Poll: Which Eliminated Finalist Would You Bring Back?

by in Food Network Star, July 5, 2012

We’ve seen your Tweets, Facebook posts and blog comments, and we know that some viewers are frustrated, confused and downright angry about particular eliminations from the past eight episodes. One Food Network Star fan went so far as to write that the network “made the worst decision ever” in sending home Team Alton’s Emily.

It’s the nature of the Star beast that even in the very first week of the competition someone must be eliminated. Still, you can’t help but wonder if that first person and others sent home later could have improved, and proven themselves real contenders, if they stayed longer. After all, maybe they just needed a few extra days to adjust to the demands of shooting. Perhaps they would have benefitted from more time with their mentors.

If you could, which eliminated finalist would you bring back?

Who’s your favorite finalist still in the running? Don’t forget to cast your Fan Vote up to 10 times per day.

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Comments (712)

  1. cjcal says:

    It has to be Emily. Because, pardon my chuckle, a 1950s mom would pick out every possible speck of crab shell before serving her homemade crab salad to guests.

    • Food Fan says:

      Ahhhh, the '50's.
      Sunshine, Malt Shops, Cheeseburgers, kissing yer Sweetie, high-school dances.
      Life was simpler.
      As we watch the beginning-intro of Emily's show, the Camera takes us inside a malt shop. We see a milkshake machine, a sign for Coca-Cola, a Jukebox, couples eating....and maybe this song for a theme-song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX6QlnlMqjE
      Other good theme songs might be:
      "At the Hop"--Danny & the Juniors
      "Twistin' the Night Away"--Sam Cooke
      Long live the '50's!

      • Dana says:

        Yeah, life was simpler in the 50s--as long as you weren't black! Or gay. Or a woman interested in something other than being a housewife. It's a clever concept, but let's not overly romanticize things, shall we?

        Also, it's 2012 and we still have sunshine, diners, cheeseburgers, kisses, and high school dances.

        • Food Fan says:

          I have have absolutely zero apology for what I said!

          Yes, its 2012. And now we have "pink slime" in Beef, STD's, and the Columbine school shootings, nationwide obesity, massive unemployment, unpaid student loans, houses in foreclosure, sky-high divorce rates and outrageous gas prices. Welcome to the future! (wink)

    • Kathleen says:

      yes she would and we need Emily back to prove it!!!!!!!!!

    • atticus says:

      Absolutely! Emily had a minor stumble in front of the camera, but she's got that "it" factor --- viewers Want to watch Emily!
      This viewer is not interested is seeing anymore of Nicki or Martie. Nicki's irritating (I'd never watch her show) & Martie's sweet & all, but it's "been there, done that". Emily on the other hand is a True original!

    • katie says:

      Yeah, a 50's housewife wouldnt serve crab salad with shells but a classy 50's housewife also knows not to gossip or air the laundry about family, especially if its only for her own gain/advancement. Keep it classy Emily!

    • eric says:

      EMily is the only one I immediately recall. Malcolm too only because on his elimination episode he kept saying "POV" Say it one more time and I am flying there to smack you upside the head.

    • Claire DiamentTurner says:

      Emily should have never left, mostly not that week when she was put against Martita in the producer's challenge; Emily was at least 10 times better than Martita. I was surely proven right in the weeks that followed as Martita never could utter a single interesting story when she was supposed to.
      I was never so angry about the judges decision; even now, weeks later I am still reeling over that monumental mistake on the judges part.

  2. Bob Toren says:

    For me it would be either Eric or Emily and I think I would go with Eric by a made-from-scratch nose (although that sounds more like a Justin dish).

    • Delight Ortiz says:

      I second the motion! Eric Lee gets my vote! His published recipes are fantastic! Bobby was absolutely on-target when he selected Eric for his team!

    • Ann says:

      We were Just getting to know Eric! Best chef in the competition, they said. And I liked his style. Maybe he should be an Iron Chef competitor!

    • psipsina says:

      Yes, I totally agree about Eric. I have been rolling my eyes for 9 weeks now about how Bob and Susie will say, "This person made the best dish I ever had," and then kick them off the island. Susie in particular seems to have lost her mind. One week she thinks Emily's Retro Rad is cool and catchy; the next she thinks it's fake and phony. Like, where did THAT come from?

    • Betty Elliott says:

      Eric Lee earned my respect and attention in the first episode. His passion for reconstructing healthy, natural and nutritious meals motivated me to get back to basics. My grocery bills are less, and my family loves Erics recipes!

