Poll: Which Eliminated Finalist Would You Bring Back?

by in Food Network Star, July 5, 2012

We’ve seen your Tweets, Facebook posts and blog comments, and we know that some viewers are frustrated, confused and downright angry about particular eliminations from the past eight episodes. One Food Network Star fan went so far as to write that the network “made the worst decision ever” in sending home Team Alton’s Emily.

It’s the nature of the Star beast that even in the very first week of the competition someone must be eliminated. Still, you can’t help but wonder if that first person and others sent home later could have improved, and proven themselves real contenders, if they stayed longer. After all, maybe they just needed a few extra days to adjust to the demands of shooting. Perhaps they would have benefitted from more time with their mentors.

If you could, which eliminated finalist would you bring back?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (712)

  1. Guest says:

    Emily really needs to get brought back, or at least be in next year's season. Her only weakness was an awkward feel when she was on camera, but otherwise she was great! I'm really not sure how Nikki is still in, since she was in the pitch room 3 times. She has no star potential in my opinion.
    And I also think they're spamming the elimination because it's always an even number of people on the teams every few weeks. If they really did it by star potential, Emily would still be here and Nikki would be gone.

  2. nancyfromms61 says:

    Bring back Linke. Most of the ones left would not have a show I would watch, except Ippy!

  3. the combination of unique show and unique personality is the definition of Emily.. We need her back!!

  4. Marti Anne says:

    We are all so sorry that Ippy was eliminated. He has a food menu that is totally foreign and fascinating to us. What is left are contestants that have similar takes as other food network starts. But Hawaiian fusion is a novelty that I would love to try, and honestly, I liked his calm demeanor. It didn't seem fake or put on like some of the others. My family and I will miss Ippy and his food.

  5. nancyfromms61 says:

    Please bring Linke back. Her personality shines above all the others.

  6. nancyfromms61 says:

    Just found out Ippy was eliminated last night. He was the only good one left. Sorry to see him go.

  7. MikkO says:

    Bring back Judson Allen! Giada De Laurentiis was such a mean spirited judge to totaly took Judson life stuggles and used it against him. No wonder young black men give up. Hang in there Judson your time is coming. Then we will see who's a BSer!!!!!!

  8. AltonBrownIsAwesome says:

    Emily Ellyn had an amazing POV and she would've had an amazing Retro Rad show!! Come on Bob and Susie!!! No offense, but how could you keep Nikki and Martie around longer than Emily? But anyway please give her a show on Cooking Channel or something! She would be such a joy :D

  9. Patty says:

    No one should be back! They are already gone... Why do we want to see them again? Just let it like it is right now and I hope MICHELE WINS!

  10. sudz says:

    Despite Ippy's laid back attitude, I was surprised at their decision. I feel like every episode, his flavor profiles were well liked by judges and his palate is new, exotic, and fresh. I hope they realize their mistake and bring him back!!!