Star Snacks: Viewing Party Treats From the Final Four

by in Food Network Star, July 17, 2012

Star Snack RecipesThe vote is now closed and it's just a waiting game until the newest Star winner — chosen by you! — is crowned in Sunday night's finale. In preparation for viewing parties across the country, Martie, Yvan, Michele and Justin each created an original snack recipe especially for their fans.

The final four learned a thing or two from Alton, Bobby and Giada during their successful Star runs — devoted fans could likely guess which POV-perfect snack belongs to each finalist just by looking at them. Martie goes with her twist on a party staple, chips and dip. Yvan parties family-style with a batch of empanadas. Michele serves up a New England spin on deviled eggs. And Justin creates a rebellious take on a favorite nacho cheese-flavored chip.

Check out our gallery of Star-worthy snacks and serve them at your viewing party to cheer on your favorite Food Network hopeful. And of course, don't miss the finale this Sunday at 9pm/8c!


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Comments (70)

  1. GastronomyNerd says:

    Really hoping Justin wins. He is unique, genius, and if he's anything like Alton (not at all a problem in my book, I've always had a foodnetwork crush on that quirky man), He'll loosen up after his first season and gain confidence and cadence in no time. Then he'll certainly be an FN favorite! (no pun intended ;) Not to mention his Fauxritos rock, gotta try them guys. GO JUSTIN!

  2. motteditor says:

    Neat idea to give us a few more recipes. I like that.

    However, since they already now have a winner, what the heck is the show going to be on Sunday? A reunion/clip show? I guess that was fun last season, but I also felt like there was a lot more drama last season. This group certainly didn't seem to have that -- while obviously editing factors into it, it seemed like everyone more or less liked everyone else. I think the meanest thing we heard was Nikki's got-everyone-in-a-tizzy-despite-being-PG-rated-trash-talk grill marks comment. Not to mention having a few less weeks in the season to need to recap.

    • cjcal says:

      I agree. I think the finale will include a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, funny outakes, and personal reflections from the contestants. They haven't said, but I assume they will bring back all 15 contestants.

      • Food Fan says:

        They usually do bring the contestants back. I hope they do this year.
        And that gets me thinking: Health & fitness cooking shows just dont seem to go over very well--but--wouldnt it be a real hoot, to have Christie Schoen back and when they talk about why she was eliminated so early, to just come out and say: because America doesnt want to eat healthy. ?
        Maybe Eric woulda been better in that regard. Nothing wrong with fresh ingredients from scratch. At least its nutritious.
        I would have kept Christie over Kara.

        • Ippy Fan says:

          I'm FB friends with a couple of the contestants. They all flew into NY yesterday and are hanging and sight seeing together.

          • Food Fan says:

            I would've liked to see Ippy win the whole thing. He represented his people very well. No one ever said he was too young or that he was immature for his age. And he wasn't. Good for him. Very likable man and great kitchen skills. I think New York could use more Aloha.Even on the mainland, Montana. Tennessee, Maine, South Carolina, Ohio, Louisiana, Nebraska, Arizona and Oregon, for examples, are all different from "the Big Apple".
            I hope that Ippy, Emily and Linkie all go very far with much success!

          • UjustLostAstar says:

            I agree Food Fan!

    • Oatmealcookie says:

      I always wondered too if they tell the winner prior to the finale so they can start their show or do they do their best to keep it mum? Just think of all the straight faces at FN right now!

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      The contestants were under the watchful eyes of their babysitters, I mean mentors, making sure to keep them focused on the task at hand during the challenges. Also, the 'team' concept made it advantageous to help your teammates out. Granted, some proved to be better team players than others (as it is in real life).

  3. Food Fan says:

    I'd like to try all of the snacks above.
    More recipes are always good.

    On another note:
    Ya know, I'm really curious. Imagine next season.
    What on earth will the contestants possibly do?
    If they cook Mexican, people will say we already have Marcella (and I like her).
    If they cook Italian, people will say we already have Giada.
    If they make southern food, people will call 'em a Paula Deen wannabe.
    If they do family meals on a budget, people will say we already have Melissa. If they offer restaurant secrets, people will say we already have Anne Burrell.
    So whats a poor contestant to do?? Be weird n freaky beyond imagination? I hope not. This is another reason why this whole point of view thing, just ends up being over-emphasized, limiting and confining. Good food is good food. Whatever the view. If the view is already being done, again good food is good food---and that, we can never have too much of.

    Onward to Sunday! Hoping for either Martie or Yvan to win. I think they'd be fun shows (both of them would make it fun) and I'd like to learn more about what either of them have to offer.

    • Jerilee says:

      Good points. I agree. What's left?? Michele is New England, but their cuisine is so much more than clams and lobster. Yvone may be family, but we have Melissa. Martie may do parties but we have Sandra Lee. Justin, out of the box, unique, different, Alton of this century. But can he hold a show? Who ever wins, I will give their show a chance. My one big gripe is the fan vote. FN asks numerous times for the fans opion, did they listen?? No. Who would the fans bring back? Fans spoke, did the listen ? Not yet! Who was least favorite? Didn't listen. Who should leave? Didn't listen. Now we have the final four, their choice, not the fans. Didn't listen. Fans are supposed to vote for their favorite??? They already did!!! Didn't listen. Final words: the viewers don't matter. Money does. Regardles of who wins, I will give their show a chance. FN has already decided who they want. Requiring Facebook to vote on line was stupid. I don't on line vote any way but that restriction lost a lot of votes. That's all. Will continue to watch but didn't like this years format. Hopefully FN will revise next season, if they listen to the fans!!

