Martita’s Exit Interview: Farewell to Team Giada

by in Food Network Star, July 8, 2012

Evaluation Team GiadaOn the latest episode of Star, Team Giada said a tearful goodbye to Martita Jara. The judges felt that after nine weeks, they’d seen glimmers of a star, but Martita just wasn’t quite ready for prime-time. The pitch room was emotional on all sides: “It has been such a pleasure knowing you, and your food is amazing,” Bob Tuschman told Martita.

Before leaving Miami, Martita sat down to share some parting words. Here’s a sneak peek at what she had to say:

I think at this point, you’re down to the best of the best. I can’t be Ippy, and Ippy can’t be me. If they’re looking for that, they’re going to get that; if they’re looking for this, they’re going to get this. I can’t compete with him because I don’t do what he does and he can’t compete with me because he doesn’t do what I do. I’m not Michele; Nikki’s not me; I don’t do what Martie does. We’re just all such individuals and our POVs are each so distinct from the others. It is what it is.

It’s pretty amazing to have even made it to the 15, and then to get to week nine. Every week that I made it was huge. To have everyone saying “your food, your food” and just giving me compliments? It’s the biggest thrill.

Giada, she is tough. She is a gutsy little thing and she’s a fighter. She’s really intense; she knows what she’s looking for and she’s not afraid to tell you. But it comes from a place of love and understanding and it’s wonderful, because who better to teach me than her? She’s a pro. It’s awesome to have someone like her guiding and advising you every step of the way.

I’m really excited for what the future holds. I’m happy.

Watch Martita’s exclusive reaction video: Watch Martita’s exclusive reaction video:

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Comments (847)

  1. Jenny says:

    Martita, you were genuine and easy to watch. You were also gracious. Our best to you in your endeavors.

    • Guest says:

      And you are gracious to state what you did. I certainly agree with you.

    • cookin easy says:

      We're we watching the same show? She would bury anyone to win! She wouldn't even help her own team-mates!

    • Priya says:

      I agree Jenny.

    • Nice says:

      30 seconds of dead air and smiling vacantly at the camera qualifies as 'easy to watch'?

    • Monte says:

      Genuine = "I can turn my accent on and off!"

      • guest says:

        She didn't turn her accent on and off, she simply said Spanish words appropriately. Such ignorance is embarrassing.

    • Donna says:

      I agree, Jennie. It was very hard to watch Martita's "mentor" sabotage her in such a big way. No other contestant had their main ingredient taken from them for this challenge. Was very sad to see Giada sink that low. However, Martita was very gracious about it all - much more than Giada deserved.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        Please, no other contestant had the audience getting up and leaving, no other contestant had someone interrupting them with rude questions, no other contestant was given the wrong time cards. MIchele had to use little clams instead of big ones for the judges' dishes, what's so hard about using a little pepper instead of a big one for a dish she's not even fully preparing and nobody will eat?

      • Frank says:

        Apparently you didn't notice all of Marties ingredients were taken and she was superb!

      • majorwoody says:

        Except of course Martie was missing all kinds of ingredients. So you are wrong about Martita and her phony accent being the only one missing an ingredient.

    • Guest says:

      Totally disagree with you. Sorry.

    • Olygal1 says:

      Martita, I was startled at how saddened I was when you were selected to leave the show. You were my #1 pick. I would have looked forward to watching your show. Best wishes to you.

    • DAHwoman says:

      She was amazing and SHE was the ONLY one of the two that actually talked and gave a tip on ORANGES as it was the surprise topic. it was NOT Tangerines. I thought that was unfair and she deserves an other chance. Loved this girl!

  2. Wondering says:

    Martita was the right person to exit tonight. While I think she is a fine chef, it is apparent that she is not able to be consistent in her presentations. Nikki should have been the other person in the producer challenge. Her on-camera presentation when the blender had a problem really threw her and she fizzled. I'm so glad Ippy is staying! Good luck to the remaining contestants!

    • msec says:

      I agree with you, Nikki should've been in the bottom, and then who knows if Martita would still be there. Oh well..

    • Select3 says:

      Thought Nikki was going to be the one going home tonight.

      • NCGirl says:

        Nikki should have been in the producer's challenge along with Martita. She wasn't because as we've seen how the direction of this season's format is shaking out, someone from Giada's team had to go tonight. Her team was the only one with three contestants remaining.

