Watch the Pilots and Vote!

by in Food Network Star, July 15, 2012

Ivan, Michelle and JustinThe decision is in your hands now, Star fans! Cast your vote online up to 10 times per day until 5pm on Tuesday.

Want a closer look at the pilots? Watch all four right here:


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  1. Anthony says:

    When Martie Duncan became the first to be eliminated ,it was truly sickening that it was'nt that fake dumster
    cook liar ,in that of Yvan Lemoine .Well FNC once again screwed up and big time ,thanks to judges Bob and Susie and the weakend mentors to whom surely played favorites in this outcome ? Even FNC DODO Bird in that of President Brooke Johnson ,should truly be amazed that we now have an Alton Brown Jr. replacement to continue Alton's boring journey into repeat unsastisfactory. FNC prooved nothing new in having the new Alton Brown replacement in that of Justin Warner.Justin will deliver to FNC On What Alton Brown has already brought but with a twist and then cancellation time will come very quickly and Justin wil be gone.FNC then returned to show highlights of season 8 gone past and awry,by insulting those who were eliminated and talking about what could of had been done to have made the season 8 ,better.At this point and time ,nobody gave truly no real response on season 8 .I totally believed that the question about season 8 was a trick question ,since the judges and mentors have already screwed on up the season when the judges of Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson sent Hawaiian Chef IPPY home over an amatuer cook Yvan Lemoine to whom was the judges favorite due to his dumpster story of how Yvan Lemoine found his first box of mac and cheese and creamy canned corn and how it became his family favorite cuisine meal to eat ( i bet it came with maggots to) ,and how far his story could take the FNC viewers.According to me ,season 8 then became an ending disaster that very night and the FN STARS season came to a sad ending when IPPY was sent packing by the judges ! the remaining episodes meant nothing after IPPY'S elimination,because the FNC sent home the real winner and who truly who should of been the next FN STAR in that of PHILIP IPPY AIONA but of course not, that was not the case to happen here ..No new show as to that of Hawaiian STYLE CUISINE and with a twist of ITALIAN STYLE FLARE with your host. from the HAWAIIAN TROPICAL ISLANDS PHILIP IPPY AIONA would not become a new adventure and with booming ratings,that would of gotten FNC flying Island Style but Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, We have to get Alton Brown Jr. In that of Justin Warner,to whom will bring you Alton Brown style to which we already have and seen and in past and over repeated programs.Well I'll give FNC a wee bit of a thanks here ,because it could of became a disasterous season 8 if Yvan Lemoine won. I would'nt understand the future programs and truly filming inside a dumpster ( with maggots and germs and whatever diseases) to promote any FNC series with Yvan Lemoine.Though a thought came across me for a show with Yvan Lemoine and His Father Andrew Zimmerman called YOUR NEIGHBORS TRASH ,IS OUR GOLDEN FOOD FIND AND OUR NEIGHBORS LOSS? Well even MICHELLE RAGUSSIS got robbed. Like that of PHILIP. IPPY. AIONA ,to whom were both and truly original to what they both brought to the FNC and table were not ongoing repeats or for that fact ,repeated programs. So in the end ,FNC could of went real with MY NEW ENGLAND or for HAWAIiAN STYLE CUISINE at best to which FNC Does not have in thier line up or shows, but for real and in reality, could of went HAWAIIAN but you did'nt and you should have ,and the truth of the matter is ,a FNC LOSS?
    PS so who finished 2nd and who finished 3rd between MICHELLE RAGUSSIS and Yvan Lemoine,the FNC so poorly left us with a cliff hanger here? i could only figure that they did enough controversy when thier so wrongly judgement ousted PHILIP IPPY AIONA ,that they could'nt handle the truth of truly admitting that they played favorites in the decision to keep Yvan Over IPPY handed us a season 8 cliff hanger ?

    • Carl Dee says:

      Rant! Justin won, get over it.

    • LISN says:

      Why does it really matter who came in 2nd or 3rd place? Do they get red and white ribbons for their efforts? You seem to need a vacay, maybe. Vermont is nice this time of year... Just a suggestion.