      • Food Fan says:

        Yes, I would give anyone's show a chance. Even someone I didnt vote for.

        Who knows? It may be--that the reason for the Facebook vote, was because Bob & Susie have already taken so much heat from the audience, that they dont wanna be held responsible for whoever the winner is this time! Then, if the show fails for whatever reason, they can claim its they didnt do it and its what the people wanted. But I admit, that's speculation. Its who the people had to pick from out of whoever was left. And some of the wrong people are left and some of the good people are gone and should still be here.

        And so, I hope that they keep, and refer back to, the BIG thread about Emily and Teams and Point-of-view and all the many, many loud-n-clear comments soooo many viewers have already expressed:
        1. NO More Teams! Everyone against everyone is better, like older seasons.
        2. No "rescuing" of a bad performer just cuz the rest of their team did good.
        3. No more sending a good candidate home just to keep all teams even.
        4. LOTS of people said they DONT CARE about "stories."
        5. Respect Privacy. Stop with all the tell-us-who-you-are. We can read their bio.
        6. Stop giving Cooks advice and then criticizing them for following it.
        7. Stop Confining & Restricting people to ONLY their narrow iron-clad POV. Let them show range and breadth of talent.
        8. Let people be themselves as long as not too loud/dull/hyper/weird.
        Those are the big-ones! Cut-n-paste, print, and keep on the office desk. (grin).

        Keep the Emily thread with over 1030 posts. So many people gave so much good feedback. Use it!
        I will continue to watch, too. Recent years haven't been all that stellar with winners.
        I think alot of viewers would like to see even just the 8 points, above, practiced next year. It would sure be an improvement.

        • Cowgirl says:

          Spot on, Food Fan! Your summary points are excellent and well thought out. I think you should get lots of + + + ratings for your comments and I hope that FN takes to heart your solid and sensible suggestions! Well done!

    • Logic says:

      I think the point is that they have to bring something new to the table. For example, if they do Italian it should be different than RR's interpretation and Giada's Cal-Ital. Me, personally, I like weird n freaky, but not everyone does. YMMV

      The quantity of comments talking about certain contestants being too like what is on there means that a significant amount of people do want something significantly different from what is already on. Maybe do a different ethnic cuisine that hasn't been done to death. That is the source of the discontent in the comments you are reading. Again, YMMMV.

      • Food Fan says:

        Oh, I agree that people *should* be able to cook, for example, mexican or italian and just put a different spin on it. But I think even if they do, lots of people will say anyway, that we-already-have-whoever-doing-that. For example, if Martita had won, I'm sure she would have her own different ways of doing things than Marcella. Yet we saw many posts of people saying "we already have"..anyway.
        A different ethnic cuisine or type of food would be nice. Ippy and what he could have offered would have been something new. So would Linkie. So would Emily.
        Something to add to the list of the 8 things above:
        9. Dont completely eliminate someone just for one bad night in the pitch room. Even the best cook can have a bad night. and on the other hand:
        10. Dont keep anyone after 2 times in the pitch room. Keeping Nikki as long as happened this season was just too much.

  4. Yolo says:

    I voted for Ivan 30 times over the last 3 days. It was a pretty short voting period. Two weeks would have been better than 2 days.

    • Jeffay says:

      Yeah. I didn't even get a chance to vote. Just watched tonighton DVR. Come on Food Network!

  5. MCC says:

    The fauxritos cinched it for me, hoping Justin wins!

    • Cheese!!! says:

      Neat idea and I like the name. Remakes of popular snack foods such Doritios, Oreos, Twinkies are fun to try. I found a Zinger recipe online once and I almost feel over in my chair. Zingers are the best!

  6. Ippy Fan says:

    Those deviled eggs sure look good!

    • Cheese!!! says:

      The lobster twist looks good too. I've had them with other seafood before (shrimp, crab) and it's a nice combination. A little south meets east.

      • cherrycooks says:

        Michele's deviled eggs are the only one of the four snacks that's looks appetizing to me. Yvan's is the least appealing: As Ina Garten would say, "It looks like a dog's breakfast!"

  7. Kenny R says:

    i still can't stand marti, she should have been long gone by the point. ivonn actually grew on me towards the end, and michelle did the opposite. i loved her in the beginning but she lost me the last few weeks. it's gotta be justin, anyone else would prove this show is a sham. this would be the first and only season i ever watch if justin doesn't win. no contest, justin should be the one.

  8. FNGossip says:

    <--- an informal poll on who people have voted for has Justin ahead pretty big... Id say he is going to be the winner.

  9. cherrycooks says:

    Has there been any mention of when the new FN star's show will debut? It usually begins a week or two after the competition concludes, the winner's first round of episodes having already been filmed. With the vote being done by viewers this season, will the winner's show be ready for its premiere within the next week or two?

    • Oatmealcookie says:

      Usually, the first show is the weekend after the final, in this case July 28 or 29. That's what they did with the past couple season winners, unless their doing something different this time. I think a judge said they want a winner that will be 'camera ready' right away. So maybe within the week of the final because if they now know the winner, then they'll be gearing up already. Hope that helps.

  10. alice says:

    One thing I have found is that Giada is annoying and fake. She is fake on her show and does not seem sincere. It was hard for me to pull for her team because she was sooo phony.