The Most Intense Episode. Ever. — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, July 18, 2012

Well, you can’t say that Food Network doesn’t know how to shake things up, right? This year, the network is leaving the decision of this year’s winner in your hands, fans. And while the opportunity to vote for your next Star ended last night at 5pm, you can relive the emotional and surprising episode that sent four hopefuls instead of three to the finale.

In an unprecedented moment during last Sunday’s elimination, both of Team Alton’s final two contenders, Justin and Martie, were given green lights to create show pilots and advanced to the finale to compete against Team Bobby’s Michele and Team Giada’s Yvan. Understandably, tension filled the air in Miami’s outdoor pitch room, as Alton, Justin and Martie waited to find out who would be sent home. And of course, that same angst found its way into many fans’ living rooms on Sunday, as they endured a doozy of a cliffhanger.

Sunny Anderson was among those watching the drama unfold from home. Though she sat on the guest panel that judged the six contestants’ promo videos, she and the other judges didn’t see the elimination, so this week’s shocking turn of events was just as stunning to her as it was to fans. Sunny Tweeted a spot-on reaction to the commercial break before the announcement. “IF YOU JUST YELLED AT YOUR TV RT!!!! I hate a cliffhanger!!! #star,” she wrote, earning our Fan Post of the Week. Many fellow Star fans echoed her feelings.

Once Bob and Susie revealed that Team Alton wouldn’t suffer an elimination, the situation on set and at many fans’ homes quickly turned from emotionally draining to downright emotional. Just as Alton couldn’t help but tear up when he learned the good news, so too did fans, who were relieved that both finalists had survived.

Join the #Star conversation on Twitter and Facebook during Sunday night’s finale and your comments may be featured in our weekly roundup of Fan Chatter.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to see who from #TeamAlton, #TeamBobby or #TeamGiada you voted to be our next Food Network Star. Hosting a Star viewing party? Check out these party-ready snack recipes that Justin, Martie, Michele and Yvan created especially for fans.

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Comments (259)

  1. foodiefan123 says:

    As a recently fired member of Food Network, I am going to go ahead and announce that Michele is the winner of the next food network star. TAKE THAT LOSERS.

    • guest says:


    • Bobbrowntown says:

      no one is betting on this I hope. People can send in all sorts of anonymous posts including paid and unpaid members of food network, which I am not. this is meaningless, because it is not really a reality show. All four people who have made it this far are stars. they can all go anywhere they want to make good food and good money. All the
      losers will be picked up by other shows and restaurants because they are all amazing. If Michele really is the winner, good for her, she deserves it as do all the others. I would watch all of their shows.

    • logic says:

      Doubt it. No offense to Michele.

    • Stinky says:

      You are my new hero.

    • whatulookinat says:

      Trolololol. PSYCHE!!!

  2. Food Fan says:

    Question all readers:
    I'm skeptical.
    But, just to go with it, if we assume the person above is telling the truth, who do you think got fired? And what for? What seems most likely?

    • cjcal says:

      Yes, it is possible foodiefan is a former FN employee, and disgruntled. On the other hand, did someone point out that FN just dropped a few shows, including Aarti? I can't believe she would write a mean post!! But maybe someone from one of the discontinued shows ...?
      However, judging from all the posts over the these many, many weeks, I'm inclined to believe someone else is the winner.

      • Bobbrowntown says:

        seems unlikely, food network usually goes with the obvious choice. I would watch a Michele show, but that is just the foodie in me. in fact I would watch all of their shows if they get produced.

    • SneakFromWork says:

      My guess is the guy who messed up Michelle's time cues. Oh wait, he was getting PAID to do that.

      Never mind. :):)

      On a more serious note, I think the "fired" person is a 12 year old with too much computer time on his/her hands. Just y'know . . . sayin'.


      • Ellie says:

        I actually believe they are telling the truth. No twelve year old is cunning and bright enough to think of such a genius plan. This sounds like it's from a previously fired employee seeking revenge. :)

        • SilverScribe says:

          Hmmmmmm. I know a number of twelve year olds who are certainly cunning and bright enough to think of such a thing.

          If it is a fired employee, why did they get fired? For indiscretion? Leaking something they shouldn't have? Breach of confidence or contract?

          In the grande scheme of things it hardly matters. The sun will still rise in the East tomorrow no matter who's posting it for whatever reason.

  3. Jerilee says:

    Final word before Sundays finale: good luck to the four finalists!! You all have worked sooo hard, and come so far. NEVER give up on your dream!!! Other opportunities exist. Some non winners get their own show, maybe not on FN, but a show nun-the-less. Just keep on keepin on!!! Again, good luck and God bless!

  4. cubanboy_31 says:

    I was so much respect for Ippy. Good job on being classy with the exit, best wishs for you.

