Caption It: Do They Like What They See?

by in Food Network Star, July 13, 2012

Susie, Anne, Jeff and SunnyAfter nine weeks of Star Challenges, Producers’ Challenge face-offs, last-minute secret ingredients, celebrity chef appearances and Miami beach parties, the competition comes down to this Sunday’s penultimate episode. The top six Food Network Star finalists, Ippy, Justin, Martie, Michele, Nikki and Yvan, have just one chance to strut their stuff and prove themselves worthy of a chance at stardom in a promo for their own Food Network show.

Who better to judge the finalists’ performances than a group of food-television pros, including Anne Burrell, last season’s Star winner Jeff Mauro and Sunny Anderson. Take a look at the sneak-peek shot above and notice Jeff’s slight smile and Anne’s and Sunny’s questioning eyes — do you think they like what they see? For which finalists will the Star dream end on Sunday, and who will be able to film their very own pilot programs?

Check out a video preview of Sunday night’s episode to get more behind-the-scenes footage.

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this telling moment in the comments below.

Then after Sunday's episode, the winner comes down to you, fans! Be sure to visit before Tuesday, July 17 at 5pm to cast your vote for our next Food Network Star. You can vote online up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (394)

  1. chrystal says:

    not commenting on hosts-love them all.
    marti-think she should get this-she's paula deen, but with a party in her pocket.
    yvan- next choice-kinda a tie really-he's all about family
    justin-he does do things different and i like that
    michele-i love her, but i hate seafood, so i wouldn't watch new wngland show.

    i watch hosts and have used their recipes, also team leaders, but even though yvan has the charisma, i like marti-bit of a long winded story teller myself. that's what editing is for.

    love to meet you marti-bring paula with you!

    • pasha2k says:

      martie is NO paula deen, and anyone who thinks that need a reality check, and knows they've insulted the deens with that comparsion. needs to realizeall martie is an air head who freaking cries, i hate listening to her, and she should've been eliminated in the first weeks, a no talent wannabe.FN should wake up an see what a true mistake they did sending ippy home, he would be a true ooriginal on the network, they tried to poison the audience against him, saying he was too laid back....have they ever watched alex from chopped show? she is laid back and i love listening to her. ippy was a true chef, not some babbling irritant.

  2. pasha2k says:

    I can't stand marty, party. The judges are pushing her onto the public, she is irritating and frankly i would NEVER WATCH HER SHOW. She's phoney sounding and i don't even think she can cook from the little i'ver seen. I was sorry to see ippy gone, they call marty another paula deen, but frankly she is not, nor ever will be. I do hope the rest of the group fares well, i think Justin the the most talented cooking and personality, and only will get better with time. The female judge is sickening when i listen to her eliminating anyone who is competition with marty, she is clearly a backer of marty, she positively gushes, when justin, by far is the better personailty, more natural and a better cook, from what i've seen, imaginative, creative and welcoming. It's really repulsive listening to the female judge glorifying marty, and unfair to the other contestants.

    • Food Fan says:

      The female judges name is Susie. Did you just start watching now at the end?
      I'm sorry to see Ippy gone, too. I agree with you.
      I liked Emily's creativity better than Justin's.
      Who would like to see as Judges?

      • pasha2k says:

        I dislike suzi, i think she too partial and harped on ippy for a manner of talking that bobby flay does himself. it flat out was to get rid of the certain ones so they can push whom they wish. i did enjoy emily, and i enjoy justion's pilot a lot, not martie's.i listen to her and all i hear is *mindless babblle*. to call her another paula deen is a slam to the highly acclaimed chef that paula is.

  3. steven Green says:

    Yvan puts tomatoes and mozzarella on a stick and Ippy gets eliminated. Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kate says:

      Justin is so monotone and did he ever smile and they love him! Ippy gets eliminated for not being perky.

      • Food Fan says:

        Makes ya wonder whats up, huh? Monotone is right.
        Ippy made more things people would eat, too.
        Just suppose Justin would win. What might Food Network do then , in the NEXT season? What would they want and look for in the next show? Where is it all going?

        • Kathy says:

          Ippy won $20,000 last week for having the best food and his food has been consistently good and different from all the rest of the finalists. His POV is also different then any show on Food Network. Apparently the food doesn't matter anymore.

    • pasha2k says:

      i agree, ippy was an original, and awesum to listen to.

    • Ippy Fan says:

      Double crap. Being Ippy, ya hear!

  4. anng264 says:

    Michele is scary I would not watch her, she has the impression of a bouncer just waiting to punch someone. Marti I think I would get tired of her real easy. Justin, I just can't wait to see what he does next, and Yvan he is adorable love him and hope he wins. Next year I hope you get a different mentor besides Giada, she always looks bored, like they are wasting her time. Love Alton and Bobby is growing on me. I look forward to this series every year I love it.

    p.s. Just give a show to both the boys- that my opinion!

  5. Katie says:

    I wish Ippie had stayed....

  6. Thomas says:

    what happened to Ippy I was looking forward to seeing a show from him, sorry but, what were they thinking to remove him from the show.

  7. Grandma says:

    I feel cheated by the show and the powers that be...I have watched each show and I watch, of course, other food shows too...and what did you people do but...say I have to joing Facebook in order to vote. Forget it! You couldn't pay me to do grandkids belong but I never would. Shame on you network people. oh sure oh sure, one can phone and vote...not me...i wanted to vote the way we always have on shows. Okay, this is the way you want to play the game...I will not watch anymore...goodbye Ina and others...I have slowed down watching anyway...dont know where the McNeelys are and Paula's shows seem to be all people are falling down on the job...oh yeah, why in the heck do you have a million shows of Diners, etc....Im sick of that show!

  8. Kathy Schneider says:

    to USDave, I agree with you. I tried to vote last night after the show and I couldn't because I too am not on facebook. I never will be on facebook. That was a big dissapointment to me. Although I was really torn who to vote for bacause I really love all of the finalists! So whoever wins I'll be happy for them. Actually if Martie wins I would love to see a show about home entertaining ideas. I love to cook, decorate and entertain. It's fun. And I love Food Network! Great season this year! I thought the mentor thing was awsome. I especially loved Alton the most.

  9. denise miracle says:

    I don't think there were any standouts this year. All were a kittle disappointing.

  10. Hot Sauce Granny says:

    Thank you Food Fan, we seem to be thinking the same way! Grandma, honey, tell me about it! My grandchildren love two things: their loft beds, and Facebook!!