Martita’s Exit Interview: Farewell to Team Giada

by in Food Network Star, July 8, 2012

Evaluation Team GiadaOn the latest episode of Star, Team Giada said a tearful goodbye to Martita Jara. The judges felt that after nine weeks, they’d seen glimmers of a star, but Martita just wasn’t quite ready for prime-time. The pitch room was emotional on all sides: “It has been such a pleasure knowing you, and your food is amazing,” Bob Tuschman told Martita.

Before leaving Miami, Martita sat down to share some parting words. Here’s a sneak peek at what she had to say:

I think at this point, you’re down to the best of the best. I can’t be Ippy, and Ippy can’t be me. If they’re looking for that, they’re going to get that; if they’re looking for this, they’re going to get this. I can’t compete with him because I don’t do what he does and he can’t compete with me because he doesn’t do what I do. I’m not Michele; Nikki’s not me; I don’t do what Martie does. We’re just all such individuals and our POVs are each so distinct from the others. It is what it is.

It’s pretty amazing to have even made it to the 15, and then to get to week nine. Every week that I made it was huge. To have everyone saying “your food, your food” and just giving me compliments? It’s the biggest thrill.

Giada, she is tough. She is a gutsy little thing and she’s a fighter. She’s really intense; she knows what she’s looking for and she’s not afraid to tell you. But it comes from a place of love and understanding and it’s wonderful, because who better to teach me than her? She’s a pro. It’s awesome to have someone like her guiding and advising you every step of the way.

I’m really excited for what the future holds. I’m happy.

Watch Martita’s exclusive reaction video: Watch Martita’s exclusive reaction video:

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Comments (847)

  1. majorwoody says:

    It's about time they got rid of Martita (and her phony on-off accent). She should have left weeks ago. It's amazing how some call her genuine, yet how many times does she do an on camera spiel with an accent that is layed on heavier than Tammy Faye Bakers makeup, yet in the side bar interviews or in the house she sounds like a normal SoCal girl? It isn't just the names of Mexican dishes she accents as others have posted, she has a totally different personality in front of an audience. She is as phony as a dollar bill, or should I say tres peso dinero?

    • Guest2012 says:

      Martita and Giada are like peas in a pod. FAKE ones, that is. They are SO phony. It is no surprise that Giada picked Martita to be her "protege" of sorts.

  2. Guessbm says:

    Foodnetwork neglected Yvan for most of the season, sad really sad. Also, I believe the results from voting are set... no changes in the past two days, impossible. Is this program rigged? This is like the result from adding the percentage of each one of the contestants during past week. Even if you you rounded the percentage of all votes, the additition total amount should be 100% no more no less. I am counting the days to watch more of Yvan, and Martie and have some diversion, both are sweet and funny, Yvan an excellent professional. I like also Ippi and Michele, but Justin sorry, he is creative but his personality s..ks, he is so rude, arrogant and impolite. Nikki=Justin, they need to learn some manners to treat others...

  3. BMB says:

    Look Yvan's ideas for children during Halloween on Univision,

  4. Guessbm says:

    Look Yvan working with Nana Rose, the best in making cupcakes...

  5. Guessbm says:

    Happy Chocolate Cupcakes Day, from here "you will never look at the cupcake in the same way again", Yvan

  6. guess says:

    I insist the vote count is set. Every time there is a mischief in totalizing the addition of individual percentages, it is Justin votes which are fixed, and his amount increases. No way. Since the beginning all his pictures are in the front, all his recipes, he and then Martita got all the attention. This is ridiculous and no professional at all. Please, Eric, and Malcoml, were better chef that Justin. More polite, easy going, more professional. And in the last show Justin blew off... disgusting the way he treated the man. However, Yvan charming, excellent, more than that great, all the excellent comments for his food, the elegance and he is always out of the spotlight, Ippi forget about, the same; Yvan and Ippi are the neglected chidren... Martie, Yvan and Michelle go to the final...

  7. Alla says:

    I want Martita back!!! I keep watching the episode over and over such an unfair decision....

    • majorwoody says:

      The only thing unfair about Martita being booted this week, was the fact she should have been booted (along with her fake accent) about 4 weeks ago!!!!

    • Fireflightrocks says:

      she's not coming back, I want Emily back but i doubt that she's coming back cuz there are like 2 shows left

  8. lhg says:

    I think all this personel story telling stuff is a load of BS. Who cares about their family stories. I want someone that can cook and can teach me new things. Not about their Mama and daddy and siblings an what they do at their dinner tables. I think thats stupid. I don't think I would watch any of them on a new show. I wish they would have given Emily more of a chance she would have had a good and different show.

    • Guest2012 says:

      I know, right? I agree 150%. ENOUGH already about personal stories. I am watching Food Network for the FOOD.

  9. Jerry says:

    How could the judges take Martina's main ingredient and expect her to
    Give a good did not do this to the

    SHAME..the judges fixed the results before she started.I am through watching this show. Gilda and Bobby ought to complain.

  10. guest 7 says:

    Many voters and bloggers, including myself, are confused by the postings of the voting results, which at times seem to be at a standstill or changing rapidly. The feedback to the contestants is significant to their morale and reputation.. The time invested by fans who write and vote is major. And the network and advertisers benefit greatly from this visibility. It would be good for all interested to ask for clarification, and share the responses with us. A concern form can be filled out at: