Watch the Pilots and Vote!

by in Food Network Star, July 15, 2012

Ivan, Michelle and JustinThe decision is in your hands now, Star fans! Cast your vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday.

Want a closer look at the pilots? Watch all four right here:


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  1. Maggie says:

    I'm going all out for Martie. I love to entertain and I bet she's got some neat ideas up her sleeve. GO MARTIE

    • Select3 says:

      I was crushed that the judges called Justin BEFORE Martie- Martie wins in my house!!

    • jbiowa says:

      Sorry, the LAST thing that the Food Network needs is yet another SOUTHERN COOK.

      Bah, humbug, I am so sick of hearing y'all on Food Network shows.

    • Deborah says:

      I'd vote for Martie as well and am highly disappointed that you MUST have a facebook account to vote. It is so unfair to prohibit those viewers who don't have facebook accounts for personal reasons. Too bad that Food Network isn't as fair as other shows in voting - like DWTS. I'm totally turned off about this competition now as it feel skewed and biased.

      • TryThis says:

        I think I saw that you can vote by telephone.

      • Pat says:

        Agreed on the Facebook account. But you can vote by phone.

        I'd watch any of the folks. It's a good crew.

      • dezidezigns says:

        You can also phone in your vote Deborah.... I don't know who you're voting for, but to vote for Yvan Lemoine the # is 1-855-547-8272..... for Martie Duncan 1-855-547-827. I only have the number to these two contestants, cause they're who I'm going for! Sorry.

      • Sherry says:

        Hi There, You don't have to have a facebook account to vote you can call a free call for Martie at 1-855-547-8271 She is my very favorite of the group. I think she will have a new look to foodnetwork and fun to learn from also.
        If your not voting for Martie the others have different numbers to go by
        Martie is first 1*855-547-8271
        Yvan is 1-855-547-8272
        Michelle is 1-855-547-8273
        and Justin bringing up the rear with 1-855-547-8274

      • Tonya says:

        You can call in your vote! Don't waste another second! ;)

      • Roriness says:

        This is why having a fake facebook is handy

    • Ed W. says:

      Martie's voice is like nail on a chalk board. She doesn't know how to shut her mouth. I can't believe she made it this far.

      • FanFare57 says:

        I completely agree with you. I can't see what Bob-Suse see at all. She's the most annoying voice. She represents Southern food very well, I suppose. It's just not something that interests me in the least.

        • Roriness says:

          My momma would represent southern food better.

          When Marty said Shrimp is their culture in Alabama, I was like......... WUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT? I am from a long line of Alabama women and we ain't got no shrimp recipes, y'all.

          • FanFare57 says:

            That's interesting. Maybe Martie is from the other side of Alabama - where the shrimp are.

    • NoMoPaulaDeans..PLZ says:

      To her shrimp she added Old Bay (pepper and salt) and pepper and salt... then she marinated in... WHAT? The only part of her dish that required more than sprinkling and cutting and she couldn't be bothered to share?

      Very disappointing.

      • Amy H says:

        She probably gave it but it was edited out. The pilots were very short. Alton was producing it; he must have thought there wasn't room for the entire recipe. Honestly, would you be able to walk into your kitchen and make any of the recipes that the other 3 gave, either? This was just supposed to be a taste of what their shows would be like.

      • Roriness says:

        I love your username. Just sayin'

    • Guest says:

      I didn't vote for Martie because she didn't give the recipe for the marinade liquid she put the shrimp in. I can't fix something new without a recipe. i like her point of view and her personality but the marinade recipe was an important missing item. I wouldn't watch a cooking show that doesn't give me the information I need to cook the dish. Sorry.

      • Amy H says:

        As I commented to someone else above, the pilots were very short, and it probably just got edited out. None of the other contestants gave enough detail for you to complete their recipes either. This is a silly reason to not vote for someone. It was just a sample of what their show will be like. Obviously, the real show will fit into a 30-minute time slot and will be much more complete!

        • TGDL says:

          Martie didn't do herself any favors by choosing shrimp covered in old bay w s&p, I'm sure we can find that in Paula Deen's recipes, oh I bet THAT'S where Martie got it from.

      • Guest47 says:

        I agree with Amy. Martie's producers didn't do her any favors. Some weird editing was going on there. Martie had never skipped her very first ingredients. Looked liked the B team was shooting her pilot.