    • Maria B says:

      I agree! It should have been Nikki at the bottom!

    • beachinfrizzy says:

      Nikki had blender trouble in a previous episode. And Bobby gives her the same 'random' mishap? Please. But it wasn't going to happen, it had to be someone from Giada's team.

      • Jerilee says:

        All the mishaps we saw were planned by the mentors to chllenge weak spots. I thought it was great idea and showed who got the most messed up.

        • Guest says:

          Funny to watch too! :-)

        • beachinfrizzy says:

          Hee, Bobby must think Nikki's weak spot is getting a blender to work. But then again, if you're busy being the Girl on Grill, whipping up the daquiris must be someone else's job!

    • FanFare57 says:

      Wondering: I completely agree with you; including about Nikki's poor performance. However, according to the elimination pattern that's been established, it was Giada's team to lose a member. Since Yvan finally rose, that left Ippy (who I thought was better than both Nikki and Michelle) and the ever popular Martita. Giada coached Martita more than Ippy, but it didn't work out. I guess Martita lost the immunity idol...

      • Guest says:

        I know, Ippy was better than both of them. Personally, I don't think anyone from team Bobby is going to win.

        • FanFare57 says:

          Nor should they with flawed performances and dull personalities like that. I believe the winner will be someone from Alton's team.

        • Food Fan says:

          Instead of Ippy, it should have been Nikki and Martita on the hot-seat.
          Glad they kept Ippy.

      • Wondering says:

        Yes, I've seen the elimination patterns each week, but it is upsetting when you see someone at 1% fan vote and still making errors but is kept on. However, on the bright side, Martie was full of vim and vigor this week and she certainly did shine. I have a softer heart for Martie with some of her bumbling and sincerity.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        "Immunity idol" (chuckle). Good one!

    • amcken3 says:

      I agree! She's not someone I would watch.

    • Liz says:

      Yes, Nikki was the very obvious other choice for the producer's challenge. It seems very contrived that they loaded up on Giada's team because they had 3 left. Still, Martita had to go.

    • aidennathaniel says:

      too bad bobby flays secret girlfriend teammate nikki is scheduled to win it all despite hype about viewers chosing the winner. yvan,justin,martie,ippy,michelle dont have a chance as flays mistress of two years is set as the absolute winner

      • LISN says:

        Have you been drinking the wrong Kool-Aid? That's a ridiculous assumption!

      • Guest says:

        Ugh, who would go for the hideous, fake Nikki over the drop-dead gorgeous Stephanie March?

        • tristinsgram says:

          Sorry! I meant to give you a thumbs up. Thought it was a great comment.

        • Deanna says:

          Maybe he's trawling? But have to agree, Stephanie March IS gorgeous, and intelligent, and good humored. I find Bobby Flay much more like able since he got married. he's mellowed some, and it looks good on him. I remember those shows he did in the loft, and I thought he was a jackass. Hope he's not after Nicki, or vice versa. Wouldn't do either of them any good.

    • Kim says:

      I could't agree more that Nikki should have been in the producer's challenge! I don' t understand why she is still in this competition!!!

    • Nwllms says:

      I so much agree that Nikki should have been the other in the producers challenge and probably go home instead of Martita. Nikki got off easy this week. That blender blunder shouldn't have phased her in the least. I am soooooo glad that Ippy is still here as he got the raw deal this week and the blunder passed his way was the worst and I think he dealt with it the best he could. The judges said he came across angry and I didn't see that.

    • boboee33 says:

      i agree

    • ladymargane says:

      Sorry, but Nikki is the biggest phony there second only to Marti.

  3. Barbara says:

    Why was Ippi kept when in the producers challenge he didn't talk about the "orange". He talked about tangerines. ?????? Martita should have stayed

    • Joel says:

      Compare their POVs. All things being equal (and I believe they were this week) which POV does the Foodnetwork need more?

    • stella says:

      It's still a citrus

    • Guest says:

      Because he didn't stutter and he told a story, unlike Martita.

    • amcken3 says:

      Because Ippi is the MOST real, most genuine and he has a great easy going style that I can relate to. He's the one person who said he's going to be himself AND he always has great dishes. I hope he wins!

    • Bob Johnson says:

      Because the producer's challenge is irrelevant. Bob and Susie pick whoever they want regardless of how they perform in the challenge. Martita could have told a great, engaging story about oranges and tied it nicely into her oh-so-important POV and Ippy could have just stood there and said "Bwa bwa bwa!" and Ippy would have won.