  2. marlene says:

    I am very disappointed that Justin won. Although he was okay with his food, I really don't think that he is star material and his food is too weird for me. I will not try to cook anything of his and i don't think I will be watching his show. I really thought that Michele shoud have won, she has a better personality and i really liked her food. She is very bubbly and very easy to watch. I was voting for her from day 1. Sorry Foodnetwork but i don't think you have a real winner here.

  3. Carl Dee says:

    @marlene: Well, it seems that if the viewers unanimously voted for Justin then that makes him a real winner. I voted for Justin because I like his style and I can't wait to see his show this Fall. Apparently, millions think the same way.

  4. Johnny says:

    This was an interesting season, with the mentor format, producers' challenge, and America's vote. To be honest, I've watched cooking shows for a lonnnggg time, and I don't care for the star-search format. I've seen every episode of every PBS "teaching" show done by Graham Kerr, Nathalie Dupree, Jeff Smith, John Folse, Martin Yan, and such like. I miss Sara Moulton. I do enjoy Ina a lot. I'd scream if I had to hear Guy say "money" or "on point" one more time, and I was never a fan of Good Eats (but kudos to Alton for a trove of information). I thought Jeff Mauro had a novel POV last year, and he's not too over the top. The writer who compares to Hell's Kitchen misses the point that GR is looking for a chef, not a personality. I doubt I'll watch Justin's show or cook his recipes, but he absolutely meshes with the network goal. Michelle was a strong contender also, with a good niche cuisine. I'd have voted for Ippy if he'd made it to the finals, but as it was, I didn't bother voting at all.

  5. Anthony says:

    You like everyone else just truly does'nt get it on the comparasion of a show , to whether the topic is ,you will be judge on your performance on whether your good or not ,periodly.EXAMPLE ,lets say you go to Vegas to beat the house and for some very strange reason you do and you beat Vegas badly and bankrupt them to the point that they cannot pay you, tell me how are you going to bet again and against Vegas and the house ? The answer is that you will never ever beat the house ever, solely on the fact is the house is totally fixed for you to not to beat it. Because if you did go and beat the house , tell me to whereas the house is truly going to get the money to go and pay you ,when you just broke the house and banked rupted , how are you going to collect your money now,when then the betting place cannot you because they have now gone bank rupted ,foom your victory of cleaning thier house on out , by way of victory ,all or nothing.What i am isaying that we was all scammed into believeing that Josh was the real winner of this FNC, otherwise it was fixwd. You know like predetermined, they( FNC)) already knew., Its like sports with odds against them ,or lottery or scratch tickets with bar codes on them,to all its a game but to some its more than just a game, its their life? I used to love watching sports until my mom said to me,and i quote ,so what are you going to get out of this game ,are they going to give you something out of this for wasting your time that is so very precious in life to have? Is your life going to change or what, don'nt you know its a waste of time and your wasting your time for nothing,when you know that you can be doing something better than this ? The moral of this is that , maybe just maybe ,with a real Chef like that of Gordon Ramsay to whom is is also judge , jury ,and decider as to being the last vote and say ,for any such outcome to come is the final say. There was mo final say On FNC the nextwork star. We already knew that Martie Duncan finished 4th to which the FNC let us know that of her final outcome was to which by the end of the show truly was not fair to her that she was truly exposed and we the viewers got to know right away that it was'nt going to be Martie Duncan as the next FN star .To me ,this was a cheapshot to start the show off and ond truly on the wrong foot .Then we got to view so jokingly , season 8 in review to truly insult and remind those who were eliminated again .We were now wating for the two in line and to see thier season 8 in review but they never did and why they never did,will be a mystery .FNC then gave us the winner ,to whom it was crybaby Alton Brown's son Justin Warner to which became later, no suprise here at the end. To me season 8 truly ended the night Philip. IPPY Aiona was eliminated by these jokes of a clown judges of BOB and SUSIE ,do you truly think that IPPY would of been eliminated in favor of Yvan ,if GORDON RAMSAY. Was the judge, i bet not !!!!!!!!!

    • Brotchen says:

      Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. What a great schtick you have going. You're all about Yvan is a liar, blah, blah, blah, Gordon Ramsey is a supreme being; blah, blah; blah. The rest of your diatribe is mere filler.


    Yuck Justin. Lip stick lips.

  7. Jerilee says:

    Really??? Are you serios?