Star Snacks: Viewing Party Treats From the Final Four

by in Food Network Star, July 17, 2012

Star Snack RecipesThe vote is now closed and it's just a waiting game until the newest Star winner — chosen by you! — is crowned in Sunday night's finale. In preparation for viewing parties across the country, Martie, Yvan, Michele and Justin each created an original snack recipe especially for their fans.

The final four learned a thing or two from Alton, Bobby and Giada during their successful Star runs — devoted fans could likely guess which POV-perfect snack belongs to each finalist just by looking at them. Martie goes with her twist on a party staple, chips and dip. Yvan parties family-style with a batch of empanadas. Michele serves up a New England spin on deviled eggs. And Justin creates a rebellious take on a favorite nacho cheese-flavored chip.

Check out our gallery of Star-worthy snacks and serve them at your viewing party to cheer on your favorite Food Network hopeful. And of course, don't miss the finale this Sunday at 9pm/8c!


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Comments (70)

  1. Som says:

    Good luck 2U!.......Yvan Lemoine!!! <3__

  2. beachinfrizzy says:

    Not getting the connection of 'family style' to Ivan's individual little eggplant empanadas. Seems more representative of his original "small plate" POV mixed with his mid-season "South American" POV to me. Is something "family style" just because your family eats it?

    • TexasMama says:

      Yeah, I was thinking that too when I first read it. Maybe they listened to us about what we wanted from him? LOL

      My kids and I had fun making them together and they were really good. We served them with a simple salad and it was a complete family meal. (My youngest said it was kinda like "pizza pockets" but much, much better!")

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        Your kids eat eggplant? LUCKY!! : ) Mine eat broccoli, asparagus, zucchini but not eggplant. These look really good because eggplant parm is one of my favorite indulgences, and I wouldn't make an entire casserole of eggplant parm because I wouldn't want to eat all those calories by myself! I suppose I could think of different fillings for everyone else if I made these.

  3. mkholly says:

    I also didn't get the chance to vote because I DVR'd the show and didn't get to watch until after voting was over. If I had voted, it would've been for Justin all the way! I love the spin he puts on things and he had Alton as a mentor - one of my Food Network favorites!

  4. Jo Brawner says:

    I suppose Justin will win although I would personally be much more interested in Michelle's proposed show. Ivan is adorable but not sure how well his show would hold up. Martie may be a very nice person but there was nothing interesting or unique about her or her recipes..... I mean, onion dip, for crying out loud???? I was very disappointed in this years series. Some contestants who should have been eliminated early (Martie and the Grilling Girl, whatever her name was) were kept to the very end and some interesting ones lost out for silly reasons......

  5. Lynda L Bruno says:

    I watched last yr , 1st time , never had this channel before ... Jeff Mauro ! all the way but I find it hard to find his show ... Love it when I do on the east coast ... 11 am Sunday mornings ? Usually Guy is on .. I like Guy but too many repeats of Triple D .....too many...
    I wasnt Justin to win & would love to go to his restaurant ........w/ my daughter & new son - in -law who happens to be named Justin Warner , too !!!!!!!!

  6. TexasMama says:

    I love empanadas. I've never thought to give them an italian spin. I'm going to make these. Thanks Yvan!!

  7. Mona says:

    Pita Chips and Onion Dip?? Oh man I don't think I could handle all that work LOL Man I make better snacks than that every sunday for Football!!

  8. Stinky Cheese says:

    Football fans (and tailgaters) make the best snacks, no doubt.

  9. shirlygirl says:

    One of my favorite channels is the Food Network and I watch several shows there during the week. Next Food Network Star is one of my favorite shows and I would hate to be a judge this season. Very difficult job. I didn' get a chance to vote, but if I did I would choose Yvan. He has a great personality and does well on camera and his food is delicious. On the last show he made "cream corn mac and cheese" and my mouth was watering and I just had to have some. Is there any way I can get a copy of his recipe as I would love to give it a try ASAP. Good luck to them all.

  10. Cooking K says:

    In my opinion, Justin is the most unique of the four contestants. Martie's style of cooking almost reminds me of Paula Deen. Although Yvan is very charismatic and personable, I feel that there are a few Food Network shows that are very similar. I like Michele's idea for her show, but I'm not sure how many different restaurants she can visit and recipes she can make before having to recreate the same recipes over again. And yes, Justin's style resembles Alton's, but he brings an interesting twist that isn't seen in many shows. Go Justin!