Aarti’s After Party: It All Comes Down to You

by in Food Network Star, July 16, 2012

Final Four - Season 8 Food Network StarAarti Sequeira won Food Network Star season 6 and expanded her popular blog into a cooking show, Aarti Party (catch it on Food Network, Sundays at 7:30am/6:30c). As a Star veteran watching from her couch at home, Aarti shares her insider’s take on what went down each week.

Deep breath.

I imagine there are a lot of deep breaths happening in the homes of four particular people this week. As I type, four separate hearts are probably beating wildly. Four minds may be letting their imaginations run wild. Four souls might be praying for four particular outcomes.

An outcome that depends on a click of your index finger.

Oh, the drama of it all!

Sure, we’ve all seen our fair share of reality competition shows, so perhaps the novelty has worn off, perhaps we’ve grown jaded. But having had my own future held in the hands of others, I’d just like to remind you of what you have the power to do right now.

When I was given this treasure of a job, my life completely changed. There I was, the granddaughter of a rice farmer in a small Indian town, catapulted into the living rooms of people across the United States of America, sharing the food that brings me joy. It was the climax of not just my dream but the dream of my grandmother, an amazing cook, who had died before I was even a twinkle in my father’s eye. Just like that, I was given the opportunity to do a job that I had played at doing when I was just a toddler, arranging my cooking set just so. Little did I know that the Play-Doh chapatis I’d rolled out before my pretend camera would be great practice for the real ones I’d be rolling out before six real cameras and millions of eyes 30 years later!

Aarti's Winning Moment

In just one moment, my purpose on earth emerged from the mist that had hidden it from view for so many difficult years, forcing me to believe the lie that since I was purposeless, I was useless. As the sheet fell and revealed my face on the wall next to Giada’s and Rachael’s photos, it dealt a crushing blow to that cursed self-doubt that had plagued me my entire life.

It had all the makings of a fairy tale. Except this is real.

See? This isn’t just a small decision you hold in your hands. This is a big deal. You get to change someone’s life — for good! You get to be the fairy godmother to these four Cinderellas ! So consider this carefully. If you don’t agree with the winner, but you didn’t vote, then you don’t get to gripe about it.

Final Four

Whether it’s a vote for the quirky rebel with a trademark pompadour and rebellious cuisine whose show promises to fill the gap left by a certain Mr. Brown; or a vote for the chatty Southern belle who has dreamed of this job ever since she decided that she would throw her own parties rather than not be invited to any; or a vote for the chef from New England whose passion for that cuisine oozes out of her skin and whose cooking chops promise to teach us a good deal about good cooking in general; or a vote for the charming Venezuelan whose family stories and clever cooking tips might help us all bring our families (natural or chosen!) around the table every night, it’s up to you.

Choose wisely, America! This is your fairy godmother moment. I can’t wait to see what you decide.

Vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday!

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  1. Dawna and Cynthia says:

    I just watched the show On Demand as I was unable to do so last night; so hard to stay off the website until I had watched! Agree that they should have stuck with 3, but why did it have to be one from each team? Would have liked to see Ippy, Yvan and Justin. In the end, at my age, I am looking for the unusual and "way out there" as I have been cooking since I was 7 (and you can add 50 and not quite get to where I am!). I loved Justin's approach to the classic caesar, and as soon as I can get to the health food store and pick up some "vegan" gelatin I intend to try this approach, using a vegetable broth.

    Now, if they could just figure out how to, and allow vegetarians and vegans to compete...or better yet, a raw foods face off!

    Good luck to all four, but here is hoping Justin wins...

    • Guest2012 says:

      I am a vegan, and I agree 100%. I tried the Caesar salad this morning without Parmesan and using vegan "gelatin" and homemade vegetable broth and it was delicious. Justin would be a great fill-in for the gap left by Alton. One thing I truly wish for is a vegetarian/vegan show on FN for vegans like me. By the way, are you vegan?

      • Carolyn says:

        I am a vegetarian and agreed. I groaned when they went with Caesar salad thinking "really, anchovies?" but I will agree that the aspic idea was interesting. I thought there were two problems:
        1. Justin talked about history and then wanted something modern. Aspic is not modern. It's history. I suppose it could be modern again- but that never came up.
        2. Alton Brown is terrific. We already have Alton Brown. This was supposed to be Justin's pilot, not Alton and Justin's pilot, together. It's not as if they are going to be co-stars (although, that would be an interesting show..) I felt like Alton did Justin a disservice by appearing in his pilot.. It put in my head, "This is a repeat of a show that's already on FN" instead of it being "Justin's Pilot." (Anyone else?)

