Poll: Who’s the Most Improved Star Finalist?

by in Food Network Star, July 11, 2012

Who's the Most Improved Star Finalist?Think back to almost 10 weeks ago when we first met this season’s 15 Food Network Star hopefuls. As a group, they were a bit timid, unsure of the whole cooking-in-front-of-a-camera-for-famous-people thing, but extremely eager to prove themselves and their cooking chops to their mentors and the network. Thanks to the mentoring of Alton, Bobby and Giada, each contestant had the opportunity to grow as a cook and potential television personality, though some finalists’ stays at Star were too short-lived to benefit from their advice. The remaining six finalists, however, have enjoyed a month and a half of constructive criticism and countless chances to show their progress toward stardom, and this Sunday, Ippy, Justin, Martie, Michele, Nikki and Yvan will have a final few moments to demonstrate their improvement and promising Star potential in a promo for their would-be Food Network show.

Tell us: Which of the remaining Star finalists is the most improved contender?


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Comments (442)

  1. bro says:

    Marti may have improved, but so what Watching her for a show would be torture. Justin has the food and the personality thst would bring me to watch. He is wonderful.

  2. Hanna Stewart says:

    I'm torn on who I want to win!!! I'm rooting for Yvan, but Justin and Martie are a VERY close second, and michelle is third. They are all very talented, though!! Tough decision! It made me SOOO happy when they let Justin AND Martie go into the final round!
    My family was watching it live on TV and we all jumped up and yelled!!! We were so happy! :D

  3. chibiev says:

    Marti brought it home, but I don't throw parties, so I wouldn't watch her. I don't cook seafood, so I wouldn't watch Michelle's show and my husband and I got bored and started talking about something else two minutes into her show promo. I would cook Yvan's mac 'n cheese, but Justin's show was fascinating. I am going to break out the George Foreman and make that caesar salad as soon as they post the recipe!

    • Katie says:

      Agreed. As for Martie, it doesn't have to be for a party, you can easily cut down the recipe to make a family mealtime.

  4. Kathie Lou Eldridge says:

    I agree that Marti's the most improved but Justin has the chops, and imagination. He inspires me to want to be more creative in the kitchen. He would give Food Network something unique.

  5. anita sims says:

    martie with a party she has come a long way;;;;; but justin is very intrining and witty like alton thoses two need to team up and and make great food together.

  6. chadbode says:

    they should have additude and focus and they have to really love food
    and I watched the the next food network star it's about food of love and being happy witth your food and just use reasons and explain as a leader for the viewer take it serious and it will be important

  7. doris murie says:

    I'm all for Marti to win.

  8. Mary says:

    It's clear that Bob and Susie have made their decision...by adding a 4th person to the finals...they lost their credibility to viewers by doing this. While Ippy was not the favorite, he did bring fresh new ideas of Italian infused Hawaiian cooking..something different than what is already on....we hope another network picks him up just to show FN. Martie just annoys the heck out of us....her voice is too whiny and fake....I wouldn't watch her. We already have one Paula Dean who we don't watch because of her voice....And how confusing is it to have Martie with the Party and Aartie's Party? FN needs to do something different....Michelle offers some unique ideas but she needs to go outside of the box....how often can you watch a show about New England cooking? And Yvan,,,,what's he all about....will he cry each week and cram his family down our throats....At this point, I don't care as I wouldn't watch any of these finalists anyway...they are BORING...Justin has the most chance because he is like Guy, a little different...Bob and Susie, you have lost the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katie says:

      Unlinke Paula Deen, Martie doesn't soak everything in butter. Every time I watch Deen, something -if not everything- is cooked in butter and/or sugar at some point. I was watching her once, and she said she had a great way to get kids to eat "'vegetables." Problem was, by the time she was finished with them, they weren't vegetables anymore. What she did is she took carrots, chopped them to sticks, and then she tied them in bundles with a chive. Then she cooked them in a brown-sugar butter sauce, which just turned me off and made me reach for a barf bag. And I'm 13. The whole point of eating vegetables is because they're good for you! If you slather them in sugar and butter, they aren't good for you anymore! No wonder she's overweight!
      When I was young, my mother had a simple way of getting us to eat out vegetables. She would point a finger at us and say, "You eat them, or you don't eat anything at all!" Basically meaning, if we didn't eat our vegetables, we didn't get to eat anything else. My mother never catered to us by making us breakfast. The only meal we eat together is dinner, the most important one. She'd never make dinner around what we wanted. If we didn't like white food, too bad, you're eating white food anyways. And it worked well for me in my opinion, we're all healthy and I love my vegetables and fruits. Heck, I go into a fridge, and I'll eat a roma tomato as I would an apple!

  9. Natalia says:

    I like Yvan , read all about him ,
    HE IS A COOK BY GIFT FROM GOD. Our children eat very unhealthy industrial foods
    and millions of them dieing from cancer .Most of the mother 'treat' their children in McDonalds,
    while good foods availible in USA as nowhere else in world. Get real! Michele Obama just wrote new
    book about healthy foods for children . it is starts from family cooking or not cooking and eating fast foods.

    • Katie says:

      The only problem is I read that book and after 5 pages I figured out much of that stuff isn't true.
      It's just like these wise-guys who think these fake sugars are good for you. Stuff like Stevia, etc. THEY AREN'T. They are horrible for your body in the long run.
      The problem is too much carbohydrates! Everyone thinks carbohydrates are great for you, that it's awesome to eat "whole wheat" all the time. It's one of the main reasons people are overweight. Yes, carbos are used as energy by the body, but the average Americans eats WAY too much bread, pasta, etc. Carbohydrates. You don't even need carbohydrates. You could go your whole life without needing to eat a single piece of bread. Why? Because vegetables and fruits have all the energy-supplying nutrients the average person needs. That's all carbohydrates are, energy-suppliers. They don't give you anything else that your body NEEDS. However, if you are someone who does a LOT of physical activities (i.e; farmer, proffesional sport player, etc) then carbohydrates are probably needed. JUST BECAUSE YOUR KID runs around in the yard all day doesn't mean they need wheat.

  10. Kathleen says:

    I think Martie has definitely improved the most, but Michelle has come a long way too. As much as I love Justin I think Michelle's show would be the most interesting in the Food Network lineup.