Team Bobby Falls to Two

by in Food Network Star, July 3, 2012

This was a tough week for Team Bobby, with two finalists going head-to-head in a Producers' Challenge battle of cocktails. No matter how it shook out, Bobby would lose a member of his team.  He was hesitant to say anything at all in the pitch room (or pitch beach, as it was this week): "I didn't want to sway the judges one way or the other based on my comments."

In the end, Bob and Susie decided to send Malcolm Mitchell home. Despite food that consistently impressed them, Malcolm was never fully able to hone his "soulful" POV. "Malcolm's POV was confusing," Susie says. "After eight weeks, we need to know who he is through his food."

Malcolm left the competition in good spirits: "I leave happy. I wanted to win it, but at the end of the day, I did everything that I could do. I was real."

Hear more from Susie and Malcolm in his exclusive exit interview. Did you think Malcolm should have gone home over Michele?

Flip through Malcolm’s Star Scrapbook and more behind-the-scenes photos from Episode Eight.

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Comments (127)

  1. mise_en_place says:

    Yes, I think the judges made the right decision.

    We at home can't taste the food and have to base our opinions on what we think sounds good, the judges' comments, and how engaging we find the competitors.

    I personally didn't find Malcolm very interesting. Also, his vague POV - cooking with soul and putting love into every dish - is a tired and hackneyed theme.

    Michele would fill a gap in the FN lineup with her quirky personality and her regional New England food.

    • Whining FN fan says:

      No, no NO! Food Network should NEVER eliminate anyone! We don't like seeing contestants leave! Cable TV cooking competitions are far too important! If they eliminate anymore contestants, I will NEVER watch TV ever again!

    • afeaman45 says:

      Wrong! Not many people wanted to taste Michele's food because of the shell pieces. If you can't taste the food, it should not have been judged. The producers seemed to overlook this and sent home Malcolm whose food was at least edible. Judges you really disappointed me! Makes me wonder what you are really judging.

    • ken says:

      Oh yes certainly - when it come to presenting regional New England food and personalities there is a HUGE gap on the Food Neitwork and in TV in general. <sarcastic eye roll>

    • mgreen says:

      I agree that Malcolm has no POV. However, the challenge was to create a cocktail and it had to represent themselves. Michele did not meet the challenge, not only did she not create an original cocktail it did not represent her, it represented New England. Malcolm met the challenge. I agree he is very weak in the competition but the judges were wrong this time. If the judges are going to set rules for challenges they need to follow them regardless of the outcome.

  2. Angel says:

    Based on this episode alone, I think Michele should have gone. Her food was unsafe to eat and her POV is only slightly better than Malcolm's none POV. Her drink was a rip off of a popular Nantucket drink that any bartender there knows how to make while his was original and it involved cooking. Not really a fan of Malcolm's but this seemed like a no brainer to me.

    • Gina101 says:

      Meanwhile, I was wondering if it could be a first that they just send them both home in one episode. Neither was very interesting.

    • Jahnde says:

      Michele did well on the faceoff against Malcolm, but why is she still around?

    • MsMot says:

      Hello Angel, I completely agree with everything said.

  3. Shezogie415 says:

    Michele should have gone home long ago. The way she dresses shows she is not taking the contest seriously. and also shows a lack of respect. When everyone else dresses casual she dresses grunge. I think her POV is very limited also. There is only so much you can say about New England. There are only so many dishes from one region. Ippy, on the other hand would be new and refreshing and I would watch him any day all day long.

    • FunSized says:

      Are you seriously judging her on how she dresses??? No offense, but this isnt the best dressed star, its food network star. I honestly just think thats her style.

      • FanFare57 says:

        A chef doesn't have to be dressed in haute couture. However, chefs should be clean looking and dressed like - chefs! Michelle looks like a frat boy with a serious hangover. Malcolm always looked impeccable, btw. Even if you don't care about the apparel, how can you defend a chef who lacked standard heath codes. Michelle served salad full of shells. That is not a minor flaw.

        • FunSized says:

          I understand that her food wasn't up to par. The point I was trying to make was comment on their food and personality all you want but their choice of clothing? It just isn't nessacary and doesnt pertain to the competition.

        • Jahnde says:

          I agree with the previous post, in other words, I like my chefs to look clean. Michele does not strike me as someone who cares about personal etiquette, so why would I want to watch her and eat her food? Interesting thing is, I find Michele to be a woman with a beautiful face, I also believe that she is easy to be around. But there is an inconsistency in her personality that is not appealing.

