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by in Food Network Star, July 15, 2012

Ivan, Michelle and JustinThe decision is in your hands now, Star fans! Cast your vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday.

Want a closer look at the pilots? Watch all four right here:


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Comments (1,676)

  1. Shorty says:

    Michelle or Justin. Either would give Food Network a little more spark!

    • Joyce says:

      Agree...Michelle by far...a very fresh new show that FN needs desparately!

      • Shadoza says:

        I disagree....nothing fresh about Michelle.

        • K8reg says:

          Her mannerisms and even her looks, plus the show, would be too much like Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

          • AzGM says:

            And when you closed your eyes, Martie didn't sound like Paula Deene? Please, we already have that show.

          • K8reg says:

            Agree. And there are enough family style shows out there, too. Plus party prepping shows as well.

      • tristinsgram says:

        I agree about a show featuring the north east cooking and recipies, but Michelle is some how off-putting. Have seen her several times-Chopped, etc. and always get the same feeling. How could a seafood "expert" leave all those shells in the crab salad?

        • ccjs says:


        • FanFare57 says:

          I agree with you 100%. How could a seafood expert who left shells in her dish remain in the contest to make it to the finale? Why wasn't a health hazard enough to get dismissed. Susie-Bob made a bad call.

    • Pat says:

      My two votes too.

    • guest says:

      Totally Justin. Then again, a party show would be fun....AUGH! I'm torn! I'll just vote for Justin. They're no rebel shows out there.

    • ccjs says:

      I can't stand Michelle. She has messed up so many dishes but for some "reason" she keeps getting a pass. Also, her presentations are awful. She comes across as fake and thinks that louder she screams the more appealing she is.

    • DeeDee says:

      Michelle is repulsive. I wouldn't turn on the tv if I knew her show was on.

    • Diane says:

      Not Michelle! We already have ellen on Tv and reminds me of a scary version of Ellen. Lots of people do not eat seafood. Who wants a show based on that? She makes me cringe when I see her!

  2. Priya says:

    I hope Martie wins.

    • tim says:

      she suck

    • guest says:

      I like Martie, but I think she would tire out easily.

      • my perspective says:

        If you knew Martie, you'd know she never tires, and people never tire of her!

        • LISN says:

          That's YOUR perspective. On the contrary, I tired of her. I'm sick and tired of her boring, irrelevant stories.

          • TGDL says:

            LISN, I agree I'm sick of her and her annoying voice. She never knows what she is doing or talking about half of the time when she brings up stories that probably NEVER happened, or her so called "parties".......

  3. LadyB says:

    Justin -- something new and different..... that's what the Food Network needs. The others are all just rehash of existing shows.

    • Select3 says:

      Would not watch Justin or Michelle!

    • Ed W says:

      I would definitely watch Justin's show. He is young, smart and innovative.

    • Nina says:

      Justin is flat right now....he just needs a few episodes to get him in his groove!!!

    • Marlene says:

      I totally agree. Martie the party /arties party. Their is no one like Justin and I love the name of his show , The rebel with a culinary cause. Great title.

    • Deborah says:

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes both Michelle & Justin, they give a freshness to the network.

    • Feisty says:

      I totally completely agree!!! Especially Yvan's show; how many money saving meal shows does Food Network need? Martie is so sweet but every Food Network Star does party appetizers, and Michelle's show was boring to me. Plus her final dish did not look very pretty in her pilot.

      Justin's rebel outlook will inspire chefs to be adventurous and try new things. I will record every episode if he gets his own show!

  4. Marco says:

    Martie is the best! Martie with the Party!

    • Carl Dee says:

      Enough already ... Aarti Parti yuck.

    • LLM says:

      She finally learns to shut up, and what does she trot out? Shrimp with huge chunks of RAW ONION AND Honking Big Slices of Raw Lemon--and no serving vehicle of any kind--not even a toothpick! Yeah, because at a party I like to shove my hand in the bowl and just scoop the stuff out, then stand there eating it while it runs down my chin. One advantage though: at least double dipping isn't an issue when you're all just lined up at the trough like slopping hogs. LOL.

    • LISN says:

      Funny comment. I wonder what sort of party that was. I certainly wouldn't have eaten her dish. It was as nonsensical as she was. Her stories had no purpose except to fill airtime. She was right back at the age issue.