    • steve says:

      Yes he did. He said the orange made him think of the "bug juice" that he used to have with the tangerines from next door.

      I'm curious why you think marteta should have stayed... she's not very good on camera which is crucial to pulling off a weekly show.

    • jackm says:

      i want ippy to go home, not martita

    • Sharon says:

      I agree! Martita should have stayed! Why in the world have they kept Nikki, with no personality or talent, and Ippy who can only half funtion on a beach or even the rambling and irritating Marti? They really messed up when they got rid of Emily!

      • Food Fan says:

        (to everyone reading)--have you noticed how in this thread, the people who are:
        pro-Martita, or anti-Ippy, are both getting minuses to their posts?
        The posts favorable to Ippy are getting good plus's.

        Amcken3 said it well, above. Ippy is the MOST real. I agree.
        He has stuck to his point of view and been clear about it.
        He's an easy-going guy we can relate to. Great smile.
        Ippy is solid and consistent in great-tasting food.

      • Deanna says:

        At least Ippy can function on a beach. Martita can't function anywhere. Studio, Food Court, Beach...

    • SFSteveS says:

      the fix is in ... FN already has a native of Mexico who lives in San Diego ... Martita was never going to be the winner, she was only filler for the person they've already decided on as the winner ... and if their choice is no better than the one they made last year, it'll be just one more unwatchable program on FN ... even the commentary between Susie and Bob when they were supposedly deciding between Martita and Ippy was revealing inthat it was clear Ippy was the weaker of the two, yet they somehow "decided" to cut Martita ... what a pathetic joke this program has become.

      • Skrimmet says:

        I totally agree. Martita's show would have been pretty much a duplicate of Marcela's, so FN would never pick her in the end. No way Ippy did a better job in the challenge--he goes off on bug juice and tangerines and never really explains what he's talking about. And, in the first place, they made sure Martita got to the challenge by taking away her main ingredient, which would never happen for real. What was she supposed to say? That was just plain cruel!

    • ntd2020 says:

      Hi, Barbara! As I posted elsewhere: Ippy clearly, absolutely and COMPLETELY met the producer's challenge. The Big Island of Hawai'i's Bug Juice is a "all-purpose" sauce for fruit, especially citrus (tangerines AND oranges), avocados and mangoes. Just as teriyaki sauce is all-purpose for meat, especially steak, chicken, and salmon. Just as Ippy's misoyaki sauce is all-purpose for fish, scallops and seafood, in general. Just as salsa is a dipping sauce for corn chips, fried tortillas, and even potato chips.

      • Bob Johnson says:

        Too bad he didn't explain that until after the challenge.

      • Sumay says:

        As Alton Brown said in the episode where Giada was explaining how Martita was a refreshing and helahty take on Mexican food "I wish he would have said that" - of course, Alton actually said "she" but you get the point. Still love Ippy though!

    • Sumay says:

      In the past (at least I believe so) they have discussed "did this person complete the actual challenge." If that was the question this time around - even though I like Ippy (I mean, he's okay) - He should have been the one to go. She was the only one who actually talked about what was under that dome - and shame on Food Network for taking that fact lightly.

    • Sandra says:

      Look at the entire line up on food network, I love them BUT, we have enough Mexican Themed chefs. I come from latinamerica so I am not prejudice. Ippy offers a different angle much needed by the network. I agree he is too laid back but that is Hawaiian for you, besides, he can be groomed to be more exciting since he already has the chef skills and his food is good.

    • sjcnsm says:

      ditto..Ippi was sent to the pitch room so many times and should have been gone the first time. They said they saw glimmers in Martita but I never saw star glimmer in Ippi. I would have been voting for Martita in the finals.

    • Bev Hardy says:

      Barb, I very much agree!!!! Bev

    • daryl says:

      how many times did giada tell martita to tell a pesonal story and she never opened up and got personal that is what they wanted from her and she never got it ....

  4. Richard says:

    Martita should have stayed. Her personality is more genuine and her food is delicious. Best of luck to you Martita!!

    • Priya says:

      I agree. She'll do well, I'm sure of it.

    • mise_en_place says:

      How do you know her food is delicious? Did you taste it?

