The Most Intense Episode. Ever. — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, July 18, 2012

Well, you can’t say that Food Network doesn’t know how to shake things up, right? This year, the network is leaving the decision of this year’s winner in your hands, fans. And while the opportunity to vote for your next Star ended last night at 5pm, you can relive the emotional and surprising episode that sent four hopefuls instead of three to the finale.

In an unprecedented moment during last Sunday’s elimination, both of Team Alton’s final two contenders, Justin and Martie, were given green lights to create show pilots and advanced to the finale to compete against Team Bobby’s Michele and Team Giada’s Yvan. Understandably, tension filled the air in Miami’s outdoor pitch room, as Alton, Justin and Martie waited to find out who would be sent home. And of course, that same angst found its way into many fans’ living rooms on Sunday, as they endured a doozy of a cliffhanger.

Sunny Anderson was among those watching the drama unfold from home. Though she sat on the guest panel that judged the six contestants’ promo videos, she and the other judges didn’t see the elimination, so this week’s shocking turn of events was just as stunning to her as it was to fans. Sunny Tweeted a spot-on reaction to the commercial break before the announcement. “IF YOU JUST YELLED AT YOUR TV RT!!!! I hate a cliffhanger!!! #star,” she wrote, earning our Fan Post of the Week. Many fellow Star fans echoed her feelings.

Once Bob and Susie revealed that Team Alton wouldn’t suffer an elimination, the situation on set and at many fans’ homes quickly turned from emotionally draining to downright emotional. Just as Alton couldn’t help but tear up when he learned the good news, so too did fans, who were relieved that both finalists had survived.

Join the #Star conversation on Twitter and Facebook during Sunday night’s finale and your comments may be featured in our weekly roundup of Fan Chatter.

Be sure to tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c to see who from #TeamAlton, #TeamBobby or #TeamGiada you voted to be our next Food Network Star. Hosting a Star viewing party? Check out these party-ready snack recipes that Justin, Martie, Michele and Yvan created especially for fans.

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Comments (259)

  1. steven chung says:

    they cried, I cried.

  2. steven chung says:

    Because of the new network star makes me start loving alton. he is a great teacher, and great father~!

  3. Sumay says:

    I don't know if it is the mentor or some other issue however, I really think that of all of the contestants - Ippy was given waaaaay more flack about being "who he is". It's a shame - because I really enjoyed seeing him cook each week and I liked his personality.

    Don't know if he was as "unlively" as they liked to claim - I didn't have any complaints - but I preferred his style to other people who think they always have to be "over the top" to be interesting.

    How many shows do you have to see the same loud talking and brisk hand movements - pointing into the camera? Booyah!

    There's something to be said about simplicity and being calm and relaxed in nature - I think it should be something we all should strive for. However - I guess loud and over the top sells better.

    When Ippy did try to imitate their style (at least a little) he was berated too. Let's not always apply the same formula to everyone who works at food network - case in point: Alton Brown - he breaks the mold. Look what good it did them to add him to their team.

  4. ldesimone says:

    I did not like this last episode. All of the other shows were action packed and this one was just a recap of what we already knew. It was fun to see some of the comradeship between the teammates, and the composition between teams and contestants, but a whole show?
    It is my belief that if you don't like something you should give a solution to your misgivings. So, here they are.
    *Next time we should see a few really fun shots from off camera (bloopers of sort) but a cook off between the mentors with the contestants being the mentors would have been fun.
    * The last 10 minutes was wonderful.
    * I liked the american vote, but next time one vote per person and show a tally that gives an idea of who is winning might bring the competition more suspense.
    Thanks for a fun show. I look forward to it coming on each week and each year. (next year could you get rid of the coffin like table where you talk to the contestants,yuck!)

  5. Jerry B says:

    How did Michelle ever make it to finals? I would never watch any one with a ring in their nose. I won't watch Justin either. He's just too weird for me. You might want to think twice and make a spot for Martie. Also I would watch a show with Yvan..

  6. Food Fan says:

    Next year, instead of showing a Fan Vote during the season with all of the challenges, how about only showing the least-popular candidate as a who-the-audience-would-most-like-to-see-sent-home-next. But not the Top 4 that people like. Wait til everyone else is eliminated and there are only 4 cooks left and it will be obvious.
    One more thing, for the who's-least-popular, as we go along, DON'T have that be a like/dislike type of vote. Have it tallied or rated by the actual numbers of negative posts actually written in the Blog.
    Why? Because any mindless idiot can click on a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. "If they don't care enough to express themselves, and post, they don't care enough to vote."
    You may agree or disagree. I've always walked my own path anyway. Brainstorming and ideas are still good things. What ideas do you have to improve next year? Anybody? How about no more Teams and no hounding people about "stories" ?

  7. xamthone says:

    The Most Intense Episode. Ever. — Star Commentary, Ok thanks....

  8. Hey how are you doing? I just wanted to stop by and say that it's been a pleasure reading your blog. I have bookmarked your website so that I can come back & read more in the future as well. plz do keep up the quality writing

  9. burçlar says:

    yes it is staged for sure.... but vote for Yvan

  10. acemaxsasli says: