Paula’s Biggest Fan — Star Commentary

by in Food Network Star, July 4, 2012

As if the Miami sun wasn’t enough to heat up last week’s episode of Food Network Star, Paula Deen stopped by to attend the beach party the finalists threw for VIP guests at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. She and her son Bobby joined the mentors and network to taste and judge the remaining contestants’ dishes, and offer words of encouragement and constructive criticism to those who needed it.

No one had a better reaction to Paula’s arrival than Team Alton’s Martie. In one of the most endearing moments of the season, she became overcome with emotion and “is-this-real-life” thoughts, crying in the middle of the challenge, “This is a huge deal. I’m Martie Duncan from Birmingham, Alabama, and I’m cooking for Paula Deen!” Paula, too, became emotional during judging, saying that she “loved Martie the person” and “could identify with everything she said.” These two Southern gals were truly “birds of a feather,” as Martie put it.

Star viewer Arian @afgbruins21 couldn’t help but notice Martie’s over-the-top reaction to seeing and meeting the queen of Southern cuisine. “Dying Martie is fangirling over Paula Deen so hard I love it so cute #star,” she Tweeted, expressing the thoughts of the judges, mentors and fellow finalists, and earning our Fan Post of the Week.

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Comments (112)

  1. smch says:

    Justin is fun and quirky to watch while Marty is warm and endearing. Either would be a good addition to Food Network. The others have unique qualities, but don't come across to me as someone I'd would want to sit and watch.

  2. Elderleigh says:

    I'm really tired of the over the top southern Drawl....Paula, Clare from Challenge and now Marti? Too sugary sweet - just listening puts me into an insulin reaction..

    And really, if you aren't going to curse properly - dag nabit, dagumit, gosh darn it yall - then please change your language patterns. The cutsy substitutions mean the exact same thing - damnit - you're not folloing anyone and those of us of a certain age can no longer do "cute".

  3. Whining FN fan says:

    Contestants shouldn't be allowed to have emotional outbursts like that. If they do that anymore, I'll stop watching Food Network forever!

  4. Sharon says:

    Congratulations to Ippy. Of all the contestants, I would most like to learn to cook his dishes. I would definitely watch a program with his warm, endearing personality and culinary savvy. Then there is the added bonus of the wealth of dishes from the many different cultures of Hawaii. What a great concept!

  5. mise_en_place says:

    Ippy's last camera challenge was a big improvement. He showed energy and enthusiasm without losing that laid back style which is endearing to many people.

  6. Juli says:

    Rock on Ippy!

  7. Guest says:

    Martie needs to go home.

  8. Food Fan says:

    Martie is warm and outgoing and IF she could become much more concise and to the point she may do surprisingly well.
    But, offhand, I'm not remembering any specific dish of hers that people just wildly raved about and if the long-windedness continues, I just cant see her winning this. Nice lady, though. She'd probably be fun to hang out with and gab.
    p.s. New Preview video is up for next episode.

    • cjcal says:

      If we're talking about the same promo clip, it looks like several audience members leave during Ippy's presentation. And apparently this is a set-up by the judges to see how contestants react to adversity. Anyway, this is how it looks to me. And a judge mentions "she was unflappable" and in another instance I think it was Bobby who says that a contestant came across as angry. I thought Nikki would be unflappable but in the clip it looks like she freezes. Maybe Martie is unflappable because she keeps on talking? For some reason, I think it's Bobby talking about Michele as the contestant who comes across as angry in her presentation. Very interesting.
      I can't believe they set up Ippy that way. Frankly, the clip seems to show almost everybody struggles in this latest challenge.

      • Food Fan says:

        Yes, very interesting is right.
        At this point in the competition, I'm rooting for Ippy's as "Best-of-the-Bunch" in comparison to the others. I just hope me handles his bein'-messed-with fiasco-challenge quite well. Looks like they're all "in for it" somehow.

  9. guest says:

    I would not mind any other finalist to win BUT Mattie. How dare she say that us Pennsylvanians have no good food. HELLO!!! We have the Philly cheesestake, Philly soft pretzels, and spoon much more. I was THOROUGHLY offended.

    • Just my perspective says:

      Goodness, get over it already!

      • Lizzy281 says:

        Amen. For the record, she said "nothing" when asked. Not "no good food comes from PA". She simply said she could think of nothing. I'd like to have anyone think of something from PA they could make in 20 minutes under that kind of pressure. I'd probably have fainted. I'm sure there was some creative editng involved also. Get over it. Martie having a dense moment under duress certainly is not a hate crime against the people of PA.

        • Deanna says:

          No. She she got Pennsylvania. Which is known for...nothing. is what she said. How is she going to help me throw a party in Pennsylvania?

    • Georgia Peach says:

      OH GOODNESS she said something about Pennsylvania it's not the end of the world here! Jeez Louise. I mean people down talk the South all the time any way and also people have their own opinions so if they don't like PA then that's that! My gosh. Like seriously if you're that upset about that comment don't watch reality TV. Martie is just straightforward.

  10. @MarkJ801 says:

    Martie's dying??