    • Nice says:

      By 'genuine' do you mean her on-again-off-again accent? Or her selling out her teammates (see: Linkie) to get ahead? Or better yet, her 30 seconds of dead airtime which she spent just smiling and looking pretty for the camera instead of giving her audience a GENUINE insight into her love for Mexican food?

      • Food Fan says:

        You got it!
        I think this why we are now seeing the minuses on alot o' the posts saying positive things about Martita.

    • Duncan says:

      Her food is delicious? How do you know her food was better than his? Like most male viewers there are probably less ethical reasons you wanted her to stay!

  5. guest says:

    What is it about Ippy that these judges are so in love with?? He is laid back to the point of being almost unconscious...I just do not get it about him at all. Martita has so much more potential on camera than he does, and the judges made a big mistake by keeping Ippy over her.

    • guest says:

      His food is not unconscious! Isn't this FOODnetwork?

    • cornball8 says:

      The judges are not in love with Ippy at all. What RU talking about? Have you been watching and listening?

    • FanFare57 says:

      Having potential gets old when that's all it is: potential. Martita squandered her opportunity because she thought she had it in the bag due to her looks. She had trouble filling 30 seconds. How well would she do with 30 minutes?

    • Jerilee says:

      Most males, IMO, would rather watch a female, opposite for females. Perhaps FN is looking for someone to attract both? Read the other threads, the appeal is out there for both. Martita, unfortunately, did not bring it together and Ippy did.

    • Guest says:

      He has a unique personality, and like the other guest said, he has good food

    • steve says:

      So what if he's laid back? Bobby Flay is laid back too. And Ina Garden. Does that mean they shouldn't be on Food Network? It's about cooking and being able to teach on-camera.

      • mhasegawa says:

        Yes! I've been comparing him to Ina all along. I am so glad he made it through the round, but I think Niki should have gone instead of Martita.

        • Chris says:

          That explains why I don't like Ippy, as I absolutely hate Ina. Pretentious is her middle name. At least Ippy seems somewhat humble.

      • FoodLover says:

        I agree. What's with the problem with being laid back? I love watching Ina Garden and she seems laid back to me and so is Tyler Florence who is also great FN personality. Every time I hear the critique about being laid back I scratch my head. The truth is of all of the contestants left, I would only watch Ippy if he makes it.

    • Grism says:

      Perhaps they are hopeful Ippy will grow more and more because they would like a Hawaiian chef on the network

    • Ray says:

      I agree with every word!

    • Food Fan says:

      Aha! More proof. As I replied to Sharon,'s another post against Ippy and what happens?--a minus 42 already as I write this. Looks like many people think Ippy is fine as-is.

    • Dee says:

      If you actually knew Ippy, and the wonderful food her creates ... you would understand!

      • adrianna says:


        • beachinfrizzy says:

          Oh please, the "r" is next to the "e" on the keyboard. What's your excuse for not knowing how to use both capital and lower case letters? Didn't you pay attention in English class this year?

    • Stephanie says:


    • guest says:

      Frank is that you??????????

  6. Allie says:

    This show is so rigged so that each producer has the same amount of potential stars at the end. Nikki did so much worse than Ippy!! I agree Martita should have gone home, but Ippy shouldn't have even been in the bottom two. Nikki was just way too unnatural, awkward and completely thrown off.

    • ana says:

      Yah, Nikki, its awkward to hear everytime she'll say "I'm Nikki the Girl Next Door", hello she's not a girl anymore. She looks rying hard in the screen....

      • Jerilee says:

        She hasn't wait girl next door, she's said gril next door.

      • beachinfrizzy says:

        The girl/grill thing is just silly. I'm surprised she's still using it after the food writers episode when the 'experts' couldn't understand which word she was trying to say and then when it was explained, still didn't get it or think much of it. But she's been dinged on her multiple incarnations so I guess a silly catchphrase is better than yet another reinvention at this point. Off da hook, anyone?

        • Food Fan says:

          (wink). who knows? if the Off da hook would work, then they could also say: Dis is MONEY!

          As for Nikki, I guess she's made some good tasting grilled dishes and I even defended her, somehwat, after going to her website and reading here n there. Her videos show her in a more positive light. I'll even grant that she's an attractive lady, is less nervous on camera than some others and has made some dishes that were quite tasty.
          But from what we've seen in the challenges, I just cant see how she's lasted this long.
          Three times in the pitch room is bad.
          Last in popularity for weeks on end is bad. Even if we say the whole fan vote thing is manipulated, there are far too many negative posts about here in this Blog. The audience just isnt there for her!