        • Smoke_alarm says:

          I think Michelle does look clean. She is a chef and therefore I would say she dresses like a chef (minus the jacket). I understand that some people don't like grungy clothes. I happen to like them. There are many people who don't like the typical generic clothes most people wear on TV. It's not a matter of right and wrong. One of the things I like about Michelle is that she seems so real. As though you could run into her any day in New England and she would look the same and still be stoked to cook. FN is up to the brim with people who seem fake once the cameras start rolling.

      • Barb says:

        You have to LOOK at her while she is cooking, so her personal appearance IS important. And personally I find her appearance to be grungy and slovenly. But that is just my opinion, just like yours.

    • tchumeshe says:

      That is horrible to say! You should not judge someone by what they wear! So what if she isn't dressed as well as everyone else?? We are going on FOOD here because this is the FOOD Net work! This isn't a fashion show! That was a few weeks ago....
      However, I must agree with you about Ippy. He is a great guy!

    • MoHub says:

      Quite simply, Michele has a camera presence; Malcolm does not. Being a great chef is not enough if you want to helm a television program, and Malcolm simply does not possess TVQ.

      And her track record is good; this was a one-time slip-up.

      • LISN says:

        Regarding your "camera presence" of the two cooks mentioned: I see it the exact opposite. I found Malcolm very watchable and Michelle - NOT. To each his own....

        • Jewels says:

          When Malcolm was on his game, he was very good. I only saw that once, first episode on the bus. For the fashion show, he did do a pose...and the food (crab cakes) were good, but the presentation lacked for me. Other than that, he didn't have good presence on the camera, didn't interact well with guests while serving and Michelle for two episodes had to carry the whole team. Michelle on the other hand has done well on camera and cooked good food according to the judges. This last thing with the shells was the first time she really made a major gaff. So indeed, to each his or her own.

    • max nichols says:

      She ressest the best she can. that has nothing to do with cooking

  4. mise_en_place says:

    One reason I find all regional cuisine interesting is the way in which it reflects not only the fresh ingredients indigenous to an area, but also its history as well as the character and ethnic backgound of the people who choose to live there.

    And food history is fascinating. Did you know that until the Columbian Exchange (after the discovery of the New World) that Europe didn't have tomatoes? That Ireland didn't have potatoes? That the Americas had no domesticated animals? There is much to be learned from the history of every region besides just a few recipes.

    Michele is definitely not a fashionista, but that doesn't diminish her talent. We can all find things to criticize about others' personal appearance. I know that Nikki's hair being unconfined drives me crazy, but I try to base my reaction to people more on substance than style.

    The fact that we all have such different opinions and love to share them is a tribute to the American way of life.

  5. Jeff B says:

    Honestly, I am rather tired with the whole POV debate/emphasis. I guess I don't understand its importance. Justin has been lauded for having a consistent POV, 'Rebel with a culinary cause.' What does that even mean? It is a catchy slogan, but not a point of view. I have no idea what Morimoto's point of view is. I have no idea what Michael Symon's POV is. Oh wait, yes I do. Cook the best dish you possibly can with the ingredients in front of you. That should be the only point of view. For anyone.

    Susie's comment that Malcolm's POV was 'confusing' is utter BS. Because I will tell you something - the only ones WITHOUT a POV at this point are Bob, Susie, and the Network themselves. They are not the least bit consistent in the reasons why they eliminate contestants. Maybe this is how the FN wants it. Maybe they are making money hand over fist and see no reason to change it. But whatever the FN is about right now, it sure isn't about the food. They should stop pretending otherwise.

    • tchumeshe says:

      That is a very interesting hypothesis.... I must say I quite agree about the POV stuff and how the Food Network eliminates contestants.... It's a little fishy.

    • Wondering2 says:

      I find it interesting that both Judson AND Malcolm had "confusing POV's", interesting.....Yet, it is perfectly OK for someone to make crab salad with crab shells, for someone to send tuna casserole down a runway with dirty silver rings of tuna on the outside and for another person to stand there for 30 seconds of dead air. Yet, "Rebel with a culinary cause" was a POV that was picked for Justin. You are right: THE NETWORK ISN'T ABOUT THE FOOD AT ALL.

  6. Horatio says:

    I think this was one of the best decision the judges made this season. Just my opinion.

  7. Kristy says:

    I'm happy Michelle is still in the competition. A program showcasing seafood is more interesting than a directionless Malcom. Was he just going to call his show Malcom? So is it 30 minutes about how awesome he thinks he is? I think he slid by the judges by being part of a team where the judges wanted to pick on Nicky. Let's get Martie and Martita out of the race and we'll see some real culinary talent with original POV's in a real competition.

    • Grandma Joyce says:

      Hook, Line, and...what is the name of the show? Anyway, there is already a show featuring seafood, and I can't even remember the name. Hmm.