      • Brenda says:

        If you remember, the pilots were only 3 minutes long. It's impossible to give an opening, entire recipe and a closing in that amount of time. This was simply to give the viewers a taste of what they could offer.

    • tim says:

      no way

    • Mountain Foodie says:

      Martie's voice and yammering point of view make me want to gouge my eardrums with a screwdriver. I wish she would STFU!!!!

    • nora says:

      I agree with you , this is the best show I've seen on Food Network.

    • dezidezigns says:

      I'm torn between Martie & Yvan. I love to entertain too. But I'm also REALLY feeling Yvan.... because I truly love bringing my family together at the dinner table!!!!! I love the name & concept of his show. Why can't FN give them BOTH a show daggit!!!!

    • Louetta says:

      In her promo she never told her ingredients, just talked over it all. Never really saw or understood what she was making. Just a half second view of a guest eating a shrimp from the bowl.

    • LISN says:

      That's nice that you like to entertain. From Martie's promo, did you really get any "neat ideas" from her sleeve? I sure didn't.

      • Roriness says:

        Nope. And her whole persona does not scream "Hey, I party!"

        • LISN says:

          I'm with you. From her demeanor and appearance, she doesn't seem like much a party animal. If she were alone in a room, she would go unnoticed.

    • Meg says:

      I would definitely watch her show!

    • tkjmom says:

      I hope they surprise us and launch all 4 shows! They are all new, fresh ideas and I believe the network has found 4 stars!

    • Food Fan says:

      Compare Justin and Martie as things stand NOW (not 4 weeks ago). Thats the part people leave out: GROWTH. Alton's Mentoring has really paid off! Martie has taken it and used it.
      Justin's might be better, but Martie makes more things I would wanna eat.
      Martie is warmer, more "engaging"/outgoing and has a happier-looking smile. Next to her, Justin STILL sounds more monotone and looks more blank and "flat."
      Watching Martie's video, above, its like she is already on her own show!

      Improvement I would never thought likely at all. I would watch her. She looks fun! (who woulda thought?) :) Go Martie!
      Yvan is my 2nd choice. He can show us new things.

      • Roriness says:

        Respectfully disagree.
        Martie seems warmer, but she feels fake. She feels nervous. I feel like she is trying to sell me something,

    • Doll Lady says:

      Martie is fun to watch, but in her pilot she did not give the ingrediants for her pickling for the shrimp. Bummer!

      • scubawoman says:

        I think she presented them but her production team chose to edit the marinade out so she could get more stories in. Bad decision on their part. Martie would not have had the authority at this point to make editing choices.

      • my perspective says:

        Doll Lady,

        If she gets her own show, you bet she'll give you the ingredients!

    • richard says:

      Yes Martie Baby you go girl!

    • Chevonne says:

      Martie didnt bring it like I thought she would. it felt like every other cooking show unfortunately... BORING. Yeah her ideas are cool but i can watch all the other cooking shows like hers. Yvan BROUGHT IT!!! I NEED cheap meals that will feed for a few days. a Can of corn and mac and Cheese. I can afford that. Justin has cool ideas but i would only be watching his show not trying the recipes. When God over flows my wallet I will try some of his ideas. I Receive it LORD. That other lady... I cant afford no clams to feed my whole family. she just out. Its between Yvan and Justin! Sorry Justin but i can use Yvans recipes.

    • Does it matter! says:

      New ideas up her sleeve? Really? I had her ideas up my sleeve 30 years ago. The foodnetwork needs something NEW!

    • Maria says:

      I'm voting for Martie. Yes she seems a little nervous on camera, but it's her turn and I think she deserves it.

    • JanB says:

      YES! I think that entertaining has become a lost Art, and I would watch Martie regularly! She makes me feel like I'm just chatting with my friends, and I don't mind any babbling whatsoever. My vote is for Martie! GO MARTIE!!

    • Barbara says:

      Martie all the way!!!

    • Chernynkaya says:

      She can't cook. I'd never watch her. Feels like the network is depserately looking for a replacement for Paula Deen, who has a lot of bad press.

    • Melissag says:

      No offense to Martie, but I feel like we already have her show - it's called the Paula Deen show! It has been fun watching her though.