          • Laura says:

            She is not attractive. ICK!

          • Food Fan says:

            Oh, I think the lipstick is too dark of red, and she could do something with her eyebrows. Her pics on her website look better. She has a good figure and I like her hair. But anyway...
            She's not my favorite.
            I cant see her winning at all. If she did, how would she ever get enough fan support? She should've been gone already. I'm betting some would have preferred to send her home and keep Malcolm. or Emily.

          • Debbie says:

            Are you serious Food Fan? OMG -- Nikki attractive...she has a horseface and a brash and irritating personality! I don't know anyone personally that would ever watch her show if she had one. All I think when I see her is horsemeat!

          • Food Fan says:

            I thought a couple of the pics on her website were good.
            This year, the dark red lipstick on NFNS looks bad on everyone.

            But I didnt say anything about personality. (Yes, it counts more than looks.)
            Also, there are other attractive people who look nothing at all like her, too.
            So there! I've "bared-my-soul." I've told a story. I demand my 10-points and a Gold Star and now I want my own show! lol j/k

    • mise_en_place says:

      Yes, yes, yes!!!

    • Mary C says:

      I totally agree! I thought Ippy did really good. It seems like the judges push him too much to change-- he's so likable the way he is.

      • FanFare57 says:

        Mary C - I agree with you. Ippy is unique in that he doesn't seem like a grinning drone and is relaxed with himself. The fact that his food consistently rocks it, makes him more interesting.

    • Chinaloha says:

      Agree with you Allie. It seems just too coincidental that they wanted to even everything up to 2 contestants per mentor. I frankly don't see what the producers see in Nikki! If you look at the fan vote, the fans don't care for her at all.

    • Becca says:

      Saying any of these shows is rigged is a bold statement unless you have solid proof of such then it is just your point of view and no fact at all! I can see if they filmed it all in advance and the way they are shown as to whom goes home when being in a different order than originally filmed, but that is more creative editing than rigging the outcome!

    • Mommy says:

      totally agree with you allie!!! Not a fair game..judges need to rethink their intentions- do they need to keep even # of contestant in each team or do they need to keep the # of viewers. i believe, ippy and nikki should have been on the bottom 2.. and its time for the grill next door to be turned off.- not much fuel left in that one!

      • Mommy says:

        i meant martita and nikki should have been on the bottom 2.. Sweet ippy has his own unique style and iam kind of liking it.. feels like hawaaii..he is not "marty party" , but i would like to party with him..

        • LovesSun says:

          The Marty Party thing does not appeal to me at all. I like cooking, not partying. People who like to party will be too busy going to parties to cook. Call it "food for a crowd" but keep the word party out of it. As for Ippy, I think his personality is great just like it is. He cooks. That's what chefs do. That's why most of us watch cooking shows. Ippy doesn't need to change a thing. FN needs to change their way of thinking.

    • Teresa says:

      I agree....Nikki needs to go. I wouldn't watch her show. I wouldn't be surprised to see some of the axed contestants have a show on the Cooking Channel, like Keslsy Nixon who was not a winner of the Next Food Network Star....Time will tell.

    • Nancy says:

      I, too, felt Nikki did not handle her broken blender as well as Martita handled getting the wrong peppers but if it came down to Ippy or Martita, I am glad Ippy is staying. Martita's cooking skills will do her well in her next venture, I am sure.

    • boobooee33 says:

      i agree nikki have a bad personality and a hard face I do not want to see her show but bob and sus never let her go why I dont know

  7. Hailey says:

    Martita, you were th best on there and I don't like mexican food, but you inspired me to try it. Stick with cooking and you'll go far.

  8. why says:

    Martita should have left a few weeks ago because she never did happy things on her taped recordings.
    She doesn't make things personal but I also think Nikki should have left because she stalled after the blender did not work.

    Good luck to Ippy next week!

    • Joyce says:

      I agree with you...she has had many opportunities to make her case. I still cannot forget 30 seconds of dead does not matter how well you can cook if you leave so much dead space.

      Nikki has been beat up enough....even Paula Deene was saying negative things about a "grill show". Guess what, not everyone cooks with butter like Paula. She is not the ultimate decision maker! Now that Paula is dealing with diabetes, maybe she will address some healthful issues. Do not get me wrong, I have used many of Paula's recipes but they are not always the best in healthful decisions!

