Watch the Pilots and Vote!

by in Food Network Star, July 15, 2012

Ivan, Michelle and JustinThe decision is in your hands now, Star fans! Cast your vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday.

Want a closer look at the pilots? Watch all four right here:


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  1. beachinfrizzy says:

    Saw a "Chopped" rerun last night - a young, brash, pale skinned but dark haired contestant named "Justin WErner" won (not the same guy, just a reeeeeallly similar name)...hmmm. Coincidence or foreshadowing?

    • FanFare57 says:

      Hhhhhmmmmm. Maybe his name was mispronounced or misspelled?

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        Definitely wasn't him...the Chopped contestant was smaller and thinner with more angular features and straight, fine hair. I'd tuned in after the contestants were introduced, I just happened to catch the similar name when it was subtitled under him during his appetizer round confessional and kept watching closely to verify when they showed it again during the entree round. He was Chopped before dessert (and left in disbelief)...had a pretty high opinion of himself...'rising young hotshot' type so often featured on that program. I thought the parallels to "our" Justin were funny.

  2. Carl Dee says:

    Any updates on who the winner is? I can't wait 'till Sunday night!

  3. Grace says:

    It would be so cool if Justin won. He would be like the new Alton Brown :)

  4. Carl Dee says:

    They say Justin began working in restaurants at 13 years old. I thought child labor was illegal in the USA. Anyway, at 27 he has worked hard at climbing the ladder and he will make it to the top. We'll know Sunday night. Won't we?

  5. Anthony says:

    Martie brings more party to the kitchen in her baby finger than Ivan could ever bring out of a box of mac and cheese with canned cream of corn, some classy dish you made here. I can see the lines outside the door now.
    Whats next Stove Top Stuffing out of the box or Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, of course.
    Yvan, you should get cooking lessons from Martie, Ippy, Justin, and Michele. To me Yvan you have been nothing but an insult with theses talented chefs and to be compared to them as equal is Food Network heading for a disaster.
    As far as I'm concern Yvan Lemoine you should have been sent home a long long long time ago and that should have been before MARTITA JARA was. I can't wait to hear that Yvan Lemoine has been eliminated finally! Cause you suck.....

  6. gaudy says:

    I think michell

  7. Annette says:

    I preffered MICHELLE!!!
    Food Network Need a Sea Food Releated Show!! And at this momment SHE ARE THE BEST!!

  8. Allie says:

    I love Justin and watch him every episode! I'm only 13, so he appeals to the way that I might cook for my family and friends! The name of the show, Rebel With a Culinary Cause, is something that I'm sure that most young chefs will love to watch and learn new techniques and crazy twists on traditional meals. I am pulling for him!! GO JUSTIN!!!

  9. Yeahisaidit says:

    I think I would like to watch Martie and would even watch Yvan or Michelle but no way would I watch Justin. I don't think even though he comes up with weird and different things to eat, that many people would want to cook his stuff. I mean fried fish bones, come on. Plus his shade of lipstick does NOT suit him. Pick a better color dude.

  10. gma says:

    your voting is bogus no matter how I tried your arae to vote would not allow it !!!!!!!!!!!!and it was on Monday !!