  5. PreachintheTruth says:

    Cant believe they kicked Ippy off and kept Marty, we already have a failing show called Aarti with a Party we don't need another. On a positive note NIKKI IS FINALLY GONE!! Lol and she will "be seeing Bobby soon", especially with that kiss D:!!! Go Justin can't wait to watch his show and learn all sorts of fun,crazy techniques!! :)

    • Nwllms says:

      I loved Ippy and thought he had a great pov. I won't watch any of these except maybe Michelle. This show has gone south!

      • Ed W says:

        I also loved Ippy - I hope the network picks him up and gives him a show. I'll definitely watch it.

        • Food Fan says:

          Ippy coulda gave us something new.
          His food was great.
          I will say that I was a little let down in his promo tonight. It wasnt terrible but it coulda been better. Yvan was more upbeat, and Martie has improved yet again on Camera.
          Ippy had a great smile in the early challenges but we saw too many camera shots these last 3 weeks of him looking somewhat sad or serious, which he would have nt appeared had he used his great smile somewhat more often as he did in the early episodes. He is still a very likable guy who stayed true to a great point of view (Susie thought so) and his Food is excellent. His food is better than Justin's. Justin survived and is STILL having a dull, blank, deer-in-the-headlights look with his almost expressionless eyes. I cant believe people like this weird ceasar-salad with that "gel" stuff that was in it.
          People have the right to like weird stuff if they choose to. But his dishes are just too crazy for me. I wont be voting for him. Go ahead and "minus" this. I expect it. But its never stopped me before and isnt stopping me now. Any of the other 3 would be better.

          • joanovarq says:

            I agree with you. I like Justin but his food is too bizarre for my taste. I don't want to cook any of his food.

        • pep299 says:

          If Ippy were added to the vote. 1st or at worst 2nd. Not sure why they wanted to push Michelle on us. Ippy would beat her in a vote EASILY

      • LLM says:

        That's exactly what I said!

    • londa says:

      Ditto!! Ippy is the only show that I would watch.

      • Ippy Fan says:

        Bring back, bring back, bring back my Ippy to me Food Network!

        • LLM says:

          THE ALL IPPY CHANNEL ALL OF THE TIME!!! And the crowd goes WILD!

        • Hawaiian Girl says:

          Huge Ippy fan here, too. The elimination of Ippy was disgraceful. As a fellow Hawaiian, I can attest that what the FN execs kept criticizing Ippy for was what viewers most connect with: His Hawaiianess! We are laid-back, inviting, warm and mellow, both by culture and from our environment. Ippy provides such a wonderful contrast to the frenetic energy of some other FN hosts and shows that feature impossibly skinny, overcaffeinated women or competition/challenge-driven men.

          Not to mention that Hawaiian food is the original (and best ever) fusion cuisine, featuring unique combinations of Asian, Pacific and Western ingredients. And--DUH!--anyone consider the audience appeal of the location alone??? Mark me as one of the million or so kama'aina-in-exile who would watch every minute of Ippy, for starters.

          Hawaii is crawling with top-quality production crews...unless any FN employees need to be on site, say, during the winter months? C'MON, Food Network. You blew it. Aloha kaua, Bruddah Ippy: Let's hope dey realize da mistake, brah!

          • LLM says:

            You go, Hawaiian Girl! The HyperDrive Reality shows need a reality check--one that lets TV execs know that THAT reality ain't everybody's reality! And that, even for those whose reality it IS, it's not their PREFERRED reality--just the only one they're offered here on the mainland anymore.

            I wanna move to Hawaii.

          • TexasMama says:

            I absolutely adore Ippy! I was so disappointed that he didn't make it into the Final 3 (or Final 4 as it turned out). I love his laid back style... it's so Hawaiin. ;) It's so REAL and so personal...things that the FN people keep trying to tell other people to be!!

            I especially love his fusion with Italian, but would love to see more of him putting ANYTHING together.

            Food Network sure got this one wrong. :(

          • FanFare57 says:

            Hawaiian Girl: Well said! I did like Ippy for his laid back manner. Although he was calm, he had unbelievable food (according to the judges' comments). His elimination made me wonder if this was a cooking show at all. The judges consistent dispatched a possible star if he/she didn't give up a dramatically sappy sob story. I still would like to see Ippy make his food.

          • Kay says:

            I want to watch Bruddah Ippy with Bruddah IZ playing in the background. Can't imagine anything better than my two favorite Hawaiians. Food Network just didn't get it. High energy is overrated. I avoid all those high energy FN hosts like Rachel. Give me an Ippy any day.

          • Ippy Fan says:

            Keep a little Ippy in our hearts.

