Team Bobby Falls to Two

by in Food Network Star, July 3, 2012

This was a tough week for Team Bobby, with two finalists going head-to-head in a Producers' Challenge battle of cocktails. No matter how it shook out, Bobby would lose a member of his team.  He was hesitant to say anything at all in the pitch room (or pitch beach, as it was this week): "I didn't want to sway the judges one way or the other based on my comments."

In the end, Bob and Susie decided to send Malcolm Mitchell home. Despite food that consistently impressed them, Malcolm was never fully able to hone his "soulful" POV. "Malcolm's POV was confusing," Susie says. "After eight weeks, we need to know who he is through his food."

Malcolm left the competition in good spirits: "I leave happy. I wanted to win it, but at the end of the day, I did everything that I could do. I was real."

Hear more from Susie and Malcolm in his exclusive exit interview. Did you think Malcolm should have gone home over Michele?

Flip through Malcolm’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Eight.

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  1. kspast2 says:

    For some reason I don't think Susie ever cared for Malcolm. She has been looking for reasons since the beginning to get rid of him. If anyone needs to go it is most defintely Nikki the grill. It's crazy that she was allowed to stay over Emily. I don't believe Nikki shares anything personal or brings anything positive to the network. I don't see any personality there.

    • Guest says:

      You're right. The only thing Nikki has shared about herself (that I can remember) is that her dad had a red grill when she was growing up.

      • Jewels says:

        I watched the show again last night and paid close attention to Nikki to see if she had really improved the way Bob said she did. I personally didn't see it. What I did see is that she is someone that is attractive but the camera picks up a bland side of her or even a hard, unhappy face. It looks forced to me. And I do believe that she just isn't good on camera. I am not that bad looking, but I can't get a good photo to save my life. It happens.

        • Guest says:

          I think her face may be literally "hard" because of too many Botox/filler injections. Hence the lack of genuine expression on her face. I can't believe bad makeup or lighting would make someone's face look like that.

  2. FNfan says:

    I agree the POV thing is overrated and talked about way too much on the show.

  3. Shannon says:

    Bad choice, I don't actually enjoy Michelle she is not engaging. The big problem here is that I actually watch the food network cooking shows for a few reasons: New creative recipe ideas, to be entertained and to learn new techniques I had not thought to try. Michelle now has no credibility for lets just say she has a show and prepares do I know that what she made or the technique she used will actually work? I know she has proven she will serve inedible food.

  4. marygee says:

    Obviously, Malcolm wasn't too concerned about winning the Title -- if he was, he would have played by the rules -- if a requirement is you need to express your point of view -- then you do it or pay the consequences. You want to know what type of show you're turning into right? Ethnic? Home-Style Cooking? Regional? Enertaining/ Etc. Maybe Malcolm was more focused on the home front and the restaurant he's opening. I'm sure he'll be very successful.

    More importantly, however, is qualtity of the food. Michele's dish should have been disqualified because it was unsafe to eat. How can you judge food you can't eat? She made a poor selection for her dish - and if she's an experienced chef she should have known better.

    Oh well, we'll know soon enough. The winner is already selected, we just haven't been informed. I just hope they go back to the old format next season. This one is BORING.

  5. Guest says:

    Michele Ragussis needs to lose the nose ring. Pretty unprofessional and probably a health hazard. I wouldn't want her cooking my food, not something very appetizing.

    • LISN says:

      She doesn't seem to mind health hazards - she probably thinks that shells in the crab salad add texture.

  6. Jessica says:

    I really don't understand the "network" people. Do they understand what we want to watch? I've watched every "next food network star" season, but this season is making me dislike the network. Considering most of my favorite shows are on the network, that speaks volumes.

    When bob and susie decided to send emily home I was shocked...I dont need to hear her entire life story to want to watch her show -- she was fun, smart, and had an interesting show idea. I would watch her every week.

    I would NOT watch nicky or michele, yet consistently bob and susie keep them around, and even praise them. Neither have personality, both are boring, and neither have interesting show ideas. Nicky wants to grill -- there's a million shows about grilling and she seems cold as ice. Michele wants to make seafood over and over again and complains incessantly.

    Every episode has been Michele complaining constantly -- she's annoying and boring us and this week she (like always) picked seafood then clearly said she knew she wasn't going to have enough time to get out all the shells and didn't care. She just said oh well and served it anyways. Knowing that not only were big celebrities going to eat it, but small children. Would she have cared if one of the kids had choked? She should have been automatically sent home for that.

    Yet mysteriously she gets to do the producer challenge, where she's supposed to be creative, but instead picks a well-known drink that anyone could have slapped together and added generic terms about fishing and sailing. But she gets saved.

    Whereas the guy who consistently served great food and showed creativity even in the producer challenge gets sent home because he doesn't have a defined POV?! How does this make sense to Bob and Susie?

    Seeing Michele and Nicky get saved every week is making me think that a) this entire thing is rigged and the winner is already decided, and b) Bob and Susie really don't get what their viewers want to see.

    My top pick was Emily, followed by Justin and Ippy. They love Justin, they sent Emily home for not giving them details about her family (which btw Nicky has not), and Ippy they keep complaining about him being laid back. HE IS HAWAIIAN, he's not going to change who he is, nobody wants him to except Bob and Susie. Why? He would be unique on a network that has every other niche filled.

    If Michele and Nicky are the final two, I will not be watching another season of next food network star, and will not watch whatever lame show they come up with.

    Maybe bob and susie should read viewer comments since they're so out of touch with what we want to see.

    • LHSSC says:

      The only shows we are seeing, other than the finale where the winner is announced, were taped long ago and the comments are way past the time when the show airs. What we see next week will have been 'in the can' for several weeks now.

      • Food Fan says:

        Even if true, and all of our comments are long after the fact, I keep hoping that the feedback from all us is nonetheless useful and informative for next year's season.

  7. Frank Demeo says:

    Martita all the way!!

    Go ahead and cry and whine people...just like every single week someone has been eliminated!!

  8. W Ladson says:

    I agree, the judges have been trying to get rid of Malcolm for weeks. I think they knew upgront that the network was not looking to add a black personality, which was clear each time Susie attacked Malcolm. The one black couple that is on the network annoy me because it seems like they have to act so "soulful

    " Anyway, Martita is next. They already know who they want, Michelle or the Rebel dude. Ivan is good too but I doubt they pick him over those two...

    • Frank Demeo says:

      Michele? Not sure how you came to that conclusion. Sure, they kept her when she should have been cut....but I doubt that means its because they want to keep her as the possible winner. She'll be the last on Bobby's team but has zero shot at winning.

  9. MsMot says:

    Well in my opinion Michelle should have been sent home. I did not understand why the judges did not understand Malcolm's POV. I understood it from day one to mean 'putting soul into food'. Maybe he just didn't explain it correctly or they weren't listening. Everything time he presented it was about being soulful. It doesn't matter what culture you belong to, each has soul food and he put soul into all of his dishes. It is so unfortunate and unfair that he went home . Also I thought the challenge was to create a cicktail, Michelle didn't but Malcolm did. Michelle served shell in her crab dish and lots by the looks of it, she should have went home hands down.

  10. EEELIEEE says:

    Michelle should have gone long before now! The way she looks is not inviting. No one wants to watch someone who looks like a boy and is a girl. I dont see why Food Network keeps saying that she has a good personality....