        I would absolutely LOVE for any of the shows or competitions to be, at the very least, completely vegetarian. Why hasn't anyone ever done that? It might help the misconception that all we eat are salads. I'm sick of being served salads.

        • cherrycooks says:

          I'n not vegan, but I like to cook vegetarian dishes occasionally. I would probably watch a dedicated vegetarian cooking show, but I don't know if such a program would have enough appeal to the general public. I'm always pleased when some of the current cooks prepare vegetarian options (Ina, Giada, Marcela, for example), and there are vegan recipes in their cookbooks, as well.

        • Tonya says:

          I disagree. I feel that Alton's appearance was sort of a "passing of the torch" to Justin. I liked it.

    • guest86 says:

      Here's to Justin as well! I agree that FN should have a "vegetarian" show, especially if they approach it from a menu perspective. You can always add animal protein to a vegetarian meal, yet the reverse is not always the case.
      I also agree that it would have been fine to have only 3 finalists, not necessarily representing all 3 producers. I just think Yvan and Ippy are both too "rough around the edges" for their own show.

    • jdp64 says:

      Why not a purely vegan cooking show? I think that;s a good idea since vegans are usually not considered in most recipes on FN.

      • Diamond Chef says:

        People have inscissors and canine teeth, they are omnivores. If you want to just eat veggies then learn to cook. How many rice and bean recipes can you make? Most vegans take amino acids derived from meat to live anyway.

    • vegan!!!! says:

      I couldn't agree more!!! With so many celebrities and regular folks (like me) who are becoming vegetarian or vegan these days, Food Network is alienating part of their viewing population. I used to watch food network all the time before I went vegan and now that I am there is NOTHING I can/want to eat that any of their shows make so I basically stopped watching the network. Vegans are HUGE foodies...you have to be in order to maintain the diet and proper nutrition. Please consider a veg show!

      • 1Dishy says:

        I think that's a great idea too. Vegans are totally under represented. Although I'm not a vegan/vegetarian ATM, I wouldn't mind cooking more vegan/vegetarian meals.

    • Diamond Chef says:

      Raw foods just give people gas, there is no health benefit to them.

  2. Horatio says:

    It is not fair that you have to have facebook to vote online! I am sure almost all of Justin's audience has facebook, and as for Martie's fan group. . . not so much.

    I think Bob and Susie made the best decision in the history of Star last night when they let Justin and Martie move on. I am definitely voting for Martie, but if Justin wins, I wold be happy.

    • Tonya says:

      I agree about the Facebook thing. My daughter, only 9 yrs old, watches FN more than most adults, but wasn't able to vote because she's not on FB (for obvious reasons). Luckily, she was able to call in her vote.

    • mary says:

      Strongly Agree with you! I will be doing the same.

    • Carolyn says:

      I agree. I am only using the telephone to vote. I am happy that they had that option.

    • missing emily says:

      I wanted to vote online until I realized I had to do it through facebook. I have a facebook account but I do not think it is anyone's business how I vote. It did look like you could hide how you voted, but facebook consistently violates people's trust, so I could not trust they would keep my vote private.

      • skate97 says:

        It's actually really easy and effective to vote confidentially through the facebook login, which is how I used it. No way to show your vote, don't worry.

    • Justin FTW says:

      You can use the phone to vote ya know.... Grandpa

    • CordonBleu says:

      You can sign up for facebook in about 60 seconds, you dont HAVE to use your real name (its not a federal law or anything) and you can close the account as soon as the voting is over.

      Its so easy its like sleeping, maybe easier. Easy Easy Easy. Give it a shot. Its not rocket science.

      • Diamond Chef says:

        Actually it is a Federal law! It is illegal to use a false name online, never enforced though, unless they get desperate.

    • lmac says:

      You didn't have to have Facebook. You could vote by phone.

    • Diamond Chef says:

      Marti can not cook at all, she sucks.

  3. Ellen says:

    First and foremost I adore all the mentors (especially you Alton), I too would have loved to see Ippy as one of the finalists. His laid back manner did not put me off, but made me relax and want to go to the Big Island even more and learn how to make those yummy dishes he showcased. Now decision time, do I pick the quirky one with weird food combinations? The sweet one who makes family meals and is good in front of the camera? Do I pick the mohawked chef who will showcase mussels, clams, and New England dishes which has been already been done on other programs? Or finally do I pick the funny southern belle who will make a good party? Food Network, this has been one of the best "Next Food Network Star" shows so far. Congratulations!!

