Poll: Who’s the Most Improved Star Finalist?

by in Food Network Star, July 11, 2012

Who's the Most Improved Star Finalist?Think back to almost 10 weeks ago when we first met this season’s 15 Food Network Star hopefuls. As a group, they were a bit timid, unsure of the whole cooking-in-front-of-a-camera-for-famous-people thing, but extremely eager to prove themselves and their cooking chops to their mentors and the network. Thanks to the mentoring of Alton, Bobby and Giada, each contestant had the opportunity to grow as a cook and potential television personality, though some finalists’ stays at Star were too short-lived to benefit from their advice. The remaining six finalists, however, have enjoyed a month and a half of constructive criticism and countless chances to show their progress toward stardom, and this Sunday, Ippy, Justin, Martie, Michele, Nikki and Yvan will have a final few moments to demonstrate their improvement and promising Star potential in a promo for their would-be Food Network show.

Tell us: Which of the remaining Star finalists is the most improved contender?


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Comments (442)

  1. guest says:

    Yvan's voice is so strange I would never watch a show with him. It's high pitched. It's up, it's down. Just very annoying.

  2. Ivana says:

    Yvan is the most sincere and personable person on the show. He new, refreshing, young,excited about food and family. Can't wait to follow him when he wins!

  3. Allyson D'Angelo says:

    I am the Food Network's biggest fan. Really! I really think that Martie has put her fears aside, and pulled herself to the front of the camera and she totally lit herself up. I love Paula Deen, but Martie has something that is also truly genuine. Her party thing came from a true and deep experience that makes us do things that we love. To her, it was having a party. I love her quirkiness and I can't wait to see what she brings to us.

    I love the Brooklyn kid, Justin, but for a home cook watching the Food Network, I think I would tire of looking at his lipshine! However, I would try "some" of his recipes. He is the next Alton Brown, on the cooking channel. I would watch him SOMETIMES. Martie I would watch ALL OF THE TIME!

    I wish them good luck but I will vote for Martie.

    Nice kisses in your dishes!
    Ally! :)

  4. Deborah Freese says:

    Frankly, I'm tired of the home cook concept. I'm already a great cook. I miss the classic chefs like Emeril, where you can improve your skills and challenge yourself.

  5. Carolyn Tanis says:

    I happen to think Yvan is a genuine person and in this world that is hard to find. I would rather sit and listen to him cook real food, that most American households would actually make and eat, than watch someone with a silky voice make something I would not make because my family can't afford all the ingredients!

    • Creamed says:

      Understood, affordability today is definately important to consumers who cook. If a recipe has too many ingredients (more than six or seven usually) and uses a lot of equipment, I'm less like to try it. Not that I don't like to cook, but if you use an atypical ingredient you have to purchase quite a bit of it. And who doesn't have a kitchen drawer full of gadgets...

      • Katie says:

        Agreed. But, Yvan isn't the only one who could do that. Look at Justin's Caesar Salad Promo; all those ingredients are inexpensive and easy to find.
        One thing I HATE about cooking shows is when they ask you to use a particular ingredient brand, or some wacky ingredient that's hard to find. Like one time, I was doing a homemade hot chocolate recipe, and they asked for this weird brand I've never heard of -ever. We had to go to three different stores to find it.
        It reminds me of a time Giada used sardine paste in her dish. When I heard that, I was like, "....Wat?"

  6. GJGJ says:

    I wouldn't watch any of the finalists. Michelle turns me off completely with all the piercings and tats....can't imagine sitting through 30 minutes of her. I liked Ippy and felt he brought something different to the show, I haven't liked Justin from day one and my opinion hasn't changed. 30 seconds of him is more than I want to watch,

  7. Disappointed says:

    We have watched this show for the last couple of seasons this by far is the VERY WORST ONE! Several of the ones that were picked as finallist should have been cut several shows ago. It is clear that the network is looking for someone that fits what they think is a need instead of actually selecting who would reach the most diverse audience. This season has been so discouraging that I am not sure if I will even bother to watch the next season. Michelle has absolutly no stage presence and Justin is wanting us to eat fish bones and other very strange foods. Really who would even want to know how to make fish bones taste good.

    • Katie says:

      I, for one, would love to. It'd be great for a halloween party. You just have no sense of adventure and fun of exploring new foods and new ways to cook.

  8. Thomas says:

    Justin Is the Winner but they should find room for Marty..Ivan is greaT and we will miss him but Justin Rocks End of story..The truth hurts go Team Alton I am a huge Alton fan he knows what he is doing.

  9. Fuego40 says:

    Hey y'all, we already had one Crisco queen from down south in Paula Deen. We don't need another in Martie. I don't need Yvan telling his sappy stories while attempting to teach me how to cook macaroni and cheese. By the way, how did Giada get on this network. The only two with culinary skills that can hold an audience's interest is Justin and Michelle. Enough with the sobbing on the Food Network.

  10. guest says:

    I an cannot beleve that martie has made it this far How could she be better than Judson with his great food ? she made a gloppy mushroom mess?