Martita’s Exit Interview: Farewell to Team Giada

by in Food Network Star, July 8, 2012

Evaluation Team GiadaOn the latest episode of Star, Team Giada said a tearful goodbye to Martita Jara. The judges felt that after nine weeks, they’d seen glimmers of a star, but Martita just wasn’t quite ready for prime-time. The pitch room was emotional on all sides: “It has been such a pleasure knowing you, and your food is amazing,” Bob Tuschman told Martita.

Before leaving Miami, Martita sat down to share some parting words. Here’s a sneak peek at what she had to say:

I think at this point, you’re down to the best of the best. I can’t be Ippy, and Ippy can’t be me. If they’re looking for that, they’re going to get that; if they’re looking for this, they’re going to get this. I can’t compete with him because I don’t do what he does and he can’t compete with me because he doesn’t do what I do. I’m not Michele; Nikki’s not me; I don’t do what Martie does. We’re just all such individuals and our POVs are each so distinct from the others. It is what it is.

It’s pretty amazing to have even made it to the 15, and then to get to week nine. Every week that I made it was huge. To have everyone saying “your food, your food” and just giving me compliments? It’s the biggest thrill.

Giada, she is tough. She is a gutsy little thing and she’s a fighter. She’s really intense; she knows what she’s looking for and she’s not afraid to tell you. But it comes from a place of love and understanding and it’s wonderful, because who better to teach me than her? She’s a pro. It’s awesome to have someone like her guiding and advising you every step of the way.

I’m really excited for what the future holds. I’m happy.

Watch Martita’s exclusive reaction video: Watch Martita’s exclusive reaction video:

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Comments (847)

  1. guest says:

    martita wa awful. im glad shes gone.

  2. marta says:

    I liked Maritia and was sad to see her go. But I was glad I did not have to hear Giada say her name anymore, that was annoying.

  3. Kathy says:

    Martita, I was sorry to see you go. Just like last year, with Suzie J. they let another Latin go. You just need a little more time. Hope you continue with your dreams. Food Network... shame on you. I stated I would not watch Jeff Mauro, The Sandwich King, I have not. This Food Network Star stuff is becoming a joke. Not sure if it would be worth watching again. Hate the new concept of Teams and Team Captains/Leaders/Mentor's.

  4. carl says:

    Bring back the old way to pick a Winner!! Susie & bob r getting boring. Bring in Anne B. Bobby, Ect. The Food shows Need help, where r the medleys? Where is Claire R. 5 ingr. They were good. Kneelers and Clair. where is Sarah M.? Come on... These kids r to young, and boring. Thanks Carl.

  5. SUSAN VERRE says:

    bobby flay just pick me for food net work star with you i will use your word about your dish love susan.

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