    • International Viewer says:

      YES!!!!!!!!! My friends and I disliked nikki sooooooo much!!!!!!! She´s finally gone!!!!!!!!!!!! Bobby made sure everyone on his team Nikki could win a forever show produced by him. His preference was sooooooo obvious!!!!!! We are all so glad she´s gone!

    • Ed W says:

      I agree completely. I'd watch either Justin or Ippy in a second.

    • cherrycooks says:

      Ding Dong: Nikki got the gong!

    • Lynn says:

      Bobbie and Nikki have chemistry, let's assume that's it. I liked Nikki fine. She looks like she worked hard to get where she is. She is just attractive and confident and people, mostly women, don't like that unless they are sappy types. Nikki, hope to see you out there somewhere.

      Go Justin!

      • Bro says:

        Worked hard... by stepping on other people on her way up! Have you forgotten about Linkie already???

      • Melissag says:

        Nikki is an actress with mostly bit parts in tv shows and movies dating back to 2001. Nikki Martin - google it and see her resume on IMDB.

        She just saw this as another path to fame and everyone there knew it. Why they kept her on so long with absolutely NO POV - just boobs and injected lips- is completely the opposite of what they preached to everyone else. She didn't get personal or anything! They kept her because she was pretty and good for keeping men tuning in. Very disappointing for Bob and Susan to do that!

    • LovesSun says:

      I just watched the pilots 5 minutes ago and couldn't even remember what Marty cooked. Not exactly good for a chef you're supposed to want to watch. I remember Michelle's because I thought it looked so awful when it was done though. It would have been nice to see what Ippy would do. I'll bet he would have us in Hawaii or at least that type of scene. FN's loss.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        Totally with you on Ippy and re Michele, I thought the same thing about her finished dish. She was a good teacher through the cooking steps but that clam dish with all the corn and sausage stuck into the shells with all the broth underneath was a sloppy, overflowed mess that looked even more difficult to eat than Martie's shrimp.

        • FanFare57 says:

          I guess that's Michele's New England: "a mess in a bowl". We New Englanders do eat more than clams and "lobsta", btw. If she sticks with NE seafood, it might be too narrow for those who don't have access to fresh shellfish (which is much of the country).

      • Vermonter says:

        Martie's stuff was messy (not finger food!), her POV is NOT original (we can already see "Aarti's Party" if we want to), and she alwass seems just plain phoney to us!

        Michelle seems to be the real McCoy, and we were hungry watching her whip up those clams!

    • Gina101 says:

      Lol!! Nikki should have been gone week 2. That fresh from the plastic surgeon's look was too much.

      • LLM says:

        LOL. FFTPSL--newest net acronym!

      • cherrycooks says:

        Everything about Nikki was fake.

      • pep299 says:

        Couldn't figure out what it was about her I didn't like since week 1. You hit the nail on the head. She definitely looked fake

      • Melissag says:

        Like I said in another comment, if you google her name, Nikki Martin, you will find her resume on IMDB - it's mostly small parts in movies and TV shows. So basically, she just saw this as another path to fame.

        It was pretty obvious that she wasn't genuine and was acting.

    • marlene says:

      i totally agree i liked ippy and he should not have been kicked off , instead of changing the rules and keeping martie on who i think has a great personality but nothing new to offer,. ippy could have showed us some new hawaiian dishes ,so he is little laid back he is from hawaii. aloha ippy we wish you all the best you are made for tv never stop . justin is a star and should win it all

    • Ry33 says:

      Bobby has been married to Stephanie March since 2005

    • Monte says:

      Um, the show was actually called Aarti Party, and I believe it was canceled.

      • cherrycooks says:

        Aarti's show had limited appeal and was destined to be short-lived. The first few episodes were entertaining with some good recipes, but Aarti seemed to lose enthusiasm and showed little interest in what she was doing. No way could she keep the audience excited about Indian cuisine when she didn't seem to care what she prepared from week to week. Aarti lost me when she did a hotdog and ketchup dish that her mother used to prepare. As Ina would say, "It looked like a dog's breakfast!"

        • Lisa willhite says:

          I agree with you. She should never have won in the first place. I probably won't vote this time, since I have to log in to Facebook. I've boycotted it since what's his name announced he was giving up US citizenship to avoid paying taxes. Sleeze!!

          I hope Marty or Ivan win. I think they are the most authentic of all of them.