    • RTR says:

      I can't believe Justin won. As much as his hair i would not watch him on food-network. I think Martita should have won but my second choice was always for Martie Duncan so i do not think Justin should have one (MY OPINION)

  2. Food Lover says:

    Go Justin! The Next Food Network Star!

    • Food Lover says:

      I love his fresh take on food and I would definitely watch him!

    • Ed W says:

      AMEN! I agree completely.

    • Priya says:

      I totally agree - Justin is awesome!

    • lesles92 says:

      Totally Agreed =D

    • Good_grief21 says:

      I agree. Justin is the only one I would watch.

    • Barbara says:

      I live in the caribbean and I cannot vote.STUPID!! I love Justin!!he must win!!

    • Tony D says:

      Couldn't agree more... As a Food Network addict, he would be a refreshing, creative change...

    • parkshyde says:

      Justin is the best!! i loved how Alton had the idea to use his show as inspiration towards Justin's POV. it worked so perfectly. GO JUSTIN!!!

    • Bro says:

      Justin is very Alton-esque! And who doesn't love Alton?! :-)

    • sebona says:

      Iam not even interested in voting or watching the rest of the show ....I know they have already picked Justin, and I cannot stand him and will definitely NOT watch his program or any of the others except Ivan

    • Marlene says:

      Hands down, Justin is the winner. He is the most unique personality and has the culinary chops (no pun intended) to boot. Their is no one else like him on all of food network. Cant wait for next week to see Justin victorious. Ill definetly be tuning in to the Rebel with a culinary cause.

    • Louetta says:

      His techniques are beyond anything I could ever duplicate but he's entertaining to watch. I could see it getting too flashy to watch with a lot of camera tricks and that would stop me from watching but the younger crowd would love it. I could see him becoming a diva and difficult to work with so hopefully he can keep it together and have a long and successful career. He could do anything he sets his mind to.

    • guest says:

      That's who I'm voting for!

    • Food Fan says:

      see reply to maggie's post, above.

    • Cyndi says:

      HI Food Lover
      Can you or anyone else help me. I don't like facebook whcih means I will vote on my cell phone. The only problerm I can;t find the phone number to call and also get Justin number Do you have that number. And if you do would you send it to me so I can vote. Thankinfg iin acvance Cyndi

    • Kelly H. says:

      I would totally watch Justin -- but ONLY if they give him a make over! I'm serious. Smack the lipstick off of him & I will be watching ...!

    • Melissag says:

      I would love for there to be a show of Justin and Emily together. Both seem very smart food-wise and like if you handed them some ingredients they could just whip something up! They also each have that unique attitude!

    • Grace says:


  3. Maggie says:

    If I could vote for two, I would also vote for Yvan, because I love family stuff.

    • guest says:

      You can vote for 2, 3 or even all 4. I split my votes between 2 - Yvan and Michelle.

    • tilan says:

      Justin should win hands down

    • LISN says:

      Yep, "Family Stuff" sums up what Yvan made tonite.

      • Bro says:

        While I personally prefer Justin, watching Yvan's Pilot made me suddenly crave a nice big bowl of mac and cheese! Mmmm

        • justinftw says:

          Totally! All my votes went to Justin but I did want to eat Yvan's mac and cheese (until he put that hot sauce on it). But then again, mac and cheese is easy peasy. Actually, Alton's recipe for mac and cheese is my favorite. Yvan brought nothing new to the table but was likeable

          anyway Justin Warner FTW

          • joanovarq says:

            Agree about Yvan. He's likeable and I liked his pilot with his family members but how is is POV different than what Melissa D'Arabian and other Food Network Stars do. He doesn't bring anything new to the network.

          • LISN says:

            I actually think he "dumbed" it down. He brought mac and cheese down and made it less healthy. That's quite an achievement. I have seen better renditions on other shows: mac and cheese with lobster, mac and cheese with cauliflower, mac and cheese with veggies, etc. Corn is a grain, not a vegetable. Canned creamed corn is sludge.

          • Chevonne says:

            Mac n cheese with lobster??? you are just feeding yourself huh? that is cool if its just me, but I need food for me and 3 others for at least 2 days (dinner and at least lunch). mac n cheese with vegggies sounds good. I might have to try that one. but mac and cheese with creamed corn sounds different and looked great . plus IT WAS EASY!!!

