Expect the Unexpected — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, July 10, 2012

Nikki Martin

Sabotage was the name of the game this week, as the final seven Food Network Star contenders attempted to dodge unexpected hurdles during their live cooking demos. These obstacles ranged from a messed-up microphone during Yvan’s performance and a broken blender in Nikki’s presentation to a persistent audience heckler during Justin’s demo and everything in between. The idea was to play to the finalists’ weaknesses in an attempt to gauge how they instinctively react to unforeseen challenges and minor issues. “They’ve gotta roll with the punches and come out the other end,” Alton Brown explained.

Though some viewers were frustrated that the contestants were purposely messed with, others couldn’t help but laugh as they watched the finalists maneuver — some gracefully, some not so much — through their presentations. One Star fan, Holly Burtchaell @RandomCravings, Tweeted her reaction to this week’s challenge. “I hate to admit it…I love the episode when they mess with them! @FoodNetwork #Star,” she wrote, earning our Fan Post of the Week.

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Comments (321)

  1. HonoredGuest says:

    Everyone is talking about how Yvan's challenge was easy.... NO! >:O It wasn't easy. Maybe a little. But listen to what the judges said. The judges and mentors had said that they gave the contestants a challenge based on their flaws. Obviously they didn't give Yvan anything else like people asking him irrelevant and annoying questions, a broken blender, or missing ingredients b/c he would have known how to deal with it. If they gave him the challenge of giving him an inoperative microphone to challenge his speech, it was because that's his ONLY flaw!

  2. HonoredGuest says:

    I'd also like to point out that I think its a little humorous, crazy, and shady, how I got AT LEAST 100 people to vote for Yvan last night and he has not gone up, not one percentage.

  3. Canuck says:

    Just to add a bit of confusion for the frumped housewives with the Giada Complex - I've grown to really like Giada on this show. She's smart, seems to care, and knows her stuff. And she reminds me of Alton's little sister the way they bicker. I've actually watched her show because of this - and liked it.

  4. Foodnetwork Fan says:

    Nikki should have left a long time ago. Marti hasn't taught us anything. As for the rest of the contestants, if one of them is the winner, I will at least watch one show to give them a chance. Emily is definitely someone I would have loved watching.

  5. Mags says:

    I think that it's unfair to say that Ippy and Justin were rude to their audience. Justine started off great but who can handle that kind of questioning while under a time limit to do a demonstration for something this important. With the stress and possible thinking of "here goes my shot down the drain" it would be a little tense.
    Poor Ippy - how would anyone who's feeling nervous and under pressure feel when all of a sudden your audience starts to leave! Talk about inferiority and tense nerves kicking in. He's supposed to engage the audience but how do you do that when people start to leave. Not fair at all and not something that a newbie should be judged on. Mishaps in the kitchen yes ....audience reactions no...especially when they start out they'll be in a static kitchen learning the craft and then going out into the audience when they are more experience and NOT on a public interview.

  6. MoHub says:

    Nikki got a pass because she was on Team Bobby, and the producers were determined to lose a member of Team Giada to even things up. Had Nikki been in the Producers challenge against Martita, there was an off-chance Martita would do better, and then the teams would have remained uneven.

  7. guest 7 says:

    Many voters and bloggers, including myself, are confused by the postings of the voting results, which at times seem to be at a standstill or changing rapidly. The feedback to the contestants is significant to their morale and reputation.. The time invested by fans who write and vote is major. And the network and advertisers benefit greatly from this visibility. It would be good for all interested to ask for clarification, and share the responses with us. A concern form can be filled out at: http://www.foodnetwork.com/contact-us/package/ind...

  8. carol says:

    Loved how Martie handled the "Unexpected " part of this series. She seems so at ease with the camera and the audience.

  9. Jan says:

    I hate to say this, the winner is already chosen, Yavan over Ippy, come on,It might be time for new judges.

  10. Foodey says:

    I voted based on which dish I might actually fix and which show would interest me. I have to say I'm surprised that reading through these comments I haven't seen people mention that Michelle has been a judges favorite from the start. If there's been a "fix," I always thought it flowed in her direction when the comments didn't seem to match her actual performance on the challenges.