        • beachinfrizzy says:

          You got that right. Who would have thought Aarti could take 'cutesy' so far - cutsey rhyming name, cutesy giggle, cutesy flower in her hair, cutesy stories about running to 'me mum' like she was 5 years old every time she was happy/sad/angry/frightened/having PMS. You can only take adding tumeric and cardamom to hot dogs and hamburgers so far. But she does write beautifully and perhaps that's her true calling so I'm glad FN realized that. Notice she was not among the judges last night.

    • GUEST says:

      I believe that Ippy had worn down and all Martie has done: Improved! She did amazing. I'm kinda glad Nikki is gone, but sad to. The little kiss on the cheek was cute. Love Justin!

    • bella says:

      I KNOW! How odd was Bobby with Nikki??? At first, when she was promoting the "Girl on Grill" angle - provocative and tasteless, if you ask me - Bobby was all over it! It was so creepy...And last night's push he gave Nikki was obvious...I'm glad that she didn't make it to a pilot.
      I'm torn on who I think should win. I love Yvan's heart and sincerity, but if his pilot is any indication of what kind of cooking he'll bring, then I'll pass. It was out of a can!
      Marty is warm and friendly, but nothing extraordinary.
      Both Michelle and Justin bring talented cooking skills.
      Michelle won Chopped and I like her New England food angle.
      Justin is brilliant in his own way, but I CAN'T STAND HIM! Did anyone see him on the 24 Hour Restaurant Battle? What a pompous, degrading fool. He was so rude to his girlfriend/partner and too much on some intellectual pedestal the way he presented. He didn't bring that attitude to NFNS, but it's there under the surface. Still, if he stays with his tamed down personality, I have to reluctantly agree that he should win.

    • CMT says:

      Sad to say I was really expecting more of Aarti Party, and it would be really bad if Marty wins and she ends up in the same spot. How to kill a cook faster? partner the person with a horrible product. Aarti was promoting the Patak's products, and those are disgusting. Please Alton, if she wins help her out and dont kill her with a copy cat program and bad products promos. My vote is still for Justin. He reminds me of a younger Alton, and I think he would be a hit.

    • Gerda Giannelli says:

      I agree with your comment. I would have liked to see Justin and Ippy as finalists. So, let's hope that Justin wins and that Ippy finds another occasion to succeed.

    • cookzz says:

      I agree. I found Ippy appealing and offering unique dishes and certainly had the background to bring new flavors to the network. I find Martie boring and Michele, well, it may be her choice to having the piercings but I just do not find it attractive and am not comfortable with the idea of looking at her. I also am not fond of her dishes either. Nothing inspiring there.

    • ada says:

      I am with you Ippy should still be there, he has something different than all the others, being layed back is part of the Islands

    • Karo says:

      I totally agree with you. I love Justin, but I'd also totally watch Ippy because I want to know more about Hawaiian food, and Ippy really seemed to know what he was doing in the kitchen. I was never bothered by what the Food Network folks kept harping on as :lack of energy, or too laid back. Ippy is Hawaiian, for God's sake! I wouldn't watch a show about Hawaiian cooking with a host who wasn't believably Hawaiian, and a high-energy Hawaiian probably doesn't exist! Not that I've seen, anyway! What is it with these New Yorkers? They think everyone in the country shares their love of the fast-paced lifestye? Nope.

    • SilverScribe says:

      "Go Justin can't wait to watch his show and learn all sorts of fun,crazy techniques!! "

      Oh yes, because we all need to learn how to extract chocolate from Hershey's Kisses without taking the foil off.


    • Melissag says:

      Completely agree about Nikki! Google "Nikki Martin" if you want to see her REAL cooking cred! She has none! She's just someone who wants to be famous.

    • Grace says:

      Haha, yes! i totally agree with you

    • Nasia says:

      OMG I could not stand NIKKI either, thought it was just me!

  6. Jerry says:

    Go Yvan. I love family stuff. Family recipes are the best.

  7. guest says:

    Not voting for any of them. I was so disappointed in the slection that I surrender. Machelle is nasty to look at with body piercing and tattoos exposed. Even McDonalds doesn't permit cooking with jewelry in your face. Justin is interesting but I cannot get past the unusually brightly colored mouth, it's distracting. I don't care about southern cooking and I can't even remember what Yvan's POV is.

    • Maggie says:

      I agree about Michele's body art. I find it hard to look at too.

      • Gina101 says:

        Not to mention the nose ring. All I can think of is what happens when she sneezes and has to blow her nose. Gross. Too much of a distraction.