          • Chevonne says:

            Melissa D'Arabian??? who is that??? oh thx to google. not that lady meals are cheap b/s she buys the onions cut up and the mushrooms and everything else???maybe i have her confused with someone else. YVAN IS INTERESTING!!! HE IS DIFFERENT!!! I want his food and so does my husband.

          • Chevonne says:

            But thats what you want or I want!!!! I NEED TO FEED MY FAMILY! Can of corn got it! noodles cheese and milk Got it! where am i going to get geletin (whatever) from Justin how much does this cost? Noodle $1 at Kroger, cheese KROGER Brand $3-4 milk $2.99. Sorry Justin I want Yvan to win so I can use his recipes. Love you though Justin but family got to eat and get FULL!

          • Jimmy B says:

            I know what you mean, but I feel like every FN star says, this is going to be easy and quick. Well, there might be people that want to cook at a more advanced level of ingredients.

          • LISN says:

            Well, why don't you get Yvan's cookbook?

      • GoFNS says:

        Go Yvan! Mac and cheese is a dish were anything goes, corn and spice are nice touches because it puts a little Latin touch to it. I was surprised most by Martie, she was very poised and I liked the setting (house) she was in. Plus the blouse she wore--all very refined! Justin was funny as usual and Michele's food looked fantastic! What a tough choice.

    • ada says:

      No way Yvan messed up in the last show Ippie should still be there

    • Nasia says:

      I was definitely team Yvan as well, just because his story alone really made me wanna watch. plus he seemed to come from so much from where he started on the show, like he has grown

  4. Sharron says:

    They need a fifth option for

    None of the above!

    • PreachintheTruth says:

      Justin is amazing!! He deserves to win!!

    • guest says:

      I agree. None of the above. Even though Justin is a wonderful entertainer, I could not stand to look at him so long as to watch a full show.

    • Nwllms says:

      I agree sharron... I would have watched Ippy with his pov. He would have improved in time.

      • FanFare57 says:

        Ippy did a very good job. I thought he was better than Michelle (who sounded like a used car salesman) and Yvan (with his odd speech cadence). Ippy was kind of adorable. I'm sorry he didn't progress.

        • beachinfrizzy says:

          Used car salesman - hee. Funny when Sunny said 'her body language scares me'.

          Ippy was very adorable. Big teddy bear in a flowered shirt and I thought his 30 second promo was the best one wheras Ivan's was the weakest because he didn't talk about what kind of food he would make! I thought the best 30 sec promos were from Ippy, Martie (although her mini show didn't do nearly as well...started rambling again) and Justin. And Michelle's was better than Nikki's (there's that spokesmodel again) so she earned her spot.

          • FanFare57 says:

            I completely agree with you. Ippy was like a big teddy bear. Every time he smiled, I did too. That said, his food (from the judges' continued raves) was first rate. I liked his relaxed manner, yet excellent cooking skills. That was most unusual. He should have been in the final over confusing YvanLemoine! (Every time Yvan announces his name, it's like a big whoosh - "what did he say?") By the time, I figured it out, he's sing-songing something else. Martie is a fumbling windbag. She seemed to have brought back all of her bad habits: rambling, highlighting her age in a sad way, not giving solid information, not backing up her POV. I still can't believe Bob-Sue thought she was worthy to be a finalist.

      • Carolyn says:

        Ippy is just fine in front of a crowd. He hosted a chef cook off on July 4th in Waikoloa and did amazing and posed for pictures, was super friendly and always had a smile on his face. Food Network will realize their error and offer him a show.

        • steve says:

          The reason he did so well there was he didn't have the FN folks telling him to stop acting like a Hawaiian.

          • LLM says:

            LOL. Uh huh. Maybe someone needs to remind them Hawaiians are Americans too.

          • Autumn says:

            Like poor Yvan has them telling him to stop being South American. They ruined his POV until he made us mac and cheese with creamed corn,. >.>

      • imissippy says:

        Ippy was so friendly and adorable. Ippy > Michelle, Yvan definitely

        Oh well

        Justin FTW

    • Nina says:

      Ippy should've been up there!!!! I would watch him, he had great ideas to bring Hawaii home!

    • Barbara1733 says:

      I would vote for "none of the above". Now that Ippy is gone, there is no reason for me to vote. I suspect we will not be watching what ever show is the result, we'll just stick with watching Ina & Giada reruns. We were looking forward to watching a new show with a content that has a good mix of Western Pacific cuisine. Something different, as we have cooked our way thru most of Food Networks content.