    • Bonnie R. says:

      I was so glad that both Justin and Martie were chosen to make pilots. They're equally talented and I hope that the Food Network will find a place for both of them! I mainly voted for Justin, since his style, and quirkiness, are what's missing from the Food Network line-up. He'll definitely be an asset, and I can't wait to see what interesting, and weird! dishes he'll be showcasing. I've grown to love Martie, and so I've given her some of my votes, too. But I agree with Ellen, since I also would have loved to see Ippy as one of the finalists. He had just the right amount of enthusiasm, and his laid back manner was a quality I liked, not to mention the terrific dishes he presented each week. Well, got to go and vote one last time! I'll be watching next week and congratulate the person in advance who will become The Next Food Network Star!

  4. Erin says:

    I'm a HUGE Ippy fan! I like all the finalists (except nikki) and would watch all of their shows. But I dont agree with the one from each team scenario. a lot of better chefs were eliminated because they were just on the wrong team that night. I hope Ippy gets is own show anyway. My votes are for Justin, because he is the only original show idea there.

    • Ippy Fan says:

      I agree. If they are going to keep; the teams even, they should have been true to their own design, which eliminated contestants based on what team they were on. Not that I care for Nikki, but they could have just as easily given all six pilot and truly let the best man or woman win.

      • anonymous says:

        Because they wanted one from each team they had to include Yvan and/or Michelle. Michelle, to me, presents an interesting concept (though it may not be wide enough for more than one season). Yvan is just too inexperienced. I watch FN to learn things I do not already know. We can all make the type of food Yvan finally decided was his POV. Not sure I would watch something were you add tons of cheese to canned goods.

    • karen says:

      I agree. Justin is the one to go with. I would not watch Martie or Michele's shows. Yvan's recipes seem like things I seen before. Here's hoping Justin wins by a landslide!

    • sflagal says:

      I totally agree with you, and was so disappointed Ippy didn't make it! He's my FN star! He has a very interesting POV and one Food Network should have thought of, had they really looked at the bigger picture. Of the current finalists, Justin has the only POV that's definitely original.

      • Diamond Chef says:

        Ippy's Hawaiian and Italian fusion was interesting, Justin can be amazing at times. Marti can not cook at all...

    • Linda says:

      I am a Justin fan as well not just because of originality. He has new ideas for food and a sense of what the public is looking for. I was impressed he served an item that was gluten dairy and meat free on one episode.

    • lisa says:

      i agree both my husband and i were sure it was going to be an all guy final, and that would have been fine, but it is never going to happen as long as they let bob stay as a judge. he is so partial to bj mouthed women and if they show boob so much the better. just look at how far nikki made it and who won last year even though the people all said she had the worst piolt. the idea of teams and a public vote are the only things that got us to watch this year. still i was disappointed to see bob and susie. i know its their network but they should trust their viewers. at least get rid of bob. he is completely off base.

      • SilverScribe says:

        Have to break it to you - "who won last year" was a guy - Jeff Mauro.

        I highly doubt Bob T chose him because he showed a bit of "boob".

      • Stinky says:

        If they hadn't chose Martie to stay, it would have been an all-guy final.

        • Guest2012 says:

          I think you forgot Michelle. She is a woman as well, although she dresses like a man.

          • 1Dishy says:

            I think he was including Michele in the all-guy final, which is why I gave him a thumbs down rating. His comment was not funny at all, nor was it called for.

    • Ippy Fan too! says:

      AGREE--voted for Ippy every week--SO disappointed he was cut! DO hope Cooking Channel picks him up, not too laid back @ all--very appealing personality & loved his cultural tidbits & unique recipes with different flavor combinations!

      • Ippy Fan says:

        He's definitely not TOO laid back, not that there's anything wrong with that. In my humble opinion, he's not too laid back, but just the right amount of laid back. He's laid back enough to be calm, cool and collected, but also has a certain warmth and charm about him - his stories were always interesting and comforting. He will certainly be missed.

  5. Karen says:

    I liked the corn mac and cheese and think my 14 year old would eat it. I voted for whose dish I would eat. Plus I think FN can only handle one Alton Brown at a time. Marty's promo was the best, but her dish was not something I wanted to eat. Coming from Upstate, NY, my New England did nothing for me.

    • JM61 says:

      I wouldn't touch that Mac and cheese with a ten foot fork.

