Star Snacks: Viewing Party Treats From the Final Four

by in Food Network Star, July 17, 2012

Star Snack RecipesThe vote is now closed and it's just a waiting game until the newest Star winner — chosen by you! — is crowned in Sunday night's finale. In preparation for viewing parties across the country, Martie, Yvan, Michele and Justin each created an original snack recipe especially for their fans.

The final four learned a thing or two from Alton, Bobby and Giada during their successful Star runs — devoted fans could likely guess which POV-perfect snack belongs to each finalist just by looking at them. Martie goes with her twist on a party staple, chips and dip. Yvan parties family-style with a batch of empanadas. Michele serves up a New England spin on deviled eggs. And Justin creates a rebellious take on a favorite nacho cheese-flavored chip.

Check out our gallery of Star-worthy snacks and serve them at your viewing party to cheer on your favorite Food Network hopeful. And of course, don't miss the finale this Sunday at 9pm/8c!


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Comments (70)

  1. Susan 30AEATS says:

    Love Martie...Martie Knows Parties! Birmingham Alabama, Bring It Home!!

    • guest says:

      I would rather watch Martie than Paula Deen. Martie isn't phony. She has a better voice and doesn't say y'all all the time like Paula.

  2. Elyse says:

    I'm rooting for Yvan because his POV strikes me as a celebration of family and food. I think it is the introduction to "Joy of Cooking" that points to our family as the first group we entertain. Family Style! And for Justin because he just seems to be the natural follow-up to "Good Eats". Both of these young men are younger than I am, and to me they represent the next generation of FN stars. Michelle and Martie are closer in age to me. Martie's POV doesn't appeal to me because I don't prepare food for parties very often at all. I'm sure I would learn a lot from Michelle about New England cuisine and more specifically about fish and shellfish. Guess I'd be happy to watch any of them! Getting ready to put the TV on and see who wins!

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