    • joanovarq says:

      Exactly. Everyone worth watching has been eliminated. Not even sure if I'll vote. I was shocked when they eliminated Ippy - almost as shocked as when they eliminated Emily. Those two were real stars. Now they've presented us 4 ho-hum choices to vote on. Justin's got a great personality but who really wants to cook Caesar salad jell-o?

      • LLM says:

        My other half and I were saying that Emily and Ippy were the real stars this year tonight too. Caesar salad jell-o wouldn't be on my leftover list, let alone a bucket list.

        • Food Fan says:

          Justin may be a good guy in real life...but his food just doesnt appeal to me.
          Listen to him speak. Then, watch and listen to Martie's video above. Who is warmer? Who is more outgoing?
          I like Creativity and bein' original, but EMILY's version was much better.

      • Autumn says:

        THANK YOU!

    • Jelly says:

      Fake, fake, fake.
      Did anyone notice that Michele, Marie and Yvan were always in the bottom three, and wow, now they are vying for their own show. Every contender to Justin, Ippy, Martita, are gone, and why".....theybdid nothing wrong. Seems the Network new from the very beginning who was to be the next Star...Justin.

      Also forcing viewers to have a Facebook account in order to vote stinks! Talk about manipulation!
      Too bad, I won't be watching ever again.

    • bobbie says:

      I agree. Ippy was my choice. I want someone that can teach new ideas

    • kitty says:

      i agree

  5. CAbke says:

    Justin and Yvan are gonna get younger people excited about good food and cooking. As the Mom of four, now young adults, this is exactly what the Food Network needs.

    • Chris pauL says:

      I agree.

      I'm putting 5 votes to Justin and 5 votes to Yvan each day

    • Annie Adams says:

      I'm as old as dirt, but I find Justin to be ABSOLUTELY charming, and agree with you 100% that this is exactly what Food Network needs.

      • 2012Diane says:

        I liked Justin till this promo. It was terrible. Yvan is the young bringing food and the family back together which is what this country needs. And does it with financial soundness.

        • Food Fan says:

          Yvan could be good. Or Martie. I didn't think so 4 weeks ago, but she has really grown with Alton's Mentoring. Her latest video shows much more confidence and having fun and I would watch her show. Listen to her. Justin sounds dull by comparison. And Martie makes things I would eat.
          Yvan could also teach us there is more more than just Mexico below the USA border, even though I like mexican food.
          Yvan or Martie.

          • Tamara says:

            Yvan is from Venezuela...not Mexico.

          • LISN says:

            I wish Yvan showcased food from South America more. It would have been nice to see something else than a pedestrian plate of mac 'n cheese for his finale fare.

    • Food network fan says:

      I love both of these. I wish they would give them both a show. Yvan has the quick recipes I would love to cook - that won't put me in debt - and with common items. Justin is definitely a "son" of Alton Brown. My son and I loved watching "Good Eats" together and always learned so much from it. We both love history and cooking and it always combined both along with science. Justin would definitely have a show that would be fun and different to watch. Good luck to both!

      • @YvanBoom says:

        Thank you FNF!!

        • Food network fan says:

          You are so welcome! So keep us posted as to what you do now. I would love to see more of your cooking some day! - And thank you for reminding us to take time out for the things we love - family and the things we love to do - cook. I work long hours in a restaurant but sometimes forget to just take time to sit down with my family and enjoy our time spent together.

    • GoFNS says:

      I liked Giada's team because she selected chef's who have similar experiences to her--they immigrated to the US with their families and their close with all of members of their family. What a great way to honor the contributions and dedication of families who chose to call the US home. My father's family immigrated before WWI, they had little of everything but they worked hard for a better life. More than half of Americans can claim an immigrant in their family--over 40% came through Ellis Island and thousands more came through Angel Island! This a good opportunity as well to remind us of the families who were here since the begining and are often under represented. I know Yvan is better than canned corn, given the short time he had to pull a promo together I think he did a wonderful job brining his point 'home'.

    • tkjmom says:

      I couldn't agree more! My 13 year old loves both Justin and Yvan! On the other hand, i would my New England and Martie with a party every week. I believe the Network has 4 new stars!!