      • Bustamove says:

        Mac Mac and Cheese
        Mac Mac and Cheese
        Can I have some please

      • 1Dishy says:

        Thank you JM61. Neither would I. I mean, Ivan has a great personality and lovely family values, but if he continues to cook food from cans from local pantries, I just won't watch his show.

        • nike52003 says:

          Hey, Not all of us can afford the expencive ingredients for some of the food net work shows. I think the mac and cheese dish sounds good and will try it. You sound like a snob to me.

          • Cece says:

            Actually, nike, that's a myth. It's possible to cook with fresh foods at the same cost--and sometimes less--than canned ones.

            Perhaps 1Dishy simply does not like the flavor of canned food. That doesn't make a person a snob.

          • 1Dishy says:

            Thanks Cece. Canned vegetables are just nasty and high in sodium. Fresh corn in the summer is so cheap! So just cook a couple of ears of corn and cut it off the cob. Then add it to your cream sauce. Fresh food is NOT more expensive than pre-packaged food, and in fact in most cases is cheaper. So if that makes me a food snob, so be it nike. Add that to your mac and cheese.

          • Julie says:

            It was a 3 min clip. The network wanted Yvan to show how he grew up and at the time, going to the food pantry was a big part of his growing up. Now yes, fresh foods is included with foodstamps to go to the farmers market. When growing up, unless he went to the dumpster it didn't sound like there was a lot of possibilities for him.

            Its great to donate to the food pantry, but why bother if you are going to judge someone who actually cooks from it? It does make someone a snob to make that statement. If you would refuse to watch a show b/c they cooked from a can, instead of cooking with fresh corn in a 3 minute segment, then please do not make a blanket statement about food network viewers.

          • 1Dishy says:

            Julie, I made no such statement about the Food Network viewers. I was only speaking about myself when I said that I wouldn't watch his show if he was going to include recipes using canned goods. I totally understand that some families have no choice but to use these canned goods to stretch a budget or use donated goods. And I hold nothing against them. Just saying I won't be watching such a show is all. I hope you can understand the difference.

          • Ippy Fan says:

            Yes it is quite possible - as learned on Restaurant Impossible - you just have to shop carefully and buy things in season.

      • Guest says:

        I was ready to vote for Yvan for the final stretch - until I saw his promo. Once I saw mac and cheese - I was not impressed. I also thought inviting his family to be part of the promo distracting. Ended up voting for Justin instead. Too bad, I would have loved to see Yvan.

    • foodie says:

      You are right! Yvan's dish appeals to 14 year olds. That Mac & Cheese idea was terrible! Tons of cheese on top of canned corn -- yuk. I watch FN to expand my repertoire, be that for my family or my guests. Fresh ingredients (especially in season) can be as affordable as canned goods. As most of FN viewers, I donate to the food bank, not cook from it.

      • Deanna says:

        I come from a family, where diabetes is a concern. I myself do not have it, but my sister (who is well within the normal weight range, I might add) has had it since childhood. That dish is starch on starch (sugar). Would have been so much better to see something green on the plate. Macaroni and cheese is not evil. Canned goods are not evil, they sustain a lot of people through difficult times, because they are shelf stable, and can be donated, and passed along. Would have rather seen him just make his homemade mac, and chop up a head of lettuce and do wedge salads, or a head of cabbage , and make a light slaw.

      • Julie says:

        Just like the reply above. Please do not make blanket statements about food network viewers; if you are going to be on your high horse. Its great to donate to a food pantry, but why bother if you are going to look down on people who need to use it?

        • 1Dishy says:

          Again, Julie, Deanna did not say anything against the Food Network viewers. In fact she said, "Canned goods are not evil, they sustain a lot of people through difficult times, because they are shelf stable, and can be donated, and passed along." In her other statements she was speaking of her own preferences. Obviously, she does not need to rely on donated canned goods to keep her family fed. Please read the posts more carefully before you respond to them next time.

          • Sumay says:

            For me - it is not so much the problem of using canned goods - but of all the canned corn choices - creamed corn would not have been one of them. It is way unhealthy - and prefer to feed my children as heatlhy as possible - even if it is out of a can from time to time.

            Fresh is best - though - if you can get it.

    • skate97 says:

      Well, Alton doesn't have a cooking show on FN (I think Good Eats is only in rerun at like 10am on weekdays anymore), though it does repeat on Cooking Channel, so I'm excited at the possibility of an Alton replacement.