      • ann says:

        I agree, she is bad to look at. She was on chopped twice and lost both times, lets say goodbye to her. Sorry for Bobby but why did he pick her when she looks so trashy!!

    • wendy says:

      Agree completely. And somewhat surprised Bob and Suzy never commented to that effect. I remember one year where they made a big deal because a contestant wore hand jewelry and they commented about how unclean that was. A nose ring is just gross (tattoos dont help either) and they didnt say a word......

      • FanFare57 says:

        Well, they went gaga for last year's Vic Vegas. He was worse looking than manly Michelle. I do agree with you though. She's unappealing.

      • Ginger says:

        That contestant was Guy and he has made the show milions and he still wears alot of jewelry. He has the old tatoos also. So you can't go by that.

      • Autumn says:

        Are you as offended by Guy Fieri's even more evident body art? If not, you have a serious sexism problem.

        Bob and Susie never commened on it because they aren't as closed minded, superficial, and ignorant asd you obviously seem to be.

    • Tiffini says:

      While Michele is my least favorite pick out of the 4 (not that she doesn't rock, but come on, thats ALOT of tough competition and honestly, I dont have access to the sea food she would make me wanna cook anyhow) I will say I don't find her "unappealing". Id let her cook for me, fully "blinged" out, with sleeves rolled up and tatoos shouting "here I am!!!!!" aaannnnyyyy day of the week. There is absolutely NO scientific proof that tatoos are unhygenic or dangerous in the kitchen. I HIGHLY doubt any of her body jewlery will find its way into anyones food. Her hair (the REAL worry for me in the kitchen as far as gross out factor) is short and incredibly styled with enough hair product (which I think looks great on her) that I would actually feel SAFER with her behind the pans then half the other current female Food Network personalities. Plus I have yet to see her break out into a rolling sweat that pours into the food, like I HAVE seen from other talent on The Network- which absolutely turns my stomach. If you ask me- shes a safe bet if you dont want anything gross making its way onto your plate.

      • Sanita says:

        I agree!!!!!! You know she is someone's daughter, sister or aunt. People should think of that before they comment. Thank-You. I would let her cook for me too. Some of their "talent" don't wash their hands!!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!! Sanita

      • Mary says:

        won't watch her even if she covers it up I know its there NOW !

      • Homecook says:

        Don't really care about that tattoos. The nose ring bothers me, just because I think they look ridiculous on everyone.

        But you have to have a "look" that appeals to everyone, or almost everyone, and have awesome cooking and if you don't have all of the "look" together, you better be able to back it up with even better cooking.

        I think her POV is very limited. Yes, New England culture uses a lot of fresh sea food in their cooking, but it is not the only thing, and as someone who does not have access to fresh seafood, I only cook seafood when I am on the coast.

        • Autumn says:

          I agree with everything but the 'look' bit. I hate Giada's look. You can't make everyone happy. And Guy is more blinged and tattooed up than Michelle. Look where he is.

    • @YvanBoom says:

      way to be the upper of the blogs ! : )

    • Beatriz says:

      Yvan's POV has been clear from the beginning. it's family style

      • LISN says:

        I thought he was into "small plates" as his POV. How clear was that? How clear is family style really? Make a big hunk of stuff and serve it in a pan with everyone digging in to it standing up? That sounds like any stand up pizza parlor.

        • LovesSun says:

          I thought small plates were to meet the requirements of the competitions. Family style has always been one big serving dish and people helping themselves to their own servings.

          • guest2 says:

            With all eating from the serving dish? The pilot was based on the producer's was Giada that wanted the family involved. Wasn't very impressed at all; little brother helping? Everyone invited & handed a fork to "dig in" as the ending? Giada did Yvan no favor with her production....imho

          • joanovarq says:

            I disagree. I was not impressed with Yvan during this competition but I thought Giada's ideas really helped him make a great pilot with a rather uninteresting dish. We often see our favorite FN personalities have a relative help them cook - Paula Deen does this all the time and it works. The whole point of "family style" is one big plate where everyone digs in so I wasn't put off by that at all. It was very endearing.

          • LISN says:

            Why bother making an uninteresting dish worse? What was the point? Was it so his little brother could stick his hands in the food when he "helped"? guest2 is correct. Giada did a poor job directing him down the path of mediocrity.

          • Kaye says:

            Everyone digs in BUT with a serving spoon, not the fork you are putting in your mouth. Didn't Seinfeld alreadycover how disgusting double dipping is?

          • Martha says:

            I agree! His pilot was very endearing. I think his pilot went very well.