    • Dawn says:

      I'm 48 and Justin is the ONLY one I'd watch. He's different, the rest have been, and are being done to DEATH. Martie party can come on right after Aartie party...... And maybe next years winner will be named Bartie. Then we can have ANOTHER party, (that I won't be watching either). And NO, I'm not going to put Big Eyed Tuna in my oatmeal cookies, but I'd watch Justin do it.

  6. Rose says:

    Ivan you are an inspiration that America is a country where dreams can come true. Your Family Style program reminds me of growing up in NYC with my Puerto Rican family trying to make ends meet with whatever canned goods the local food pantry or church provided. Buena Suerte !!!

    • LadyB says:

      Yvan is good, but he's the weakest of the 4 finalists, I think.

    • Bucky says:

      not at all he is probley the strongest,plus he very camera ready and i just think he the winner now did also vote for marty and justin but yvan has the major part of my votes,

    • @YvanBoom says:

      Thank you so much for the support!! love u all!!! : )

      • LISN says:

        Yvan: What happened to your POV? Small plates morphed into family slop (er, stuff)? Why? What was wrong with making small elegant appetizers or whatever it was. ( I think you jumped the shark by changing horses in mid stream.)

        • whateveryvan says:

          Good point! Since when was he cooking for families? Remember those teeny kebabs with the mozz? The mac and cheese looked good, but I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE MAC AND CHEESE

          he's sweet and likeable but I always feel like he's yelling at me

          • chevonne says:

            Yvan Talks with Love!!! He is excited!!!! I WANT TO WATCH A CHEF THAT IS EXCITED ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE MAKING! (Im not yelling. just excited! dont cry. jk) And although you can make your mac n cheese its nice to try different twist/ versions of it

        • BMB says:

          His POV was always Small bites/ Family Style... Not twist.

          • beachinfrizzy says:

            Not seeing anything 'small bite' about a casserole of macaroni and cheese, delicious as it is. Unless you eat it with a demitasse spoon.

          • LISN says:

            Hahahahahaha! Exactly so. "Small bites" and "family style" are NOT remotely the same thing. Besides, he prided himself in making elegant "small bites" (I thought). If I can't remember his POV, it wasn't very memorable.

      • Tony D says:

        Yvan you rock... love the simple and economical cooking... U look like you're having so much fun and I look forward to watching you in the future...

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        Loved your stuffed chicken wing 'small plate' for the Guy Fieri challenge and good for you for not letting Giada change it into a 'how to de-bone' lesson. Would love to see more small plates with South American influence if you get the opportunity (people can even fix "small plates" for their families, I do it all the time for my kids on the go with their activities, so why not?).

    • Barbara says:

      Heartwarming story.It is good there is still some kindness left.

    • Loueta says:

      His story was that he and his mom came into the country when he was 13 and they ate from trashcans. Not sure his legal status now but when did the "family" appear and all the great eating that mom created?

    • Jude says:

      i totally agree

    • yeahisaidit says:

      Who the heck is Ivan? Are you watching the same show as me?

      • LISN says:

        You must have blinked and missed him (YVAN, btw). He's the dude that was invisible until the herd was culled. He has a pleasant personality. His POV was okay (sort of) and then he changed it up to create mac 'n cheese thickened with canned creamed corn. He's now of the "Reheaters R US" cooking style.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        I'll do LISN one better and say that Yvan was the one who was invisible until the herd was culled AND he told a dumpster-diving story that made Susie "cry", which caused Giada to toss Ippy aside like yesterday's newspaper, and once Martita hung herself by running 30 short once again, catapaulted him into the finals as Giada's protege.

    • Nasia says:

      Exactly Team Yvan, you are the best, sad he didn't win but Justin was a likable candidate for me as well. He was really up there for me, so i'm not mad...just really wish it would have been Yvan

  7. Deanna says:

    Go Justin! The Next generation Alton!!

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Yep. With Ippy out of contention his is the only one I would make an effort to remember to watch. For Justin and Michelle, I wouldn't turn the channel but they wouldn't be must see TV either. Sorry Yvan.

    • Ed W says:

      Yes. He's young, smart and just geeky enough. I'll watch him.

    • Good_grief21 says:

      Justin is new, funny, and the only one I would watch

      • LISN says:

        I'm with you. I AM from New England and her appearance turns me off as well. IF she wins, I won't watch.

      • Joy says:

        I agree, the Alton of today! I looove Alton Brown-- intelligent, quirky, and great teacher. I'd love to watch Justin bring a twist to good eats.