      • Sandy says:

        Almost evert time I hear someone complain about Paula's recipes they mention butter, butter does not cause diabetes

        • Food Fan says:

          But she does use alot of butter and butter is fat and can cause weight-gain.
          She also uses alot o' sugar.

  9. jane says:

    Really? They chose Ippy over Martita? I wouldn't watch Ippy's show if it was the only one on TV. He's boring, never warm or charming. It looks like this season will end with another "star" that no one watches.

    • Deanna says:

      I would watch Ippy. Would NEVER watch Martita.

      • Ippy Rules says:

        Absolutely agree. Ippy has had new original things every time, where I have felt like I have seen the same old same old from Martita that every other Mexican food chef has done!

    • Jane's Alter ego says: don't know what you are are probably a friend of Martita.....and basing off of what you are are probably uneducated.

    • Food Fan says:

      PLENTY of people will watch Ippy if he wins!
      He IS warm n charming! He isnt stuck on himself. And the Pacific Rim meets European focus will allow for incredible variety.
      He is young and will appeal to younger viewers. I'm 50+ and would totally watch him, and look forward to his next show! I am also noticing that Ippy explains his dishes well. He can teach us.

    • steve says:

      Warm & charming? Is that the purpose of Food Network? Sounds like you have it confused with Oprah.

      • Deanna says:

        Paula Deen has been a cash machine for FN. BUT, she has the Southern warmth and charm covered. They need another version of it. Ippy fills the bill.

      • guest2 says:

        Food Network's executives have confused it with Oprah, they want a little drama in a food/cooking show. Have you not read the criticism given for requiring the contestants to tell a "personal story/" Personally, I think one's demeanor determines their charm and warmth.

    • Food Fan says:

      Ippy has consistently great flavors to his food.
      He explains his dishes well, whats in them and how-to-do-it.
      He has been true to his point of view and has never changed it.
      He has never had 30 seconds of dead air.
      He is humble.
      He offers something new!
      Ippy could appeal to both younger and older viewers.
      He's a warm-hearted guy you can like right away.

    • Jewels says:

      And I would watch Ippy in a heartbeat. His POV is what is so different about him vs the others. And I love his laid back delivery. It is what the islands are all about. I have been cooking since the 60's and have plenty of Asian, Italian, French, Mexican and American recipes. I don't have any Hawaiian.

      I would love to bring some fresh island-type foods to the table. And I would love for Ippy to be the one to teach them to me.

      Actually Ippy would revive some interest in the Food Network for me. Because of all the re-runs of Triple D and Chopped, I have been watching other channels.

      Do I think he is going to win? I am not certain that the Network is willing to fund this sort of show. Only if the advertisers would back it strongly would they make that decision. Then again, as much as I think that Justin is a talent, I don't see him as bankable bucks for the Network.

      • Food Fan says:

        Good post!
        Yes, Ippy would bring something new and his easy-going nature would be easy-to-follow and he could teach us. I remember in the Live Show challenge with Guy, Ippy did a better job than several others in explaining/showing what was in his dish. He has since then, too.

        As for advertisers---I would think there would be no shortage of support. Who could they get? What could they market? Lets see. How about (brainstorming here):
        AIRLINE tickets to the Islands as a Sponsor (good for business, eh?)
        A Hawaiian shirts clothing company.
        A Surfboard company. Many on the mainland buy surfboards.
        A Suntan lotion of skin-products company.
        A Visit Oahu travel company.
        Hawaiian "lays" (sp)
        How about a sponsorship or advertising from a Marine Sciences/Oceanography organization?
        Starfish and polished seashells and gifts.
        How about advertising from a local hawaiian food company? Dole Pineapple?
        Remember in Ippys video when he cooks the Pig outdoors? How about Camping equipment, tents, lighter fluid for starting cooking fires, etc?
        Many people all across the USA like to ride motorcycles. How about advertising from a motorcycle company? When visiting Hawaii, many people rent a motorbike and cruise the Island. This can be done year 'round.
        Maybe Ippy could create a couple of tasty sauces and bottle and market them.
        Keep thinking....I'm sure there are even more possibilities.
        Its isnt over yet. But I hope Ippy ends up being the winner. The newness is way-cool.
        And---Ippy's POV would STILL be interesting 3 or 4 years later. He can last!