          • Tamara says:

            To each there own. I enjoyed everything about Yvan's pilot and Giada did a great job mentoring him.

          • beachinfrizzy says:

            Well it was about time. I thought her 'mentoring' pretty much stunk overall. She played favorites and for most of the series Yvan wasn't one of them. She called his caprese skewer "boring" (and it was) but she didn't tell him how to make it better. In the Chopped challenge I (and a lot of posters) thought he did very well but she insisted he to amp it up, resulting in the following week's shout-fest at Fashion Week (which totally undermined his well-received dish). For Guy Fieri, she tried to put the kibosh on his stuffed chicken wing, saying "NO - show how to debone it" and good for him for ignoring her after realizing it would take too long. She couldn't have cared less about him UNTIL that dumpster story made 'The Network" all weepy-eyed and Giada jumped on him as her new Ace up her sleeve. She turned his 'elegant South American inspired small plates' into a low budget male Latino version of her own show to remind us all of his humble beginnings and bringing in his loving family to tug at our heartstrings, actual cooking skills be darned.

    • Laila says:

      I agree with your thought on confusion with Yvans POV... But the unnecessary comments about Michelle and her body jewelry... Seriously? I mean this is what Food Network needs... Extraordinary people like Justin and his "unusually bright colored mouth". The show isn't judged on physical appearance it's on skill and the way the talk to people and I hope I'm not the only one but, Martie, Justin, and Michelle are the ones with the most ease on talking to people... Think outside the box and stop judging them by appreance. No one asked you to like the show? Who ever wins wins, and you'd be surprise if Justin and his lips make the Food Network. ~Chow

      • wendy says:

        Sorry Laila, but when it comes to preparing food appearance does matter to alot of people, including me. I have no problem with Justin wearing lipstick even if it strikes me a little odd. But body piercings can sometimes give an appearance of uncleanliness and I have to say the tight shot of Micheles nose ring as she was eating the Chowder so distracted me that I wasnt even paying attention to her cooking anymore.

        • Carl Dee says:

          Agree. Imagine dried nasal mucus collecting around that ring and then falling out in your food. FN what are you guys thinking?

          • ann says:

            that was to much!!

          • Autumn says:

   literally impossible to happen.

            Are you as offended by Guy Fieri's even more evident body art, bling and piercings? If not, you have a serious sexism problem.

            You'd be surprised how many chefs at restaurants you already eat at that are hidden out of view have piercings.

        • Autumn says:

          Are you as offended by Guy Fieri's even more evident body art, bling and piercings? If not, you have a serious sexism problem.

          It's actually a fact that people with piercings are MORE cleanly. Why? Because they can get them INFECTED if they AREN'T.

      • Gina101 says:

        It's a T.V. show. Appearance matters.

        • Autumn says:

          Yes, the same way it matters that she already cooks in an established restaurant, or how what shoes you wore in high school somehow made you a better person.

      • FanFare57 says:

        Your retort is ridiculous. A cooking show based on the lone host's appearance has everything to do with its success. You may find face piercing attractive. I don't and I said so. If the majority of viewers also find it offensive and don't watch the show because of it, then the show will fail. That fact is as plain as the pierced nose on Michele's face.

        • Autumn says:

          Are you as offended by Guy Fieri's even more evident body art, bling and piercings? If not, you have a serious sexism problem.

    • Mary says:

      YES feel the same way about Machelle nasty tattoos yuck body piercing won't watch her even if she covers it up I know its there NOW !

    • Anthony says:

      Mcdonald's is as crappy food as anyone can ever consume into there body ,ever.have you ever seen the documentary( supersize me) ,or what. Who cares if anyone has tattoes or not,don' t judge a book by its cover, you want to know if they can cook or not .have you ever heard of hell's kitchen with gordon Ramsay,because it takes perfection to cook from all walks of life, whether they have big mouths,tattoes,speak another language,just as long as they could cook. I should know ,my dad was a chef and retired at 67yrs old ,and learned how to cook by age 9yrs old not by books but by watching.people cried when my dad retired, said to him ,now its lunchboxes time,we will all suffer now.?

    • foodie says:

      Quite a bit of judgement going on here. There are plenty of people working in kitchens with tattoos and piercings. You would be able to see if a piercing wasnt nicely kept as well as smell it because like anything, it will stink. Tattoos arent nasty and dont promote someone being dirty.

      The only thing disgusting, my friend, is you and your ignorance.

