Watch the Pilots and Vote!

by in Food Network Star, July 15, 2012

Ivan, Michelle and JustinThe decision is in your hands now, Star fans! Cast your vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday.

Want a closer look at the pilots? Watch all four right here:


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Comments (1,676)

  1. carleigh says:

    Go martie,Go martie,Go martie. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. carleigh says:

    guest is right about michelle with all the peircings but shes a tomboy.I still vote for martie.I want michelle to win just a little bit.

    • Autumn says:

      No point in arguing really. Justin won, it's obvious, with Yvon as a second, Martie as a very close third, and Michelle as a distant fourth--but EVERYONE would have been happier with Ippy.

  3. Unknown says:

    Michele all the way. Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!

  4. Anthony says:

    Yvan Lemoine please, eliminate him and his stupid voters and supporters .Oh , by the way if those of you who want Yvan Lemoine recipe of crappy creamed corn in a can with mac and cheese go to the dumpster and you will get the recipe like Yvan Lemoine did, and have an Yvan like family meal like he had in the beginning of it all, you maggots!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kathy says:

    Hope this is the last Next Food Network Star for many years to come. The series has done nothing but go downhill. This years finalist cook using canned goods, or have so much makeup and no personality, or someone who is probably not the best advisor on giving parties. The idea of the 4th contestant isn't bad, just not sure she can pull it off
    Bobbie, Susie there are no real winners this year

  6. Anthony says:

    Well all you Yvan Lemoine voters and supporting dumb followers ,i know that you all are stupid and believe you me stupid, beyond as stupid as stupid can possibly be. And you know that you can't fix stupid , cause stupid is forever. And if you are like the FN Judges like BOB TUSCHMAN and SUSIE FOGELSON,you became the worst 2 judges ever to make a wrong descion as stupid as stupid can ever be,when you so favorably voted Yvan Lemoine over Philip. IPPY Aiona. This Then spoke of how very poorly your judgement and being a judge ,of your expertise of your judgement ,you realy were not capeable of the first place. Not only did we lose IPPY ,FNC lost its season 8th and rating to improove this FNC Station from repeating its faltering repeating shows due to FNC Judges BOB and SUSIE extremely bad decision to IPPY of instead of Yvan Lemoine OFF? We could of had Hawaiian stylye cuisine cooking. With the real next FN STAR in PHILIP IPPY AIONA ,But Nooooooooooooooo,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to get dumpster BUM LIAR, Yvan Lemoine ,BUT YOU COULD OF HAD HAWAIIN AND PHILIP. IPPY. AIONA ,BUT Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anthony says:

    Well, it is decision day on the FNC to finally see who will win the nezt FN star. To try to be totally honest with ypu, i prefer Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef would truly blow away The Next Food Network Stars and Also the FNC and with ease. firstof all, GORDON RAMSAY is not only A. Way Far better judge, jury,and decider than that of FNC judges of BOB TUSCHMAN and SUSIE FOGELSON will ever be or get it right and. Correct thier mistake ,especially knowing the one that they made mistakenly on picking Yvan Lemoione over Philip. Ippy Aiola ,now will forever live on in thier credit of ability ,against them on truly being judges that know better ,but did'nt. its like watching these mentors of Giada De Laurentiis become. Huggingable with her proteges as of lately,Alton Brown crying ,and Bobby Flay stating ,If you can't cook at all ,you do not belong in my. Kitchen. Like The judges Bob And Susie ,all have become softies and lost their fiery spark and seem to be burnt on out.and not like that of THE FIERY SPARK CHAMPION HIMSELF ,in that of GORDON RAMSAY to whom still has the passion too cook and probably will never burn out like they so saddly have. Here.Gordon Ramsay greatness truly makes you want to do better than you already know that you can do and that you are capable of being, and pushes you to where the limint of where you did'nt think that you would be ,Gordon Ramsay got you there by pushing you there and to your limit of expectations. Its like watching Christine on Master Chef ,to who is blind and cooking and can cook better than anybody could see, is truly an. Insperation to me. now question yourself on Yvan Lemoine being a family person and an insperation by far is out classed and out ranked by a chef of christine is. And not of that of an amatuer cook that Yvan Lemoine is. Do you really think that Yvan Lemoine 's dumster mac and cheese with creamy canned corn ,would of gotten to be a pilot or whatever ,if Gordon Ramsay had say ,i bet NOTt. Well i truly think that Yvan would of gotten thrown out if it was up to Gordon Ramsay a long long long time ago.Well to say the least of it all ,you could of went Hawaiian and pick Philip Ippy Aiona But Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had too had dumpster boy trash jumper Yvan Lemoine ,what a waste and all do respect ,We could of had Hawaiin Cuisine Style with Philip Ippy Aiona , but Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    • Brotchen says:

      ..."could of" should be "could have". IF you dislike so many of the FN stars, why do your torture yourself and watch the shows? You really have your shorts in a bunch over this network's line up.

  8. Michelle says:

    Very disappointed that Yvan did not win. Justin fixed nothing that I even wanted to eat. Martie was very good. For me it was a toss up between Yvan and Martie. Will not be watching Justin's new show.

  9. ships58 says:

    The let that creepy sandwich king guy have a show but not Michele? whatever

  10. Murphy says:

    I wasn't even "in like" with Michelle's jewelery and tatoos, but I would have looked to learn how to cook New England food. That's not something that's been done on FN. For that matter, Ippy would have had a bright smile and also taught us about food that isn't already on FN.

    Since Justin won, sure hope what he teaches us will be something we'll want to try to cook. I really don't care for "out of the box" type food, or ideas that are too far stretched out with ingredients that are impossible to find.

    Guess we'll soon find out when the first show is on.