Caption It: Cooking With Cameras

by in Food Network Star, July 6, 2012

Week after week, we see that for many Food Network Star finalists, the camera proves to be their toughest challenge. It forces them to look past the lens and make a connection with viewers, while, of course, remembering to speak clearly, explain their dishes, weave in personal stories, integrate their culinary points of view and more – all in a matter of seconds.

But one aspect of Star that’s rarely shown is what it takes to cook in the midst of cameras, to slice and dice ingredients, sauté on the stove, work kitchen appliances and more while multiple cameras are watching and recording every move. In this sneak-peek shot from Sunday night’s episode, we get a feel for the conditions in which Martie, Justin, Michele, Nikki and the others are working. Do these seemingly larger-than-life cameras distract the finalists, or are they just used to them by week nine? Heading into the final few weeks of the competition, will they be able to keep their cool on camera?

Before you tune in this Sunday at 9pm/8c, we’re challenging you, Star fans, to write your best captions (tastefully appropriate, please) for this close-up moment in the comments below.


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Comments (111)

  1. Steph says:

    Tonight I think the judges made a mistake on who didn't do a good job on the live presentation.... I think Niki did alot worse than Ippy. He kept our atttention while Niki got lost in what she was doing.

  2. Adam says:

    ippy needs to go home! he lacks energy personality

    • Jessi says:

      Ippy's dishes have gotten rave reviews from Judges, he is a true "TEAM member" (never trying to "chew" anyone else apart), and has a unique POV.
      Awesome cooking chops, classy, and attractive. Many viewers would be drawn to his FN show.

    • Louisa says:

      Adam....what's with you? Ippy is unique, camera friendly, very creative with his dishes - go back to Eden dear Adam - Eve is waiting for you!

  3. Guest says:

    What is it about Ippy that these judges are so in love with?? He is laid back to the point of being almost unconscious...I just do not get it about him at all. Martita has so much more potential on camera than he does, and the judges made a big mistake by keeping Ippy over her.

    • Karen says:

      I totally agree! I would watch a Martita program... Most of those left are of little interest.

      • Michele says:

        Martita is gone; its time to "let go."

        GO IPPY ! Your superior cooking and sweet smile is going to take you to the top !

        • Louisa says:

          Oh yes! Ippy is surely one of the last to stand....he'll do great right to the end!!! If Ippy doesn't take it, I hope Michelle does!! She is also great!!!

          Re: Martita, it is sad to see anyone get booted...even her. You can feel their pain.

  4. eric says:

    Camera 1 get in there for a Giada (cleavage shot)

  5. NancyMz says:

    Anyone have a toothpick?

  6. Mom's Apple Pie says:

    I could be home watching 'Chopped'.

  7. Pappy says:

    "I don't know why we're working so hard. We all know that the judges have decided, almost from day 1, that Michele is going to "win" this thing."


    • Michele says:

      NO WAY !!! Michelle seems like an OK contestant...but wow, but many cooking mishaps (does anyone remember the shells in the food?) to be the winner.
      If Michelle wins, it will prove without a doubt that this show is rigged. Seriously, what are these shows about? The same contestants move from FN show to FN show until they win one?
      What a joke!

  8. Mom's Apple Pie says:

    I think Ippy is in the front run...but where's Ippy in the photo? Hmmm...

  9. Rob says:

    This would be more fun if we were all at the glowing vagina table!

  10. Sumay says:

    "Team Bobby, Team Alton - let us bow our heads in prayer that we do not give Giada another reason to pump her arms in the air and scream yay. Amen."