    • LLM says:

      Michele doesn't bug me, but I have to agree with you about Yvan, Marty and FrankenElvis--er, Justin. *G*

    • Smoke_alarm says:

      Tattoos are common -- especially on chefs. Ippy has tattoos and no one was complaining. Many contestants in the past have had tattoos. Piercings are almost as common. Why is Justin's mouth more distracting than Paula Deen's or Giada's. You could spot Nikki's lipstick a mile away. Is that not distracting? I guess people can be colorful only if they are also conservative? Zzzzzzzzzz.

      • psipsina says:

        Yeah, I'm totally with you. I think Giada looks faker than a Barbie doll, with her thick makeup and bleached hair (are we really meant to believe that the granddaughter of Dino de Laurentiis is a redhead?) But I watch her show because the woman can cook. Yes, it is distracting to constantly wonder what she would look like if she scrubbed up, but I've learned some good stuff from her.

    • Monte says:

      Did you guys know that apparently Alton Brown has a tattoo? OH THE HORROR!!

      • LLM says:

        LOL. But think about it: one of these days we'll see all these little old folks sitting around the home counting the extra lines in their tats. Even you have to admit: THAT is SCARY!

      • Autumn says:

        He has a FEW. People are sheep. What they don't know doesn't hurt them, I guess. This is why their kids lie to them. :3

    • Pat says:

      I agree with you about Michele and Justin, but do like the other two.

    • Bevotex says:

      What a tool

    • Doll Lady says:

      I agree, what is with the bright red lips? Lipstick!! Too distracting....not a Michele fan either. I do love Alton though!!!! I am for Marie or Ivan...

      • Karo says:

        It's not lipstick - Justin uses chapstick a lot. I remember it from one of the episodes. The poor guy has chapped lips - give him a break! I had a friend in college who had perpetually chapped lips due to some skin condition, and she even wore chapstick around her neck so she'd never be without it. Her lips were really red like Justin's, and she didn't wear lipstick.

        • Autumn says:

          Honey, the color is MUCH too dark to be chapstick... Girls have naturally redder lips then men.

    • design6studio says:

      Her name is Michelle learn how to spell... I'd vote for her any day of the week. The vote is about food and personality, she has both and isn't dumping canned food into a pot and calling it cooking. Who cares about her nose ring, she isn't cooking with it. I'd watch her over Yvan, Martie or Justin, although Justin would be my 2nd pick.

    • jae says:

      I'll make this short and sweet. It sounds to me like u r very judgemental and ignorant, not to mention out of date (not with it). The look of what is considered average and normal has changed drastically since the dark ages that u r living in. P.S. Michelle, Justin, Martie and Yvan Rock!

      • Zagnut says:

        @jae: Absolutely right on! Standards for appearance and behavior are antiquated and have no place in American society any more! Everybody just do whatever you feel is okay, and to he!! with anybody who doesn't agree with you. Yay for the brave new world!

    • Deja says:

      Isn't it wonderful that there is a place where talentless people can talk negatively about people with talent? Oh thank goodness for the internet.

    • Tori says:

      So its none of ur buissness to say wat they look like they all look fine. BTW U SUCK EVEN KNOW IDK WAT u look like but im pretty sure u look like a fricking iddiute ok no keep ur own opinion to URSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Autumn says:

      Are you as offended by Guy Fieri's even more evident body art? If not, you have a serious sexism problem.

  8. Rachel says:

    GO MARTIE... AND YVAN im stuck!

  9. Rose says:

    Yvan you are a true inspiration to everyone. You have proved that in America your dreams can come true. I can't wait to watch your show Family Style. Your promo reminds me of growing up in NYC with my Puerto Rican family making foods with whatever canned foods we got from the local food pantry or church. Buena Suere!!!

    • @YvanBoom says:

      Thank you Rose, but most of all thanks mom!

      • LLM says:

        The only thing WORSE than creamed corn is CANNED creamed corn. You can buy two ears of fresh corn for about 20 cents. Heck, if you can't afford 20 cents, you can find the stuff out back of many supermarkets. I was touched by your story a few weeks ago, dude, but that dish you made was disgusting. I can't believe you'd use that in something as important as your own pilot. Can't believe you went there. Totally lost any faith in your judgment about food.

        • Carl Dee says:

          Maybe he should call his show Canned Cooking.