      • MoHub says:

        Hook, Line, and Dinner

      • LHSSC says:

        Hook Line and dinner is about seafood alright. it's also about traveling around and catching it yourself and who the heck has the time, money and opportunity to do t hat? The show is interesting to watch now and then, but Michele's take on real New Englad food is good. The food there is awesome. And she has finally articulated just what it is about. Stone crab was a mistake. It's one of those things you serve in cooked in the shell and let people get it out themselves. She shouldn't have allowed them to push her into using that. A couple of lobsters would have yielded as much meat with less risk of shells in the time she had

  8. FunSized says:

    I'm still upset about Emily leaving, but I think the judges made the right decision this week . Malcolm was just confusing and I was ready for him to go. I think they do take POV too far, but you need to have SOME sort of idea of what your doing and he really had none.

    I hope Martita goes next week. Ever since her 30 seconds of dead air, I just can't stand her and totally agreed with Alton when after Giada said Martita makes mexican food "fresh, fun and new" that we would like to hear that from her. I thought she was just making plain old regular Mexican food. She definatly needs to go.....and I know many people have said this but her accent!!! OY!!! I know people who were BORN in Mexico who have less of an accent than hers......

    • FN fan says:

      Does it seem like that accent is turned "on" and "off" at will? Or is that just me?

    • Ry33 says:

      I prefer the POV emphasis to the personal story shtick. As I said last week, a certain POV would set Malcolm apart from other contestants & current hosts. I'm glad the 'I don't need a POV' game is over. That said, Michelle really screwed up too. I can take or leave either one.

    • Gina101 says:

      Me too. Emily was my first choice; Justin my second. I'm right there with you with hoping Martita goes next. But I'll be just as fine if the "Grill Next Door" lady goes first.

      • Liz says:

        Yes Martita and Nikki both have to go and soon. How many Mexican cooking shows and grilling shows are already on? And with people a lot more interesting than those 2.
        Bring back Emily!

  9. FanFare57 says:

    Bobby bothered me with his Switzerland attitude and not saying anything about either candidate. He didn't have to hold sway in either direction. He could have stood up for both of them by reminding Bobby-Sue of their attributes. However, he decided to just sit back and let the chips fall where they may. It seems like his loyalty goes only so far.

    • Jeff B says:

      I get what you are saying, but I think he was in an impossible position. If he had spoken up for both, there would be plenty of people reading things into each of his comments and deciding that he was subtly trying to influence the decision, that he was somehow more passionate in his defense of one over the other. . I actually respect him for saying nothing. He has defended his team strongly all season.

      • Jewels says:

        I agree with Jeff B. No matter what Bobby would have said, it wouldn't have helped, but could have hurt one or both of them. Him saying nothing allowed the judges to make their decision's from their own observations, rather than being swayed by the mentor.

        Also it might be that Bobby really DOES feel one way or the other about the people he chose and he didn't want his personal feelings to become an issue. Or again, allow the contestant to stay or leave on their own merits rather than his opinion. It would have been different if his contestant were up against another mentors choice. Then of course he would defend them all the way.

    • smd says:

      Anything Bobby said would have been misconstrued by the others fans. I think he was smart. He can lead a horse to water but he can’t make him drink analogy. He’s been a strong mentor and I felt he was sincere when he said, I’ve done all I can…it’s up to them. He was going to lose a contestant either way and I am very happy he didn’t show the blatant favoritism that Giada has for Martita to the determent of her other team members. If he had said “they both…blah…” he would have been jumped for being lame.

  10. Jewels says:

    Because "we" at home can't taste the food or see all of the unedited film, we have to rely on Bob and Suzie to make the correct evaluation for us. All on the blogs is speculation. That said, I do think the right decision was made. While I thought that Malcolm was an early leader in personality marks, he seemed to shrink over the next few weeks.

    I think it is a mistake to not listen to the POV comments from the mentor and judges. Not that I think a sole POV is the most important thing for a Network chef, I think it is more about the cooking chops and the personality on screen. But it is obviously important to the Network/judges that there be a sole and strong POV. It has been since jump for this show. .

    • Food Fan says:

      I agree. TASTE, flavors and chops count more than point of view.
      Still, a point of view should be well-defined and clear.
      Personally, I wish everyone say, clearly, their point of view in the 1st challenge and then repeat it in the 2nd....and then have everybody shut up about it until its over. Say it. Do it. Get it over with and move on. I would also ADD everyone point-of-view as a category or description to their Profile on this Blog. Like when we vote for people, we can click on their Videos, bio, etc. Just add their POV as another thing to click on. We can always check it and know what we're supposed to be getting from each Cook. Then, leave it---and focus on FOOD and on-camera!