made it appear scripted entirely. My opinion of Giada increased enormously. But, in Episode 10, the judges did her in by selecting the candidate with the lesser popularity. I agree with the comments that the judges really need to explain why they eliminated Ippy. The judges appear to value high energy over the ability to connect with the viewers.

  6. Hollywood Agent says:

    Food Network fan from day one. NO MORE...CALL YOURSELF "FREAK NETWORK" NOT "FOOD NETWORK". We chose the winner every year. There was no one to choose unless you were blind this year. A male with LIPSTICK who hunches or a female with metal pierced all over her head. The third male was NOT a finger print, totally boring and forgettable. There is only ONE GUY FIERI, HE IS REAL AND DOES NOT WEAR LIPSTICK. UGH. Thank God for CREATE AND THE COOKING CHANNEL. I was a Top talent agent in Hollywood {owner]. Retired. YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL JUDGES.

    • WillHess says:

      I do agree that Guy is a star.. You could tell that from the first episode the year he won. Besides him, the only person that's won that I think has true star in him is Jeff from last year.

      I disagree with you on the,"you need professional judges," comment. I think the Food Net execs and respected food tv chefs are the perfect judges to know what does and doesn't work on their network.

      And he's gotta be wearing lipstick.. Lol

  7. Hollywood Agent says:

    Food Network fan from day one. Forgot to mention your overlooked talent from Hawaii, Ippi. Besides my own Hollywood Agency I spent 4 years in Hawaii as the first SAG franchised talent agent in the Islands. WHY WERE YOU TRYING TO TAKE HAWAII OUT OF HIM. LAID BACK IS HAWAII. HE IS REAL AND THEIR FOOD IS AWESOME. Ask the millions of people who fly in every year. ALOHA IPPY, YOU WERE SO SPECIAL THEY DID NOT RECOGNIZE IT.

    • Patty melt says:

      THANK YOU, HOLLY WOOD AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree! Ippy had the best food too.

    • Ippy Fan says:

      Ippy had a sweetness and charm about him that the other contestants did not possess (with the exception of Emily who also was overlooked.) And by the way the judges raved about his food, I would say he should have been the winner. Sweetness, charm, a beautiful smile and incredible cooking chops to boot. I would have definitely watched his show.

    • suzy says:

      They DID recognize Ippy was the one. But FN was never going to pay for a show filmed outside of New York.

    • WillHess says:

      I liked ippy.. Good person, somebody i'd hang out with, but he's just not an engaging tv personality that emits good vibes through the tv. And no offense, but who cares about Hawaiian food? That would get old fast. His pov has hindered him.

      • guest says:

        Why would Hawaiian food get old any faster than Italian, Asian or anything else?

        • WillHess says:

          Because it is unfamiliar and doesn't appeal to the masses.

          • Ippy Fan says:

            But that's what make his POV unique. The fact that his food is unfamiliar - it's untapped territory. I don't want to watch the same old thing. Give me something unique. And besides, he made Hawaiian/Italian fusion, or Asian fusion, which adds even more interest. He has good flavors that the judges found quite tasty and interesting. New and different is appealing to me, I can't speak for the masses though.

  8. Patty melt says:

    You know what they should have? Teen chefs on the food network! THAT is something I would watch!

    • WillHess says:

      Meh... Maybe on CBS on Saturday mornings. I'm a grown ass man, I don't want teenagers who think they know it all trying to teach me.

  9. Patty melt says:

    Oh! But I forgot to mention that I don't thin it matters what the chef looks like. It matters what they cook. But still, I don't like tattoos & body piercings. (BLEGH!!!)

    • WillHess says:

      Might be only slightly significant, but looks have to be part of the equation. People aren't going to regularly watch somebody that looks like Susan Boyle or someone that has unsymmetrical features or has noticeable blemishes.

      Why do you think so many people watch Giada.. Because she's hot, not because they want to know how many things she can add lemon to.

  10. suzy says:

    Finally was able to see 4 pilots on my computer. It is crystal clear: FN is too cheap to film a pilot/show in Hawaii, ergo, Ippy despite his charm and cooking talent had to go.
    Martie: Wow she impressed me and her food looked good. She might win it.
    Yvan: Nice job. He also could win.
    Michelle: No. By the way, what did you do to her arm tattoos? They looked all pink and powder blue.
    Justin: Are you kidding? FN do you really think anybody is interested in eating aspic - in THIS century?