        • BMB says:

          Nutrition Fact vs Fiction7/20/2010 2:49:08 PM
          Myth: Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier than frozen or canned. Fact: Research shows frozen and canned foods are as nutritious as fresh. In fact, since lycopene is more easily absorbed in the body after it has been processed, canned tomatoes, corn and carrots are sometimes better nutrition choices. ...
          ID=11129 Size=6 KB

          • ilene says:

            It wasn't about nutrition. Spam is suppose to be nutritious too. Quality is what counts, creativity as well plays a huge part in what stimulates an audience to want to watch and try out recipes. Yvan made a tuna helper or hamburger helper dish minus the meat. What, poor families only can eat canned mush? Isn't there a correlation between with lower economic groups and wight and nutrition issues?

        • BMB says:

          According to the American Dietetic Association, your body absorbs more healthful lycopene from canned corn than it does from fresh corn.

          Read more:

        • Dang Yankee says:

          And gelatine in a you know what gelatine is made from?

      • joanovarq says:

        Yvan, don't listen to these folks. Although it looked like a relatively easy dish (something I could figure out how to make without the assistance of a Food Network star!) it looked really yummy and fit well with your point of view... I was really impressed with the pilot. What a lovely family you have.

        • Dang Yankee says:

          I have family that make traditional corn pudding every holiday using canned corn because it adds moisture to the dish. I usually add one can of no salt to balance out the sodium. If your concerned about canned foods always check the labels.

    • Viewer says:

      Resent having to join Facebook. Why is it set up that way? Does the FN have stock in FB? I am about done with the FN-nothing they do is easy for the viewer AND if you don't have a computer you can't find out how Irvine's restaurants make out. Seems someone is trying to track every viewer.............

      • guest2 says:

        I won't be voting either, although I saw every episode. Don't have a facebook account, don't want one. Only have a cell phone, so costs me minutes if not money...Anyone wanting to cast a vote for me? Based on the pilots, I would have to choose Justin (although Ippy is my original pick from about the 2nd episode- no opinion after just 1, other than get rid of mr

        • LLM says:

          Yeah, the rocker was off his rocker. Ippy just rocked!

          • Carl Dee says:

            Ippy had the most promise for a unique show. I'd enjoy learning about Hawaiian/Polynesian cooking with a relaxed "laid-back" host. That's the way it is in Hawaii.

      • Dang Yankee says:


      • Dang Yankee says:

        Marketing Viewer.

    • Norma says:

      I also love Yvan he is young and kind, warm hearted and very creative and a family style program is still missing at the food network .......GREAT EXAMPLE for everyone!!!

    • Tina Knox says:

      I think he is the right one for the job

  10. Guest says:

    Glad there was the phone option for voting. Having to have Facebook to vote online is dumb.

    • Teresa W says:

      I agree. I don't use Facebook... WON'T use it.

      • Cyndi says:

        Hi TTeresa. I to will not use Facebook. I tried to find the phone number to vote by Cell Phone, but could not find it. Could you reply to tis message and give me the phone number so I can vote. I would really appreciate it. I could say more about facebook but I won't. Thanking you in advance,

    • another guest says:

      Agreed. Don't have a facebook acct and don't plan to get one.

    • Guest says:

      I would love to vote online but not thru Facebook

    • Jerilee says:

      I also agree. I don't have Facebook, don't want one. I tried to post earlier, but for some reason it "had to be approved". I think all posters should be able to vote online, as they have during this whole show. I'll just vote LL, cell, have my daughter vote FB, LL, and cell, and have all our friends do the same!!!

    • Shannon says:

      I agree!!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      I would have been okay voting via Facebook...But certainly not with FN forcing us to vote by accessing our accounts with an app! Why insist on gathering our email addresses and account info just so we can have the 'privilege' of voting? This is very disrespectful of the show's loyal viewers: To intrude on our privacy while asking for feedback that helps FN select a show that will be successful for the network.

      • N/A says:

        Completely agree! A VERY disappointing result after watching this show all season! I have a FB account but Food Network, stay out of my business.

    • guest says:

      Yeah, I don't have facebook

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      I don't have Facebook either, will ask my teenager to do the other half of my 'allowed' votes while I sit and dial the phone. At least I still have a landline!

    • Guest says:

      I agree, everyone doesn't use facebook. Not sure how much good it will do, but sent email to suggest they not do that in the future. At least have the option of voting just on the food network site.

    • Snarf Food Snippets says:


    • NoreenWishes says:

      I agree, Facebook voting is dumb. I've deleted my facebook acct. I sure wish they had an online voting option, I guess I wont be voting at all, I hope my 'missing' vote(s) don't impact the winning result.

    • 2012Diane says:

      I agree!!! and it never worked.