  3. tchumeshe says:

    I would bring back Emily because she is just SO cute and fun! She definitely could have worked on her camera shoots, but I think that if she was just a little better at that, she wouldn't have gone already.

    • Kathleen says:

      Yes yes yes bring back Emily. She will make watching a cooking show so much fun.

  4. Guest says:

    No brainer question of the season: Emily Ellyn, of course!!!

    • Kathleen says:

      I guess you don't need brains to know letting Emily go was so very wrong. Bring Emily Back !!!!

    • Jennie says:

      AGREED! No brainer! Emmy ("Right brain) should return and take the cake!

  5. Monte says:

    I would make it Emily, followed by Eric.

    Emily...I love the updated take on the classic '50's diner burger. It really was "retro rad".

    I'm actually looking forward to trying that burger in the near future.

  6. Donna says:

    I'd love to see Emily and Justin have a show! Have them at the Food Network's "Wine and Food Fest" in NY, would be even better! I'm hoping to win that Sweepstakes, I want to make that event, in the worst way! Hint, hint Food Network!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Definitely Emily. She was so quirky and fun! I loved the whole retro rad thing!

  8. Elderleigh says:

    Absolutely Emily, followed by Eric.
    I really do not care for this year;s format, but beside that, I have always wondered why there is not at least one, if not two weeks set aside at the beginning of the search to allow each contestant to become just a bit comfortable with all the activity surrounding a television show. That would also allow the audience to get to know each person a wee bit better.
    There are several shows that have pre-contest episodes - Idol, So You Think You Can Dance? etc. You want people to really get behind contenders? Let us get to know them a week or two before the first elimination.

    • Monte says:

      I"m sorry...but "So You Think You Can Dance?" is probably one of the DUMBEST shows on TV. Right up there with "Dancing with the Stars".

      • Elderleigh says:

        I'm not a big fan of Idol but I know from friends how they set up their pre-season auditions.

        Slightly off topic - but - the thing I like about SYTYCD? is the absolute amazing amount of true talent many of the young people bring to the party - I have to plough through a lot of the artificiality of the weekly themes, forced drama, story touting - sound familiar? but the talent of some of those kids is incredible and undeniable.

        Thank goodness for this kind of program variety.

    • reba says:

      We agree for sure. I know the contestants got to know each other, but, we the viewers would like to digest the person,,the style,the dish before someone goes. Also, there should be more than 2 judges.

  9. Whining FN fan says:

    They should ALL come back! Food Network shouldn't eliminate any contestants. If they don't bring them all back, I'll NEVER watch ever again!

    • Jeremy says:

      Lol, that's not how any shows like this work. All but one have to go some time. If no one was eliminated they would all get a show. And then there would be no show called Next Food Network Star, because they would just pick people and that would be that.

      • Monte says:

        Whining FN fan is trying to be sarcastic by using hyperbole and Reductio Ad Absurdum...but failing miserably at it.

        Now Whining FN Fan is going to go see what hyperbole and Reductio Ad Absurdum means...

        • Frank Demeo says:

          I think his parody (Or whatever( is spot on. That's exactly what happens here week in and week out.

          • logic says:

            Hello, Whining FN Fan A.K.A Frank Demeo--- I think you outed yourself...

          • Monte says:

            Like the way you constantly whine about Martita and how it's unfair that she has to go up against everyone else?

            Do you even know what Reductio Ad Absurdum means?

        • Guest says:

          Wow, you must be impressed with yourself.

        • Phineus says:

          Funny you should use the term, Reductio Ad Absurdun. Heard Sheldon use it yesterday on a rerun of "Big Bang Theory".

    • Food Fan says:

      Alas, my Son. Tis the way of all things. Gone, to the great Crockpot in the sky, but not forgotten.
      As for not watching anymore, there are pills available for that.
      Life is still worth living. And eating.

    • MeMa says:

      REALLY? You do realize elimination is what this show is all about don't you? The idea if you do not get it is to find the ONE next food network star. Guess you will never watch THE NEXT FOODD NETWORK STAR again will you will you?

    • David says:

      Obviously, a joke. :-) Of course, they should bring back *all* contestants from *all* prior years too, and give them their own shows. lol. The annual contests are really competitive, and usually there are a few that you can imagine having a show. The goal is ultimately to be declared "best of the best."

    • Jimmy says:

      I think the first challenge should be none-elimination, but is still evaluated for the next week's elimination.

    • paty says:


  10. marilyn says:

    Her POV was the one I most wanted to see in a possible new now. Plus, I wouldn't mind her being in my home for 30 at a time.