Watch the Pilots and Vote!

by in Food Network Star, July 15, 2012

Ivan, Michelle and JustinThe decision is in your hands now, Star fans! Cast your vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday.

Want a closer look at the pilots? Watch all four right here:


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  1. Unknown says:


  2. Megan says:

    This show only aired tonight here in Canada, so I don't get to vote. Which is okay, as my favorite, and the only one I would probably watch with interest is out of the running. I think Ippy really should have made it to the voting, something new and different that I would love to learn how to make - Hawaiian food!

  3. Martha says:

    Justin is an original thinker, creative, an excellent cook and DIFFERENT from narrow regional cooking (east coast or southern). What does "vote for my immigrant dream" have to do with COOKING???
    Why can people vote more than once, and only on Facebook ??? That makes the voting a hoax......
    but I'd like Justin to win no matter what.

    • Autumn says:

      He's too odd. He makes food I would only give people at a Halloween party. He's gimmicky, not real for food.

  4. Anthony says:

    Wow, it is very, very, extremely sad that people are so very inspired by this scam artist professional liar, junk food, garbage can cooker like Yvan Lemoine is. Yvan is not a family person, ( checkout his personnel blog and his poor poor home, where his pilot was shot, where he made that sickening meal of mac and cheese with cream canned corn that he had help with by his baby brother ). I truly bet that any 5 years old could make this meal by themselves and Yvan proofed that he's not smarter than a 1st grader never mind getting past a 5th grader for sure at that and with ease.

    Based on his mac and cheese with cream canned corn the best 3 places his meal would of made it is #1 McDonalds, 2 a school caferteria and 3 summer camp. I know for sure McDonalds at best, since McDonalds serves very, very, very, extremely unhealthy food, that makes you get the runs, head to the hospital for food poisoning, makes you fat like a Moo Moo Moo Moo cow, give you high blood pressure, and cholesterol to name a few, ect. ect, ect, ect.... So you know that Yvan Lemoine's mac and cheese with creamed canned corn would have fit so perfect on the McDonald's menu and then his family would have received a family night out on the town at their favorite and fancy restaurant called McDonalds.

    Did you see Yvan's family in the pilot digging into the slopped food he made with his baby brother? They looked as if they were straving to death and acted like that cannibal Andrew Zimmerman is. Yet another nasty production
    production, waste of time and shooting. I can see the show now: The Slop and Cannibal Travel, starring Yvan Lemoine and Andrew Zimmerman. Their 1st show would be Eating Out of your Neighbors Trash Can, the neighbors loss and their golden find.

    Yvan Lemoine will have no problem getting a head chef's job at McDonalds.

    Have you ever seen the documentary called SUPERSIZE ME? If not I suggest you watch this epic killer take place, if you are man or woman enough to view this epic unfolding. After viewing this SUPERSIZE ME document tell me what you think of Yvan's cooking now.

    Thank God my father was a chef learning to cook at age 9 and retiring at 67 years old. Now hes 88 years old and has been married to my mom for 60 years. We don't microwave and we don't go to McDonalds. I haven't been to McDonalds in over 30 years because their food is garbage at best. So when I see Yvan cook his crappy ass food,and you people and there are alot of you dum wits out there and I do mean out there in the land of moronic stooges. I then knew that you knew absolutely nothing about cooking and if we put all you Yvan supporters brains in any bird it would be confused and fly upside down and backwards. Plus by your response of truly voting and thinking that Yvan can cook and that he is a family man I can only believe that you had head trauma during birth into this world that has seriously left you brain dead with a tumor on your very injured brain.

    I bet all the people who voted for Yvan have never been to a fancy restaurant or has never been catered to. Oh I'm sorry. But I bet you all have been to that fancy family get together restaurant for a night on the town at McDonalds which Yvan's food looks identical too. If fed to the family pet or inmates would easily kill them for sure.

    I know all who have voted for Yvan , truly knows nothing about food but alot about SHIT. Because you talk crap and Yvan will surely deliver it to you.

    Well see you all later at the doctors or funeral parlor, for sure and with ease hands on down. You unhealthy yo-yo eaters.

    P.S Whos cuisine reigns supreme: Our next food network star is MICHELE RAGUSSIS.

    • Autumn says:

      I agree with a lot of what you said, even if the WAY you said it was offensive and ignorant.

      Though, Michelle lost. Anyone can tell that. I hate Justin's food, but he won' with Yvan and Martie at his back, and Michele a far fourth. Which, she earned. You're literally only the 4th comment I've seen in support of her, and all the others had 10+ thumbs down. She didn't explain enough, and her food was stupid simple--not easy simple.

  5. DRK says:

    I agree, that Justin is the only original though in this bunch. Food Network should grab him while they can. (But can you please convince him to lay off the make-up? It's too a creepy way.)

  6. kathy says:

    i think all 4 should get their shows and get rid of some of the "stale" shows....they all bring something different and good to the line-up.....i watch all day long and hate the repeats...usually switch over on those....these 4 would add so much variety to my on-line recipe folders would be REALLY growing....

  7. Auty says:

    Yvan all the way. Maybe if Justin's lipstick wasn't SO drastic, I could get into his innovative, young, fresh, Alton-style show. But it's very distracting...

  8. Autumn says:

    If they don't offer another spot to Ippy, as a fan of the channel since I was 16 (1999), I very well may stop watching the channel (Which I watch literally every day, almost all day) in protest, and switch back to Travel channel. ;-; Best cook on Food Network, short of Alton.

    Justin is fun, innovative--also TOO odd, gross, and freaky. And please, take off the lipstick.

    Martie is a lovechild of Paula Dean and Sandra Lee. Not worth it.

    Michele...doesn't give enough info, and is giving me too littler too late.

    Yvan should have stuck with tapas and/or the South American food. Mac and cheese with a can of corn and croutons? Really?

    Ippy would have rocked this!

    • Grandma Joyce says:

      Agree, I really thought the final three would have been Justin, Ippy, and Emily. Other years I was excited to watch the final episode, this year, I really don't care.

  9. Melissa says:

    GO JUSTIN!!! The Next Food Network Star

  10. carleigh says:

    Definetly Martie with a partie!!!

    • Autumn says:

      Again I say--watch Paula Dean and follow it with Sandra Lee, and you'll get better than you will from Martie--with better explanation and more interesting stories!