    • Chrissy says:

      Justin is the one!!

    • rbandcb says:

      I can already see justins second show it'll be called twisted good eats.:)

    • Sharon says:

      From the very beginning I swear I thought Justin was
      Alton's "Minnie Me". I love Alton, so my vote's with Justin!

  8. Denise B. says:

    Justin all the way!!

    • Ecareell says:

      Justin is awesome young fun and really knows what he is doing wouldn't be the same fns that put me to sleep

  9. ehrlingers says:

    Justin is brilliant. He totally deserves his own show :o)

    • Ed W says:

      I completely agree. I'm hoping he wins because I would definitely watch his show. I'm also hoping the network sees who they found in Ippy and hire him soon. I'd watch him.

  10. miyabita says:

    I was really happy for Martie. I thought her pilot could have been better, but I was glad she got to make one. I like watching the contestants grow, and I feel like she's grown a lot over the course of the competition. Even if she doesn't win, I think there are big things in her future. =)

    • C in Indy says:

      It seems kinda like Martie's production team was different from the others. I could really see a difference in the packaging of all four pilots; better set-ups and scripting. I'm afraid she got the B-team for her production crew.

      • Lilly Faye says:

        I agree. The lighting on Martie's pilot was bad.

        Also, I think Bobby could have taken Michelle out to Long Island and let her cook on the beach, or maybe on the boardwalk in New Jersey. Trapping her in a tiny corner of the roof did her no favors.

      • Gina101 says:

        I think they gave her a consolation pilot attempt. And since America is voting, the network didn't have to be the ones to yank her.

        • TGDL says:

          Yeah that's BS!! Stick to the rules! I was ready to not ever see her face again!

          • LeahD says:

            Did anyone else notice how airbrushed her contestant picture is? When I first looked I didn't even recognize her. Her "thing" that she always talks about is her age, then they go and airbrush her beyond recognition...

    • joanovarq says:

      Martie is likeable but I don't think she brings anything new to the network. We already have Sandra Lee, Aarti, Ina Garten, and Giada to tell us about parties, and Paula Deen to give us the Southern charm.

      • FStegall says:

        As a native Southerner, I don't see Paula Deen as "Southern Charm". I think she over-works and over-hypes the "Southern" thing. Her accent is an affectation - she's playing it up for the cameras. I have friends from every state in the south, and NO ONE speaks the way she does. We make fun of her for it. Martie, on the other hand, comes across as much more genuine. Yes, she has a Southern accent, but she doesn't "lay it on thick" to amuse her audience.

    • Eg Gsforms says:

      Martie's pilot also struck me as "off" (probably through nobody's fault). The scenes with the guests looked very staged, as if these people had NEVER met Martie (or, for that matter, each other) until minutes before the taping. We saw people with cocktails, but no cocktail recipes. And there was a sort-of rushed aspect, almost as if they had to hurry up and finish before the homeowner came home and caught them.

      That said, this is probably an inevitable consequence of her "entertaining" POV which calls for production differences between this type of show (cf. Ina) and the usual stand-and-stir show. But didn't flatter Martie.

      • Brotchen says:

        It was weird how Martie approached the guests. When she brought that bowl of shrimp (with raw onions and sliced lemons) to the party table, she looked like someone's mother who was just trying to be unobtrusive to her child's gathering.
        Her 'stories" were irrelevant and off track to be a demonstrator of whatever she said she was going to do/make. She completely forgot to describe the dish in a coherent way: "...I'm gonna marinade the shrimp. First I'll put old bay (you gotta have old bay) on it. Then I'll grill it. Oh, yeah - add the marinade on top and serve it?..." Marinades usually are done for a lengthy time prior to cooking in order to get a depth of flavor. Her presentation felt out of order or nonsensical. Whatever.

    • LovesSun says:

      I have not been impressed with Marti in front of the camera but thought she handled herself beautifully in the pilot. I still have no interest in party food or ideas, and the dish she made would not interest me, but she was far better in the pilot than in any of the shows.

    • Auty says:

      But Martie is JUST Paula and Sandra Lee's love child that talks way too much.

      The fact of ther matter5 is, you can tell by these comments, Justin got it, and that makes me sad. But hella better than Martie. I would never watch her show, but I might watch a few of his episodes.