Watch the Pilots and Vote!

by in Food Network Star, July 15, 2012

Ivan, Michelle and JustinThe decision is in your hands now, Star fans! Cast your vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday.

Want a closer look at the pilots? Watch all four right here:


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  1. samced says:

    For the life of me, I don't undrstand why Marty is in the final 4. She's nice enough,
    I just feel she would not be able to show me anything new.

    • Joyce says:

      Martie should have been gone weeks ago..............oh well, we are stuck with her!

      • Jane says:

        Martie is not star quality and she should not be in the final four. We don't need another Paula Deen.
        Besides Martie needs a makeover badly. Who's she kidding...early 40's? She's more like 50's close to 60. Go away Martie.

        • Food Fan says:

          I disagree.
          Watch her video above in this thread. Last week in the challenge, she was "unflappable." Now in her video at the top of this thread, she has improved yet again. She is relaxed, smiling, warm, outgoing and engaging the camera and the viewer. She is also doing a good job of explaining/teaching about her dish. Of the videos of the 4 remaining, I think Martie's latest video is best. (3 weeks ago I woulda NEVER thought I'd say this!) While she wasnt who I had wanted before, at this point, now, she has continued to grow and surprisingly from before, I could see her winning this. Watch her video, above, again. It as if she already has her own show! Who woulda thought?
          I STILL think Ippy had better food, but out of who's left now....I'm thinking Martie. Compare her with Justin.
          I would eat what she makes more than the stuff Justin makes.
          She is more outgoing and warm.
          She engages the audience more like a fun friend in yer kitchen and she isnt monotone. So she is doing better on:
          Food I would eat
          and with her learning from Alton's mentoring is much less of any turn-off than her early long-windedness. I still woulda preferred Ippy. But Martie has made Improvement I woulda never thought possible!

          • LLM says:

            I can't recall any of her food except that shrimp mess she made tonight. She'd be really charming if she could ever find the off switch. But making that raw onion and huge slices of lemon mess, and then not even giving her guests a way to eat it? No dishes, no crackers, bread or even toothpicks. That didn't say caterer to me. That said college kid throwing her first party.

        • cherrycooks says:

          You're right: FN doesn't need another Paula or any other member of the Deen empire. Will the weary-eyed Captain be getting his own show, too?

          Martie would be a refreshing change from the Deen family.

      • Carl Dee says:

        Judges felt sorry for her the way she cried as if she new she was deselected.

    • kitsunaknl says:

      I agree. Her pilot promised bartender and decorator, but all she did was cook.

    • carmen says:

      completely agree

    • Andy says:

      I totally agree. She is just trying to repackage what we already know.

    • Tori says:

      Tats wat i thaught i want someboddy new not somebody tat we've already seen before

      • Tori says:

        I want Michelle to be the next food network star i feel tat she will be able to bring something new and i vote for Michelle. and if i had to pick to i'd pick MIchelle and Yvan cuz i luv my family to so those r my picks.

    • vicki miller says:

      I agree, why would I watch her!

    • Team Giada says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! Go away! They are just being NICE because she's OLD & not really thinking about what we want to see or what's best for the network.

  2. Robert says:

    I dislike that you need a facebook account to vote online. Not sure of the rationale behind that; best of luck to all the contestants.

    • Annette says:

      I agree I hate Facebook and won't participate so I don't get to vote for Justin. I'd rather text and even pay a fee. Goop justin

    • anjali says:

      No kidding, I'm so anti Facebook and it's unfortunate FN makes you vote thru it. I'm a FN junkie and watched each season religiously. First time i would have voted on these tv shows, now I won't. FN lost some credibility.

      • guest says:

        Perhaps Facebook gives FN a kickback- sort of like all Food Network products being made in CHINA!~ Very unAmerican! I refuse to buy any of them. I also don't want to use my Email address as it will be shared with the world. Almost enough to make one stop watching the show.

    • guest2 says:

      I won't be voting either, although I saw every episode. Don't have a facebook account, don't want one. Only have a cell phone, so costs me minutes if not money...Anyone wanting to cast a vote for me? Based on the pilots, I would have to choose Justin (although Ippy is my original pick from about the 2nd episode- no opinion after just 1, other than get rid of mr

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      My guess is it ends up making money for them somehow.

    • vert2013 says:

      I'm pretty sure it's to make sure that people only vote the 10 times a day. It's annoying though, I don't see why they couldn't just make people register with FN and vote that way.

    • Norma says:

      Terrible to have to vote using Facebook. I'm very anti FB and think is ridiculous. Nowadays you are not a person and are discriminate upon if you don't have FB. Shame on Foodnetwork. Even if it's for control issues they should've done something else. We'll have to vote using the phone.

      • sammyGA says:

        You couldn't have said it better, Norma.!! Not into getting involved in the Facebook stuff either....known too many people hurt, mostly teens, and problems stem from such SOCIAL buzz!!

        Anyway, opting to vote by phone here...JUSTIN all the way!!! He's the obvious choice!!

    • 2012Diane says:


    • LovesSun says:

      It's rather like their cooking shows. FN is trying hard to be in with the trendy crowd but what they end up doing is moving away from real cooking shows and featuring their merchandise for sale and social apps. How long before they realize there's no reason to buy merchandise to cook with when the cooking shows aren't even about cooking, and that while facebook people may spend more money online, most of them don't cook much.

    • Lisa willhite says:

      I agree. Why can't we just vote using our e-mail addresses? I hate Facebook and will never log into it again-ever since that one co-owner relinquished his U.S. citizenship to save on paying taxes. What a sleezy relationship for FN to have!!! I want Marty or Ivan to win because the other two come off as being very fake and selfish. Ivan would be fun to watch, but Marty's my girl.