  5. cubanboy_31 says:

    I should also say I'm not sure why but I never liked for Nikki much, I think that her personality really rubbed me the wrong way, she seemed mean. Her exit video was a bit pompous.

  6. Frankie says:


  7. SBeke says:

    I am happy with the finalists. Personally I would have loved to see Emily stay, but you do need to know a little more about someone if you are going to form a connection and come back week after week. I think if she had been able to answer the question of "why" in regards to her POV she would still be in the running. Of all of the contestants this year I would agree that she had the show I was most into. I wish FN would not have worried about having a member from each coaches team in the finale. I am looking forward to fan voting as I have been very disappointed in some of the previous season's winners. I can barely remember some of them!

  8. Dora says:

    Voting is totally rigged...there is no way that FN would have no say in who becomes the star. For all we know the winner is already chosen by FN regardless of who wins the most votes from the fans.

    • Lois says:

      Agree 100%! The last voting session absolutely appeared rigged. Justin stayed at 29%, Martie jumped up to second place after Martita was eliminated, and stayed there at 26% and Ippy stayed in third place. Nikki hung in there, all the way, at 1% (?????). Can't convince me it's not rigged. We all know that either Justin or Martie will win.

  9. SneakFromWork says:

    Canada finally got to see the "Pilots" episode and since we weren't even considered in the final Voting (which isn't really a loss since it's very likely a total and absolute Network feint), I'll have to make use of this Blog to express my opinion and cast my non-counting vote. ;)

    The Food Network Star show has finally Jumped the Shark.

    The guest panel of judges appeared to be fairly honest, though I didn't envy them the job. And no insult to them, but I highly doubt their comments or input had a snowball's chance in the Hot Place of changing the Network Corporate Hive Mind.

    The Promos were interesting . . . but hardly surprising. Kudos to Ippy for managing to politely but clearly express his frustration with the extremely narrow line between "good energy" and "bad intensity" that he's been dogged wtih this entire competition. Our loss is certainly Hawai'i 's gain, Ippy was a joy to watch in competition and he was a true gentleman in elimination. To borrow from the people of Maui - Ippy No Ka Oi. :)

    For the rest of the Promos - they were nothing memorable although two notable things: Justin really creeped me out (this whole show) and Nikki had me wondering what the heck she has against men and grilling.

    The "eliimination twist" - okay am I the only one who thought that if I were the other mentors and finalists, I would have felt like Bob and Susie just reached out and slapped my face?? What the heck was up with THAT?? And who the heck do they think they're kidding? Totally supports my theory that this entire "contest" was no contest at all, but a carefully scripted bit of un-reality TV.

    The Pilots / Food: Michelle, bless her soul, was the best of the four and if she wins, I may set my alarm if I have to in order to catch her shows. Loved her style, loved her easy way with the camera, and while I don't do a lot of seafood (good fresh stuff is hard to get here), I'd still watch her.

    Martie, no offense to this sweetheart of a lady, but I don't need anyone to tell me how to throw a party. *yawn* And a bowl of messy shrimp at what looked like a stand-up cocktail party? With raw onions in it? No, sorry.

    Yvan may have a lovely family but the very last thing I need is yet ANOTHER variation on Mac and Cheese. And I especially don't want to watch someone cook with CANNED FOOD. *gag* If he had only done a Peruvian twist to some other type of cassarole his family makes, I think I'd be more interested.

    And then we have Justin and his "new" take on Caesar Salad. Charred romaine lettuce (that still had live flames on it!!) with that awful, unappetizing glob of glutinous aspic melting over it? Hmmmm, maybe if I was a member of THE LIVING DEAD. Sorry, but when he presented that plate to the camera I literally gagged. To borrow once more from Firefly, that dish was "morbid and creepifying". Period. As I've said before . . . I would not watch this man or his show. Not. Ever.

    Now I realize that my opinion doesn't matter a hill 'o navy beans. But all in all, for me this season's show was a full-out slide into the pits from last year. After the initial eliminations, it didn't even TRY to be believable. While I didn't miss the soap-opera drama of a Penny-esque villian from last year, this season's show has left me with a very bad taste and the distinct impression that my intelligence has been insulted just once too often.

    Perhaps the Food Network executives should consider giving this program a rest for a year or two.

    • Lois says:

      Finally!! Someone who saw the same things that I did. I agree 100%. From the "elimination twist" to that horrible mess of a caesar salad that Justin made. I was for Ippy all the way and faithfully voted for him (also my family and friends) but it never appeared that the votes were counted. His vote percentage never moved. The only one who moved at all was Martie, she went from the bottom to #2
      and stayed there the whole time. If Martie wins I might watch her show but if it's Justin - I would never watch him or his show. He creepeth me out................

  10. Kelli says:



    -Kelli @