Poll: Which Eliminated Finalist Would You Bring Back?

by in Food Network Star, July 5, 2012

We’ve seen your Tweets, Facebook posts and blog comments, and we know that some viewers are frustrated, confused and downright angry about particular eliminations from the past eight episodes. One Food Network Star fan went so far as to write that the network “made the worst decision ever” in sending home Team Alton’s Emily.

It’s the nature of the Star beast that even in the very first week of the competition someone must be eliminated. Still, you can’t help but wonder if that first person and others sent home later could have improved, and proven themselves real contenders, if they stayed longer. After all, maybe they just needed a few extra days to adjust to the demands of shooting. Perhaps they would have benefitted from more time with their mentors.

If you could, which eliminated finalist would you bring back?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (712)

  1. Kim says:

    Definatley Without Question Emily!!! I was so mad she went home! I loved her, She was unique and funny and could really cook.

  2. krisgirl220 says:

    Hey, Foodnetwork! Hey Bob and Susie! Are you all listening to your viewers? (I am bewildered that you kept that abrasive Nikki around and Martita, whose true personality came out when she was so cruel to Linkie AND also left 30 seconds of dead air time, etc.) We LOVED EMILY ELLYN....don't even care if she sticks to the 50's Retro/Rad POV. She's just got a fun, fresh, engaging, and quirky personality that would draw and keep viewers. Look at her following already! I don't think people cared about probing into her personal life if there are things she doesn't care to tell. This isn't Dr. Phil.....

  3. Yvonne Moore says:

    Hands down it should be Emily Ellyn!!!!

  4. Guest says:

    Looks like the voting is over. I cannot cast a vote.

  5. Guest says:

    Emily Ellen of course. She had a few rough spots, but is so engaging and entertaining.

  6. Guest says:

    This isn't about Emily Ellyn. We all know she is fabulous. This is completely about the arrogance of Bob and Susie. They refuse to acknowledge they blew it. This whole thing was contrived from the beginning. How do you have 3 teams and miraculously end up with one person on each time. IT'S a miracle! NOT!
    These fuckers are simpletons who want their way and everyone else can kiss their asses and that includes Bobby Flat, Alton Brown and Giada DiLaurentis. They only care about their own opinions. Narcissists.
    Emily is currently working on a program from another network and a calendar and book. If this flies, Bob and Susie are toast. I will enjoy watching them depart.

  7. Guest says:

    Suzie Fogelson is a Claudia Christian wannabe!

  8. matt says:

    Bring back Emily. I would love to watch her show.

    • Emily Ellyn says:

      THank you Matt! The continued support and love shown should get the Food Network's attention :)

  9. Travis says:

    The Food Network Sucks! I use to watch it all of the time, but all of the competitions are fixed and, even when they have the winners you never hear from them again. Its not worth my time!