    • EmilyV says:

      How is Justin like another Alton Brown? Alton has a LOT of food science in his shows, and I saw none of that with Justin ... All he did was use a clip from one of Alton's shows - there's no harm in that.

      • 1Dishy says:

        I have to agree with EmilyV on this one. Justin is quirky and intelligent like Alton, but he hasn't included any science of food in his preparations so far, and I don't see him starting. And his use of Alton's clip in his promo was at the suggestion of Alton. And no, there was no harm in it. Actually, I thought it was quite a clever idea.

    • Julie says:

      The whole my New England thing did nothing for me either. Also upstate NY. I was very happy both Martie and Justin got through. Until the finale I didn't think it was going to be only 1 from all 3 mentors. I was very torn. I wanted Martie, Justin and Yvan. BTW...Alton's Good Eats is not producing new episodes, he is only on Iron Chef as new right now.

    • Rori says:

      That's an interesting way to think of it. I guess for me, I voted for what would be the most fun to try and cook and it was Justin's stuff. Michelle's.... sorry, not a fan of clamming. Marty, not a fan of recycled southern party recipes.

      Honestly, I expected more from Yvan than Mac and Cheese.

  6. reenie says:

    I was one of those happy they added Martie-I really felt keeping one from each team was not truly fair. I thought it should have been Justin, Martie, IPPY or Yvan. Sorry, Bobby, but your team was the weakest! Alton was a great mentor and instructor, not just a cheerleader. I loved Ippy's POV, and feel we have lost something in not offering it. For me, it's a real tie between Justin and Martie, and heaven's how far apart can two chefs be? I have enjoyed the diversity this season, and really glad no one focused on sandwiches! :) Sorry, NOT my favorite FN guy. Anyway, I don't think I will disappointed if any of these finalists win, but I am still going to vote!

    • David says:

      Was Bobby's team the weakest, or did they just eliminate the good contestants (i.e. Eric and Malcolm)?

      • JGB says:

        Come on David!! Eric or Malcolm? You've got to be kidding right! They didn't even come close to any of the top four. They had to cut Emily from Alton's team just to try to keep the teams even.

      • reenie says:

        David - you are right...because they eliminated both Eric and Malcolm, I think Bobby's team lost the best cooks/chefs. Nikki was a trooper, but her remaining instead of Malcolm hurt that team. I really lost any interest in that group after Malcolm.

    • Julie says:

      How about a show with both Justin and Martie?? I think they would be great together!

    • barkley7 says:

      I think that is why they kept Martie. When the judges were asked to pick their top 3, Martie's promo was top 3. Would it be fair to eliminate her, just to be sure one of Bobby's team made the finals?

  7. Susan Maxey says:

    Food Network, no matter who wins, you are fools if you do not figure a way to get ALL of these finalists back to do shows on your network! All of their ideas are something I would watch and use. I notice you do have other finalists on at times, (Adam and Chelsea,...) And these are all equally as great, if not more so. Kudos to the mentors as well!
    I've been cooking for for 60+ years, and I'm still learning new things from Food Network. I like to think I might have tried this had it been here in my younger days. I love you Food Network!

  8. Alabama Frosty says:

    I too am voting for Justin because of his unique POV. I'm sick and tired of the Paula Deen routine. Even though I live in Alabama, I want someone to "inspire" me to think outside the food bag, and Justin Warner does that every time he presents one of his wacky ideas. I will not watch another "party" idea show; nor, will I watch another "stay within the budget, family" cooking. I want some totally new information.

    • Angela says:

      I agree with you 100% Mary!!! I am tired of the same old shows. I think Justin is intelligent, witty, and has very interesting ideas to bring to the table. He inspires us to do something different, unexpected, and to think outside the proverbial box. We need a show like Justin's now, a show that feeds our brains as well as our appetites, especially now that Good Eats with Alton Brown is no longer producing new episodes!!!

      • Stephanie says:

        I agree as well. Justin's take on things is so interesting. I'm rather aspic-averse, and his re-do of the caesar salad had me reconsidering. This is needed and interesting energy,With the other candidates, while I enjoy them as people and presenters, there's not info there that I'm particularly interested in.

        • stephkaren says:

          I am also in agreement - you have all said just what Food Network needs to hear - hope they listen.
          Justin is just what they need to put a fresh spin on all those same old themes and shows we are getting tired of.
          He's making us look at foods differently. Thinking. Learning. Thanks Justin & hope you win !

