The Sandwich King Hits South Beach

by in Food Network Star, July 12, 2012

In between parties, cooking demos and guest-judging the Star episode airing this Sunday, last year's winner, Jeff Mauro, found some time during the South Beach Wine & Food Festival to show FN Dish where to find the best sandwiches in Miami. Over French salami and Camembert at La Sandwicherie, the Sandwich King catches us up on the whirlwind year he's had since winning Star.

Just one year ago, Jeff stood in the finalists' shoes. "I've learned so much that I've applied to every aspect of this business so far," he says. "You learn a lot through taping your season. You know, small things like smiling all the time. I'm always learning. Most of all, I've learned that it's a fun business!"

Watch the exclusive video and don't miss this Sunday's episode, where Jeff joins an all-star panel of guest judges including Sunny Andersen, Anne Burrell, Aaron Sanchez, Robert Irvine and Melissa d'Arabian.

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Comments (89)

  1. cjcal says:

    Sandwich King is a very decent idea and format. I do remember watching an episode and maybe it was not Jeff at his best. He seemed more interested in making hist side of potato salad than in creating a memorable sandwich. lol. When he was done, he ate a LOT more potato salad, and maybe a bite of sandwich. I don't blame him, I also love good potato salad. However, this is Sandwich King and if he's not interested in the sandwich, then neither am I. Know what I mean? Maybe I should watch another episode.

  2. cc12 says:

    I don't think Jeff should be the winner last season, anyone can make a sandwich, what so special. Besides, I don't think he had the charm, I didn't watch any of his show, the theme is not attractive.

  3. sgramley says:

    Our entire family LOVES the Sandwich King! Even my 11-year-old son gets mad if we watch without him. He is funny, and I love that though his emphasis is on sandwiches, he gives a lot of great ideas for sides and gives tips that can be used for other aspects of cooking -- dressings, roasting meats, etc. I hope he gets another show -- he is great out with owners and customers of local businesses -- would be a nice change from SO MANY reruns of triple D!

  4. Lisa says:

    I love the Sandwich King show and Jeff Mauro! I even get up early to watch the show. Keep it coming! He will be one of the bright stars on the Food Network!

  5. mamachula says:

    Yvan Lemoine will also bring brightness, charm, laughs, knowledge, and elegance to FN. He will bring the word best directly to your table. Go Yvan, you are great.

  6. TeamJustin says:

    I started off week 1 as a Martita fan, but after 2-3 weeks I was officially on team Justin! His POV of turning something unexpected into something that is truly acceptional is true brilliance! He is always smiling during video challenges which makes you want to listen. The way he answered the questions asked by the heckler was in no was rude, but was rather a funny way to deal with the nagging. He is the only contestant left (except Michelle) who bring a different POV for the food network. P.S. Love the hair!

    • Double Stack says:

      Justin knew he was being heckled from the same person but I agree with judges, the question 'what if my kids don't like a specific food' (in this case Asian), was not at all rude. Changing the questions was a test to see if Justin can/could adjust his tone with the audience.

  7. Whining FN fan says:

    They better not eliminate anyone this week because if they do, I will never never never EVER watch Food Network ever again! No, I really really REALLY mean it this time!

  8. Cowgirl says:

    Seems to me that Ippy and Michele have had the clearest POVs throughout the show. Jeff as Sandwich King had a crystal clear POV last season, plus it was a format that was not on FN already. I would go for a Hawaiian/Asian/Pacific themed show--lots of wonderful flavors and possibilities, and being from New England, I think Michele could offer a solid "flavors of New England" show--besides lobster and seafood, there are so many other regional foods in New England--beans, cheese, potatoes, Italian (the North End in Boston!), Portuguese influence (coastal Massachusetts), etc. etc.

  9. cjcal says:

    I just saw FN's promo for a special Chopped: Grilling Edition. This would be a great venue for Nikki!

  10. Daphne says:

    I just watched the promo for the upcoming episode. All 6 of the semi-finalists get to make a video then the network decides who goes and who stays. The three (I'm assuming its 3) finalists get to shoot a promo for thier tv show. Based on the promo, America decides who gets the gold, silver and bronze.