    • debbie says:

      Now I understand why I can't vote. Don't like this either and realize most everyone is on Facebook but I am not and would still like to vote!

    • Nasia says:

      I think it was to stop people from over voting. Because I voted early on and it did not ask me for a facebook log on, so I went on my phone and voted 10times then went on my computer and voted ten more times. Then towards the end, when I decided I was gonna vote again, it was like log in with facebook. So I did and could only vote the 10 times.
      I was team Yvan, but I didn't hate Justin, he was fine, his lipstick lips were very distracting though, not in a good way

  3. Chuck Novak says:

    Being able to vote more than once is ridiculous. When you go to the ballot box, you get one vote. Is this show being filmed in Chicago? Chuck

    • Vermonter says:

      I agree. I have imagined Martie revving up all her buddies to vote over and over for her.... and the same for Martita, but she's gone, anyway.

      No explaining taste. Guy Fieri is such a yuck, and he has his own show(s)!

    • Janet says:

      hahaha! Good one Chuck!!

  4. Jerry says:

    I also Like martie she is just nice n stuff and fun to be around.....

  5. Tony says:

    I think that each one of them are amazing. This will be a tough decision. I want them each to have a show! the pilots blew my socks off! Good luck. I will use all me 40 votes, LOL

    • Tiffini says:

      Agree with you!! I am voting for Yvan but honestly I'd like to see them all get a show. I love Justin and am a H-U-G-E AB fan (like, nearly ready to enter myself into the catagory of a cult follower lol) and I can't help but to adore Marty, even find myself half wanting to talk back to her when she's on the tv, and Michele would be great. The Network has a ton of Triple D reruns (no love lost to Guy but come on, thats ALOT of rehash) and so many competetion shows, I say cut the Triple D reruns (please for the love of God) and give them all a spot.

      • Nkdrexel says:

        I agree with both of you, I really wish everyone could get their own show, but this was sure a great opportunity and a big plataform for all this talented people......I am voting for Yvan, God bless everyone of them!!!!

    • foodiegirl78 says:

      I agree, I believe that the Food Network execs need to seriously take a look at all 4 pilots and make them all shows. Each one brings something new and different and even if they don't win Food Network Star, they all could be huge in their own right. I voted for all of them because I think they all should win! I would love how to throw a party for not much money, I would love to cook more family style, Justin is like a junior Good Eats, and Michelle I love seafood and have always wanted to visit New England plus I have seen her on the Food Network before. Tough decision for America!!!

    • Tori says:

      LOL..... Tats right they all r amazing but Yvan or Michelle the most of my fav.

  6. Cooking Momma says:

    I am voting for Yvan! I really wanted Judson, but he was eliminated too early. Can't stand any of the others, wouldn't watch them. Martie is a Paula wanna be, Justin wears too much lipstick, Michelle, well no comment on her.

    • Maggie says:

      I only disagree with your comment about Martie. I do agree with your comments on Justin and Michele. I can't look at his lips. I can't look at Michele period.

      • Auty says:

        Nothing wrong with Michelle. She looks like a female Guy. Don't be closed minded. >.> It's her lack of vim and vigor I can't handle.

        And Marty = Paula's Down Home Cooking + Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade, who also does parties.

    • Deb says:

      I love Justin, but I agree, too much lipstick - though I am wondering if someone else made that decision for him.

    • Auty says:

      You're right, on all counts. So sad so many people voted this down. Michelle is cool, but...not as good as Yvan. Martie is SO a Paula wannabe mixed with some Sandra Lee. Justin's lipstick is painful.

  7. Ashley says:

    Of all of them Justin is my favorite. He's very different and quarky. He seems like he could put a new view on food. When I look at him I always think of Guy. I feel the same about him as I did for Guy, and look where he is now. Yvan was decent, but kind of boring. Martie did very good actually, but it looked like every other show we already have. Michele seemed like she was rushing, and I am not very interested in all seafood. GO JUSTIN!

    • Grace says:

      Not only does he put a new view on food.. he will attract a younger auidience! Which will be fantastic for Food Network!

      • Carl Dee says:

        I'm 56 and he has my attention.

        • Lynn says:

          I'm 57 and I have loved Justin from the beginning. He is inventive, refreshing, young and different. We need someone like him on food-network. He does remind me of a rebel with a culinary cause. Justin, you rock dude!!!

    • Auty says:


  8. cookster says:

    Justin is the only one I would watch on a consistent basis; his perspective is truly original...and fascinating!

    • Carl Dee says:

      I'd like to see Justin win. I had the gut feeling from the start that he would win.

    • Auty says:

      As a family person, I'm fond of Yvan. Plus, he reminds young people to either love and work with their families, or if they can't, when they have their own, they should. Justin = too much make-up.

  9. T. J. says:

    Justin all the way. It's time for some fresh ideas and fresh blood.

    • Carl Dee says:

      Justin it is!

    • Food Fan says:

      He belongs more on Chopped so he can mess around with those crazy-ingredient food baskets.
      If you like him cuz you think he's original and fresh, then fine. You have every right to yer opinion. I just think his stuff is too weird.
      I dare him to put the 3 most crazy items he's cooked in these challenges on the Menu at his restaurant and serve them.

  10. cherrycooks says:

    It might be a while before I can vote, but I liked Martie's pilot the best.

    • Auty says:

      Just go watch Paula's Best Dishes, and follow it up with an episode of Sandra's Semi-Homemade. You'll get the exact same thing.