      • SneakFromWork says:

        I have to agree with Jewels ;) . . .

        Of all the current contestants, Ippy brings two things that are fresh and new. One, a marriage of Hawai'ian and Italian culture that has the potential for an almost bottomlist list of food possibilities. Heck, just the Hawai'ian angle alone is unique. And two, he's a damned fine chef. Out of all the food challenges, only once that I can recall did his cuisine fall to the less than spectacular side, his bug bear has been the network types' absolute fixation with people who fizz and bubble and foam like a shaken bottle of beer. Quite frankly, I've had it up to here with fake, phoney "stars" who froth at the mouth at every opportunity.

        Ippy's focus has always been on his food and his culture. He's been consistent and faithful to himself and his POV, which is also one of the best-defined ones on the list (next to Emily's, but sadly we saw where that got her.)

        All of Food Fan's excellent "sponsor" points aside, I have to agree that Ippy presents Food Network with its first truly unique opportunity since, well, a very long time.

  10. Jean says:

    I to think it was time for Martita to go. Our family watches the food network all the time and we all agree there are enough mexican and spanish food on the network. I really enjoy Ippy and would love to learn Hawaiian food. That it something they do not have and also My New England would be great. We are tired of all things not American anymore.

    • NH gal says:

      Go, New England!!!!!!!!!

    • imd says:

      That's exactly what I was thinking as well!

    • Kandarie says:

      I agree with you on seeing a show featuring Hawaiian food. And I don't find Ippy boring, just naturally laid back. I find that appealing. After going to Jamaica for a vacation, laid back is what brings me to the tropical ,warm ,and inviting culture of the islands. I've never been introduced to much Hawaiian food and it IS American, just as most other dishes have a background from other countries.

      • LOU says:

        I believe that the only reason Ippy is still in the contest is because the network want a show on hawaii. I dont think they care for his personality or anything else.......

    • Mexican =/= Spanish says:

      I agree with you about Ippy - I don't know much about Hawaiian food and his show would be like a 30-minute vacation. And I didn't like Martita much either - but Mexican is NOT Spanish. Spain is in Europe, and they have a completely different cuisine. I don't recall there ever being a Spanish show on FN. Or a show for Latin American food other than Mexican, for that matter. A reason to root for Yvan - educating people that there's more south of our border than Mexico. "We are tired of all things not American anymore" ... really?! And we wonder why the rest of the world perceives Americans as ignorant. The VAST majority of everything on FN right now is American.

      • Kandarie says:

        You're correct about the 2 different cuisines. Cooking Channel (still affiliated with FN), has To Spain With Love, and it's not remotely like Mexican.

      • Nice says:

        Well said.

      • reba says:

        By process of elimination(and I could get lengthy Food Fan) but for some obvious reasons, I think we are going to see Yvan take this if no major hic-cups are involved. Sure, Martie has good ideas and fun with the camera but no strong recipes in comparison, Justin(who I like) has a lot of strange recipes, Ippy is very,very talented and cool but might be #2 in the end. Nikki, forget about it! And my pick from the start was Michele with her intitial interview with Bobby-very strong but along the way made some real flaws(I flipped with the crab salad thing) and so many people have problems with her appearance~I don't and that shouldn't be a criterion anyway if the personality and recipes hold that leaves Yvan!

      • Guest says:

        They did have a show on called "Simply Delicioso" with Ingrid Hoffman. She was originally from Colombia and made dishes with latin inspired dishes.

    • Kandarie says:

      And I would think a show about traditional American Indian food would be the closest we could come to true American, and we see none of that anywhere.

    • Andrea says:

      WE ARE TIRED OF ALL THINGS NOT AMERICAN ANY MORE, REALLY? Get your head out of the sand Jean. One of the great things about the UNITED States, is the fantastic world cuisine that it has to offer. what an IGNORANT comment.

    • Kandarie says:

      Correction. The show is From Spain With Love with Annie Sibonney. That wants to take me on a whole other vacation to Spain. Rich in seafood and history.

    • Pat says:

      --We are tired of all things not American anymore.

      Agreeing with those who say you are ignorant of the various cuisines in this country brought in by all our wonderful immigrants who helped build the US.

    • Jammin' Jeff says:

      My wife and I agree also. It's nice to have variety, but there's just so much of what you called "all things not American" these days on the Food Network, well, all networks really. It's beginning to be a little disheartening, like it's not OK to be an American these days...