    • iris45 says:

      I also voted for Justin because he's so different and would like to try and make some of his recipes. I also Liked Yvan so if he won that would be fine. However, I didn't care at all for Michelle or Martie nothing personal against them their just to much like whats already on TV now.

    • Robert says:

      Agreed. I like all of these finalists, but I voted for Justin because he brings something different and interesting to the table.

    • Mikell says:

      Totally agree! I'm dying for someone that doesn't just cook a recipe, but explains the science behind food so you can go beyond a recipe. That's Justin for you.

    • Rori says:

      Agree so hard! Justin just breaks all the molds. I want him to win so hard. Just even what he made in the pilot was ASTONISHINGLY creative and fresh.

      Martie's? I could not see through it. Her voice, her POV, annoys me to death.

  9. Mary says:

    I loved what they did allowing both Martie and Justin to stay last night. Food Network saw the quality and the potential in these two and did the right thing. I am so excited. I am torn on which one to vote for. I love Martie. She is so nice and seems like my mom or my aunt giving my advice on camera. I also love no knowing what to expect from Justin too. He is smart and funny too. I think I will vote for Martie and hope the judges love Justin as much as I do and not let his talent go wasted.

    • Horatio says:

      I completely agree. Go team Alton!

    • MsWinston says:

      Good grief -- I don't want to see anyone who reminds me of "my mom or aunt" on The Food Network! It is for professionals with new ideas, not someone who thinks suffing endive with goat cheese is the height of creativity. And that voice! Paula Deen's screeching is bad enough....

      • Cece says:

        I have to agree. I would add that the party show idea is a tired one. Watching Martie's pilot, I was thinking that she seems like a pleasant person, but I know a ton of shrimp recipes, thanks. Justin's pilot, on the other hand, introduced a concept that had never occurred to me before, and I couldn't help thinking about different ways to pull it off.

        • 1Dishy says:

          I think that Justin has the fresh ideas that Food Network needs. Yes, he reminds everyone of Alton, but he's got his own ideas. He's not just Alton's clone. And, of course, that's a great thing! Food Network needs Justin Warner and his new, quirky food concepts!

      • LanaTwist says:

        Exactly! I wonder if Bob & Susie decided to keep her to fill a demographic? Justin is the white guy, Michelle is the gay chic, Yvan is the minority, and keeping Marty showed that they weren't prejudiced to age.

        I just don't see why they'd keep her! Like others have said, the southern spot is already represented by Paula Deen and her son. "Martie with the Party" is gonna have to stay a facet of her imagination.

        • cherrycooks says:

          I'm older than Martie but still in that demographic. I doubt that I'd watch her show because her POV doesn't appeal to me. With food as the primary consideration, Michele would have gotten my vote, but I doubt that I would watch her show on a regular basis. Frankly, I don't think any of this year's finalists have "star" potential. Whoever gets a show will likely fade away like other FNS winners.

          • Food Fan says:

            When you say:
            ..."I don't think any of this year's finalists have "star" potential. Whoever gets a show will likely fade away like other FNS winners."
            Assume you right. If thats true, then it looks like we either:
            1. Need new judges (for picking the wrong "stars"....or....
            2. The wrong people are being picked from the get-go to even be candidates in the first place (who picks them?)
            That (and this season bad use of Teams) is why we are left with people who arent stars who fade away.

    • Ruby Joseph says:

      Try looking at Paula Dean or Pioneer Woman and you will see Martie. She should have gone home long time ago.

  10. alton fanatic says:

    i hope that justin wins his POV is so interesting i would watch him!!!

    • 1Dishy says:

      I'm with you on this one. I hope Justin wins too. He is just so smart and clever. Just loved his idea for the Caesar salad. And using Alton's demo from one of his early episodes was a brilliant idea on Alton's part. I'm pulling for Justin!

      • nike52003 says:

        Justin is a nice guy but too far out there for me. Marties dish was not that great. Michele's dish looked much more appealing. LIKED Yvans showing the best. Justin has aways to go before he will be another alton.

        • FN addict says:

          Justin will not bore you with the "science". And left alone, would not do "history". While I may not actually try all his recipes, I would definitely enjoy his approach to ingredients. Shaved bonito is fantastic. Fried fish bones intriguing. Melting dressing on a charred salad -- hello!! Not your mother's kitchen. Try that chilled corn soup before you vote again. I, for one, am thrilled. Go Justin!!

      • iris45 says:

        1Dishy, I agree totally with you about the Caesar salad! In fact, Justin made it look so interesting I'd try and make it myself. But had never even thought of making such a thing before but he made it look easy to make.