Caption It: Do They Like What They See?

by in Food Network Star, July 13, 2012

Susie, Anne, Jeff and SunnyAfter nine weeks of Star Challenges, Producers’ Challenge face-offs, last-minute secret ingredients, celebrity chef appearances and Miami beach parties, the competition comes down to this Sunday’s penultimate episode. The top six Food Network Star finalists, Ippy, Justin, Martie, Michele, Nikki and Yvan, have just one chance to strut their stuff and prove themselves worthy of a chance at stardom in a promo for their own Food Network show.

Who better to judge the finalists’ performances than a group of food-television pros, including Anne Burrell, last season’s Star winner Jeff Mauro and Sunny Anderson. Take a look at the sneak-peek shot above and notice Jeff’s slight smile and Anne’s and Sunny’s questioning eyes — do you think they like what they see? For which finalists will the Star dream end on Sunday, and who will be able to film their very own pilot programs?

Check out a video preview of Sunday night’s episode to get more behind-the-scenes footage.

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this telling moment in the comments below.

Then after Sunday's episode, the winner comes down to you, fans! Be sure to visit before Tuesday, July 17 at 5pm to cast your vote for our next Food Network Star. You can vote online up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (394)

  1. Hot Sauce Granny says:

    Thank you, Food Fan! I feel like we think thesame way. Grandma, honey, tell me about it! My grandchildren love only two things: their loft beds, and Facebook!

  2. Flowbleu says:

    Bobby and Alton should tell Giada to quit prompting her chefs during the demos! They are so classy!

  3. @martytodd1 says:

    Nikki is just plain strange. She's the girl in the office who you don't trust. Sorry, gang. Her posture is just as strange as her perosonality. Creepy. Go away. All 4 of the folks that made it to the finals were my faves. However, Martie is blowing it. I don't know why? Love to all of you. xoxo PS: OH, and please tell Suzi to lay off the plastic surgery. It's offensive.

  4. @martytodd1 says:

    Did I mention Suzi's face work? When she started the show last year it was painful to watch......please let her know that we all know wtf is going on.........grow old gracefully, my friend. You are a beautiful woman with a kind heart. Lay off the surgeon. xoxo

  5. NutriSource Inc. says:

    The rules stated that it was going to be 3 contestants would do the pilot and then the judges pick 4. The two that they picked from Elton's team I would have no interest in watching them and it seems like the same old with Marty. The one with the rebel, there isn't enough peptol bismal in the world. Thanks! xoxox Rusty

  6. kathy195858 says:

    I do not think the judges where un fare. They said only three were aloud and they let four. I think Ippy and Nikki should beable to have another chance. I do not care if it was one point differents than there should of been only three finalist not four.

  7. ribs says:

    Wow, these comments perplex me! Maybe its because most are from the older conservative generation and I'm part of the younger crowd that Food Network is obviously after. I think Marty and Ivan represent the demographic FN already has, and Justin and Michelle represent the demographic FN is trying to obtain. I say Justin all the way! I would tune in for him, but would NEVER tune in for Marty.

    That being said, I must be the only younger-than-thirty left in America without Facebook - I had to call to place my vote :P

    • pasha2k says:

      i would NEVER EVER LISTEN TO MARTY for more then 10 seconds, she irritating, and mindless baby.

  8. MeWagner says:

    Sunny is from the South, and has enough grit n gut to stretch a dollar, but she is saying that "Justin" scares her?? I hope they paid you lots of $$$ for that comment that makes us southern folk look stupid...Hum, is the network just trying to make "all southern folk" look/sound dumb or what??? Gimme a break! I'm from the south, old enough to be Sunny's Mom, and yet I love his (Justin's) spunk and personality. Seems like an Alton Jr. to me.. Alton is a great cook, funny, and very savy with his tips, techniques and $$$ savings. ;-)

    • pasha2k says:

      i agree and voted for justin since ippy eliminated unjustly.

    • Material's Defense says:

      Um, Alton Brown is probably the smartest and most scientifically minded of all the chefs on Food Network; along with being a very intense producer.

      He's also from Georgia and proud of being from the south. Even if he has no thick accent. Or hilarious one like Paula Deen's.

      • Material's Defense says:

        Mean to say, that in general. Can't say food network can't make the south look stupid as long as Alton Brown remains a key member of their staff. Hurk on forgetting.

    • cjcal says:

      I'm pretty sure Sunny said it was MICHELE who scared her. Specifically, Michele has a tendency to point at the person she is talking to. Check out her promo (not the pilot). Forr some people, this is a little too forceful, too aggressive.

  9. jillybean says:

    Can't believe Ippy is gone...can't get myself to vote for anyone else. Needed something new on FoodNetwork, they just bit the big one there! Hawaiians are laid back and he represented!

  10. maria says:

    Thanks for the info Chef Chris. My mother was a fabulos cook. Not only could she make anything out of nothing and it seemed like a gourmet meal. Even for us she dressed the dishes. Her cakes would be sold before they ever arrived with a long list wanting one. Yet she never had a cooking class. I am not a fan of Giada because I come from Italian roots and there is nothing she can teach me. My only statement was let's keep comments to the contestant. I like to read what other think or if they think like I do. If a petition was given to Foodnet work to get rid of Giada and she is still here then they love her.